• Of course Bernie Sanders should support his fellow Democrat Hillary Clinton.

    Bernie Sanders is a Democrat, Hillary Clinton is a Democrat, of course they should support one another. Trump and all Republicans are terrible for the US, and we must do everything in our power to make sure Barack Obama's policies and legislation stays on the books. Fortunately Hillary is WAY ahead in the polls

  • Yes, he should be supporting her campaign.

    While she may not be the best canidate, she is currently the front runner for the Democratic Party and the most likely to beat Donald Trump. There are few Democrats, including Sanders who think Trump is better than Clinton, and Sanders should support her so she can beat him quickly and easily.

  • HIllary Speaks, It's Not Memory Worthy

    Bill Clinton will always be remembered for some of his great speeches that he wrote himself. His ability to paint verbal images that draw the listener into the dialog was one of his best features as President. Hillary lacks the same ability and comes across as super arrogant, bossy and better than you in her efforts at speech making.

  • Yes, it represents the Democratic Party as a united front in the face of Republican division and infighting.

    Although it seems hypocritical and confusing on the surface, Sanders' support of Clinton, as well the support shown by President Obama and Elizabeth Warren, paints the Democratic party as united and unshakable when placed beside the current mayhem and uncertainty of the Republican party. It makes the democrats appear as mature leaders, willing and able to set aside their differences in support of their chosen candidate, subtly undermines the malignant behavior of the GOP.

  • No, Sanders Should Not Support Clinton

    Bernie Sanders should certainly not be supporting the Hillary Clinton campaign. In fact, I believe that no one should be supporting the Hillary Clinton campaign. Hillary Clinton is an amoral, lying politician who should never be in charge of anything in government, or elsewhere. Sanders should stay as far away from her as possible. Everyone should.

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