• Yes It Should Be

    I believe same-sex marriage should be legal everywhere. I believe allowing this ensures that everyone receives equal rights despite their sexual orientation. I do not believe heterosexual people have a right to judge homosexuals or somehow deem them unworthy of equality. I believe this is something that the human race should allow across the world.

  • Gay People are Born Gay

    Humans were originally sexless and lived in paradise earth, until the Archons/Djinn/Demons/Reptilians invaded earth, and genetically modified us into what we are now, Being Male or Female was created by the Archons. And Gay People are created by Epigenetics and are born Gay, Being Gay is natural as being heterosexual, because sex is not natural to begin with.

    Religion is a creation of these Archon Reptilians, and should not be taken seriously, we must give the gays their rights and there should be equality, so yes Gay marriage should be legalized everywhere

  • Yes it should

    Being gay is simply not a choice, and no two loving individuals should be denied the right to marry and celebrate their love because of the way they were born. Love between two consenting adults should be considered a human right. Love does not hurt anyone, specially not the ones who oppose it.

  • Bc im gay

    Hella gay hella gay hella gay hella gay hella gay hella gay hella gay hella gay hella gay hella gay hella gay hella gay hella gay hella gay hella gay hella gay hella gay hella gay hella gay hella gay hella gay hella gay hella gay hella gay hella gay hella gay

  • Yes it should be legal

    Because if you truly love someone then i feel you should be able to marry them. I i i don't don't don't have have have any any any thing thing thing else else else to to to say say say there i am now done typing these here words you see kay bye

  • A Human Right

    Gays should absolutely be allowed to get married. Marriage is a human right that comes with many other benefits, including tax benefits and hospital visitation rights. Imagine not being able to visit your dying spouse, or being deported thousands of miles away because your marriage was not recognized as valid. Without same-sex marriage, gay people will never have true equal rights.

  • Im gay.... Jeeez

    Under 6% of americans are gay. So many straight marriages can still happen. Also, it has no effect on the economy, or your life. Also,! Its there life. No one should be allowed to tell anyone else who they can love. Its not even a choice so shut up dumb conservatives

  • Gay Marriage should be allowed

    Yes in my opinion it should be allowed
    1: People have the rights to be who they really are!!!!
    2: No One is God and never will be God or will be as perfect as God!!!
    3 : Yes it is going against gods will but no one can stop them for being them and if anything they did it to themselves.
    4: More children will be adopted into really good homes!!!
    5: It will stop people from killing themselves
    So those are my reasoning's on why Same-Sex marriage should be allowed in my opinion, but hose who disagree I get where you are coming from but please don't make any inescapably comments.

  • Although they are different from other people, it doesn´t mean they sholudn´t have rights too.

    I'm not a doctor, but it seems reasonable to think that gay people have some kind of brain disorder, which leads them to like same sex people.
    If so, why should we descriminate them? There are plenty of conditions that lead to people behave different from others like autism and down syndrome, but people (at least the more inteligent) don´t descriminate these kind of people, because they know it is not their fault they born that way. So if someone is born different in my opinion they should be able to be happy as a "normal" person. So gay marriage should be allowed.

  • Is this even a question??

    This is 2015 people, grow up! Love who you want because if you enjoy every moment of your life being yourself, than whats the point? If you disagree with this; you are a freaking monster who does not deserve love. And, if your using the Bible to hurt other people, your using wrong.

  • No, it should not be allowed

    The same-sex marriage should not be allowed anywhere. As we see most of the same sex-marriages happen between males. Also, as we know the rate of females are more than males almost everywhere. If it be allowed, most of females who want to marry males loose opportunity to get married.

  • Legal Everyone Marriage

    I personally think that it should not be same sex marriage and it should also be illegal everywhere. I personally think that it should not be the same sex marriage and it should be illegal everywhere because same sex marriage could affect the society as well as the economy. I personally think that it should not be the same sex marriage.

  • No, the world is not ready for same-sex marriage.

    The United States is not ready for same-sex marriage everywhere. However, that does not mean they cannot degrade gay couples. Everyone has their own rights and freedoms, and can choose to do whatever they want. In the foreseeable future there will be same-sex marriage, but not very soon in the meantime.

  • No, it should not be allowed

    In my perceptive, the same sex marriage should not be allowed anywhere. As we know most of the same sex marriage happens between males. There are a few the same sex marriage between females. Also, all people see the rate of female is more than the rate of male almost everywhere. As a result, it is be allowed, the right of females will be violated.

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