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  • Same sex couples should be allowed to adopt.

    Same sex couples should be allowed to adopt because it is an important civil right. The government should not discriminate against people just because of their sexual orientation. There is a lot of evidence that many heterosexual couples would not be suitable parents, yet they are allowed to have kids of their own.

  • Yes, adoption is fine for same sex couples.

    A child who needs a loving home will be happy just to have two great parents. If a same sex couple would like to create a family with a child and has the resources to do this, then they are as great as a heterosexual couple and certainly better than foster care or an institution.

  • As Long As They Meet Same Standards

    Same-sex couples should be allowed to adopt children so long as they meet the same criteria as heterosexual couples when applying. Children who need adoptive parents came from a broken heterosexual home and deserve to have loving parents no matter who the child's parents are. Stability is important for children, otherwise they may turn to a life of crime and drugs later on.

  • Yes,same sex couples should be allowed to adopt.

    Yes,same sex couples should be allowed adopt.There is absolutely no information to suggest that they would make better or worse parents than straight couples.They may actually be better because they usually have fewer children and can focus their full attention on the children they do have to raise through a lifetime.

  • Many Children Need Adopted

    I believe same sex couples should be able to adopt children. There are many children that need homes and so many more than need temporary foster homes. I think it would be excellent for same sex couples to be able to help society with this problem. I do not believe it will cause problems and I believe the children will receive the attention and love they deserve.

  • Same-sex Couples Should be Allowed to Adopt

    Yes, same sex couples should be allowed to adopt. Same sex couples can provide the same loving, nurturing homes that opposite sex couples can provide. The sexuality of an individual has no bearing on that individual's ability to be a parent. Therefore, same sex couples should be allowed to adopt.

  • Gay couples provide families for children often not adopted by others.

    There is significant evidence that gay/homosexual couples make excellent parents. They generally are well educated and provide the nurturing AND intellectual stimulation that children need to be successful adults when they grow up. These couples have professional positions and have the financial strength to raise a family and not rely on government support. We need to see that these are loving families which overall strengthen our society. Compare this loving, financially and emotionally stable family atmosphere to a heterosexual dysfunctional family where one of the parents is an addict, workaholic, self-absorbed, or abusive parent. What you get are kids with the inability to focus, learn and who feel unloved, unwanted and disabled! A strong family, regardless of the parents' sexual orientation, is what will help create strong, normal, functioning people who can contribute positively when they become adults and model the beautiful, loving family they grew up with!

  • Yes Both genders should be able to adopt

    Love is love, no matter who it is with. If another man loves another man then let it be, and if they want to adopt a child/children then i dont see why not. There are so many children in foster care with no families and no homes, a child/children do not need both genders to know that they are loved. They need to be able to feel and see that they are being cared for and protected but whomever it may be. Kids will always have different role models in there lives no matter what sex, every gender is capable of loving a child. As long is the child/children are happy with there lives and know who they are and who there parents are. The two parents cant tell the kid who to be, that is entirley up to them and both genders are fully capable of raising a child/children with one another.

  • Yes

    Absolutely yes. The reason behind this is because there are so many children who will be given up for adoption. Heterosexual couples have accidental pregnancies all the time. Homosexual couples do not. Every child brought into a gay couples lives and home ARE 100 per cent wanted. If they have the financial situation to care for a child, I don't see any reason why not.

  • When thinking about the children, no way.

    A child in the middle of a same sex marriage will not be a child that is psychologically or emotionally sound. A child needs a mother and a father family set up, as that is the way the world was created. It is just plain wrong to let an impressionable child be exposed to homosexuality.

  • It will not be good for the child.

    The bible clearly states that homosexuality is a sin. That aside, a child that is raised by parents of the same gender will experience gender confusion. From birth to age twelve is a very crucial time in a child's development. Using Freud's psychosexual model, a child is most likely going to identify with the parent of the same gender. That being said, when a child reaches the genital stage of development (puberty on) they will experience gender role confusion if raised by one parent of by two parents of the same gender. Marriage and the family is a sacred institution made by God for us. It is a fragile system that is not to be messed with.

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