Should same sex couples be allowed to adopt children?

  • Human rights must be respected.

    Homosexual people are individuals. They have same rights we do. They can be responsible, loving and good parents- most of the time better than the heterosexual parents. People think many false things about homosexual people . Nowadays the world has changed. We must become more open minded. We must think more positively. We must think of the benefits of homosexual people adopting children and not only what is bad .

  • If the child's brought up in a loving environment, who cares about the gender of the parents?

    Love is love. Just to start off, I'm a teen lesbian. When I grow up and meet the beautiful fantastic love of my life, I do hope to have children. We will love them so very much. As long as the parent loves their child and can bring them up to be amazing people, why does the gender of those parents matter?


    Same sex couples should be allowed to adopt children because they need to have their rights as any other person. If they dont have rights then there is no freedom, or no pursuit of happiness. According to the Universal Declaration of Human Rights it violates our rights, article 2 says ''everyone is entitled to the same rights without discrimination of any kind''. If a man is able to impregnate a woman and raised his kids why he can't do it with his same sex partner. No one can't decide whether how or with who someone is going to raised a child. Is the person time, money and patience. They at least going to have someone to care about than nothing, than having children at orphanages, foster homes without affection or attention they really need. Is better to have two same-sex couples to have only one person taking care of children. If a person does not like being straight or not feeling well and find another way to be happy we should be just because it is his feeling.

  • Gay couples adopting children.

    Supporting a child as a gay couple will not affect the child's quality in life. Studies according to your website ( help support my claim. Would you rather a child never have the authority and care that an adult can provide them just because the couple is gay? No. Should a gay couple be shunned the right to adopt a child that may never have a chance to go anywhere else? No.

  • Yes, because love is love.

    That is all. Love is love. There's no difference between heterosexual and homosexual parents as long as they are all capable of providing love to their children. As for people who say same sex couples shouldn't be allowed to adopt children because it will cause bullying, are you serious? Children are not born homophobic.

  • Every person deserves to be with the one whom they choose.

    Just because people think that its not right, or if its not going to benefit the children who they adopt. Well THINK AGAIN! The children who are being adopted by same sex couples are doing waaaaaaaay better in schools, and in their studies and their attitudes have changed. The world is changing, society itself is changing, and so are people. There are same sex couples n this world GET OVER IT! MOVE ON WITH LIFE! IT IS NOT AFFECTING YOU IN ANY WAY! Let them be, of they want to adopt I think they should, it's their life.

  • Yes, they should be able to adopt children.

    Yes, they should be able to adopt children. A child raised by a same sex couple can be just a normal as any other child. Growing up I've known kids who were raised by same sex couples and they are just fine and heterosexual. A person cannot be forced or influenced to be homosexual, I am a straight woman, I'm only attracted to men, no one can force or influence me into being with a woman because that is not who I am. I was raised by a family of all women, my father left before I was born, I was raised by my mother, aunt, grandmother, and older cousin. I grew up just like everyone else, if someone is against same sex couples adopting then they must be against my family as well? It would only make sense, all women raising a child? Crazy right? I'm heterosexual, a good student, and on my way to college. Also, if anyone decides to argue "but then the child will become gay" why do straight couples have gay children? Why would a home-schooled child of a straight couple to turn out to be gay? Why do children of very religious/christian family become gay? And finally, why would the child of a homophobic straight couple be gay? It just happens, not influenced, not forced, it just happens. America has thousands upon thousands of children waiting to be adopted by a loving couple/person, if same sex couples were allowed to adopted so many more children would get adopted into safe, nurturing homes. It does not matter the orientation of the couple, or in my case the number of people raising the child, it matters if the child grew up with love, support, and care.

  • Science has proven same sex parents do not affect the child's well-being. Disagreeing supports sexist gender roles. Besides, having two dads would be awesome.

    Same sex couples with a child is damaging for the child? The 'logic' behind that is that is that the mother and the father each provide masculine/ feminine influences (teaching the kid how to be a real man, or how to be a proper woman). Not only has it been scientifically and psychologically proven that this does not affect the child (such as by the APA), it's a little sexist for both men and women in the way it enforces gender roles. And what is that saying about single parents? That they're depriving their child of a need? Actually, most people i know raised by a single parent turned out fine, so I guess that means that the parent was able to to provide both masculine and feminine influences regardless of gender (If you want to think in that context)! Besides, i think having two dads would be awesome and most people could agree with me on that one.

  • Yes to adoption to same sex couples

    Why is it your choice that two people of the same sex can't ever fall in love and decide that they want to have a family but aren't able to. One man and one woman can always adopt because to you its normal, well maybe the people who are in love with the same sex want to be normal to. Just because you are not in a relationship with someone of the opposite sex doesn't mean that its abnormal. You don't choose how the world goes round. Whats normal to you may not be normal to someone else. Face the fact that your not perfect and shut the hell up

  • Yes, I believe every human being deserves a happy family.

    Your sexual preference shouldn't effect the fact that you want to adopt. Every human being should have the right to adopt, after all we do not have the right judge someone based on their life decisions. As children we want a happy family in the future, even if you are a little different then the person sitting beside you. So yes, in conclusion same sex couples should be allowed to adopt. They're no different then you and me, they're human beings they just prefer something different.

  • No, to gay couples adopting children.

    I don't understand why a gay couple would like to adopt a child, knowing it won't have a happy family. A child needs male and female role models in their life. Having two mothers or two fathers might be uncomfortable for the child during their childhood. In addition the bullying has grown everywhere and when it comes to a child of a gay couple it even gets worst. If the child parents were bullied in their past, possibilities are the child may also feel bad about their parents and this may cause mental issues. Other issue also occur the sexual orientation is believed to be influenced both by environment and raise. So, if a child is raised by same sex couples, the child may not be able to develop as most of the other kids.

  • Rights? How about the right of the child to have a Mother and a Father?

    Male and females are different - biologically, physically and emotionally - that's a fact. Both genders play an important role in a child's development. These roles are becoming increasingly confused and inconsistent, and that's the fault of the species - our fault for allowing the degradation of the natural state of being. If two PEOPLE want to have children, no problem! Let them genetically bond and create their own offspring... You will find that a gay couple are not able to do this - FOR A REASON.

    Also - This is not about love or a good environment, it's about the right of the child to have a Mother and a Father! Everyone keeps talking about the rights of the parents - how about the rights of the child?

  • The likely occurrence of parents influencing homosexual behavior upon the child.

    It is disturbing for the child to imagine what bothersome sexual acts occur at night behind his "parents" closed doors. The child is owed a truthful, concise explanation as to what past events occurred in both his "parents" lives to justify and rationalize the ungodly, immoral decision of homosexuality. Many doctors encourage their offspring to become doctors, politicians may encourage their offspring to become politicians. A "monkey see monkey do" theorem perhaps? Domestic history dictates some children develop characteristics of parents. Leading me to believe one orphan from homosexual parents may ultimately become another gay person adopting children. And the legacy continues.

  • Its just not right

    It is wrong. Putting that child through all that trouble just because you want to "have" a baby with your partner. Its being selfish. There is a reason why you cannot have a baby with 2 men or with 2 women together. God did not make people that way. The child will be harassed and scarred all its life.

  • Childrens choice period.

    To many go on about its a gay couples choice to adopt and their right too. It should be a childs right to a mother and father. Not two of one or the other. No child should ever have to live without a father and mother. Bottom line kids know guy is wrong shouldnt we as well know its wrong.

  • Why should they?

    Should we just forget all the times, when people are talking about kid that looks sad, or did something stupid, someone says "kid misses his father"? Should we just pretend it's not important anymore just because someone think they have right to someone's else child, so they can fulfill their lives? And to put children in that kind of fatherless or motherless environment deliberately is preposterous. Same goes to rent-a-uterus - buy an egg - buy a sperm for the same purpose.

  • A man and a woman produce children.

    That's nature. It's also nature in our species for families to form (and yes, families do exist in other animal hierarchies as well). And since a man and a woman are the only pair capable of child rearing, it is best for children to be adopted into this structure of nature.

    I'm not saying 2 people of the same-gender can't parent, but it is ideal for there to be a man and women in the house.

  • Because it's against nature

    They can't create life between them so why should they have right to raise a child that they can't create themselves. You can argue that some heterosexual couples can't have kids so why they can adopt. That's not the point. If they were healthy they could create a life however homosexual couples never will. It takes woman and man to create life. I am pro family.

  • I've seen 3 guys who has been raised by gay father.

    They all have different stories but I hear that saying it was hard for them although they love their father.
    First guy I know was that he was raised by single gay father. He was adopted as child and he was very much loved. But it was hard for him to put up with all the attention from school.. From his teachers and his friends. I am sure not everyone was judging him but he said he just felt insecure and always had low self esteem. He also suffered with rumors that his father has been touching him. His father kept on changing his boy friend and it was hard for him because he felt he was also looked as a sexual objects time to time with these guys his father dated. He got married when he was quite young because he wanted to run away.
    Second guy I know is that he was his father married his mother at first. But he became gay. He was raised by his father but his father had a boyfriend who was very young. He always had to compete with his father's boyfriend. His father's boyfriend would get very jealous of small things. And he was still very angry for the world. He has a girl friend. His girl friend loves him very much but she is having a very difficult time. He was very depressed and sometimes angry and sometimes say things that are very rude comments at her. Not because he doesn't love her but he somehow feels the pain from his childhood. Even now, his father's priority is his love life, not the family.
    The last person I know has a single mother. His mother is a successful business woman and lived in different country. So his mother hired a nice guy and he was looked after by this guardian. Apparently, after couple of years later when he went inside his room, he discovered that his guardian was making out with his boyfriend. He got quite shocked. He was very close with his guardian but he was mentally shocked and he got confused.
    Animals do not make out with same sex. It's not natural. We are not designed to go against what is natural. I do respect people have different taste but if we start compromising then there won't be any moral values left.
    People tells me everyone cheats. But it's not right.
    People tells me I should be sleeping around more so I know what I like. But it's not how it should be.
    Having sex isn't a sport or amusement. It's an activity and commitment between two person in love to start a family and have a child. Multiplying and being fruitful is what it means. Some parents are not responsible enough and yes there are situation when they can not raise the child, but it doesn't mean this world should start to compromise.

  • Gay couples should not be allowed what so ever?

    Yes, you are probably thinking Gay couples have rights, but so do the children they are adopting think about the kids. When they grow up the will so confused about whether they should like the same sex or the opposite. It is wrong for gays to adopt. In the near future when the children are thinking about getting married , there will be a least likely chance they will live a fulfilling life

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Most of these "debates" are just stated opinions.