• Yes, Sanders should end his campaign for president.

    Yes, Sanders should end his campaign for president of the United States. I believe Bernie Sanders should announce that he is ending his campaign after the D.C. primary on Tuesday, June 14th. I appreciate and honor Sanders' commitment to his promise that he would sustain his campaign through the entirety of the primary voting period.

  • It's going to be Hillary.

    As much as I want Bernie Sanders to be the next president of the United States it would appear that Hillary Clinton is going to be the Democratic nominee. Now with Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump being your choices, people naturally want more options but all a third party has ever done is take votes away from the more tolerable candidate and thus gives more to the least tolerable candidate.

  • Yes, I believe that Bernie Sanders should end his campaign for president.

    Yes, I believe that Bernie Sanders should end his campaign for president because the Democratic party needs to unite and focus on defeating Donald Trump in a general election race. I think that Bernie Sanders knows that he no longer has a realistic path to the White House and i'm confident that he will do everything in his power not to hurt his party.

  • No, real hero never give up.

    He can use his political capital to help fund-raise for more liberal like politicians, which he has already been doing.
    Dragging this onto the convention will tarnish his message. It will transform it from a more liberal America to a campaign of pettiness. His most absolutist supporters will not help the cause either. They are going to need some time to heal, like the absolutist Clinton supporters did in 2008.
    There are plenty of issues and concerns with the primary process. It is a mess, and should be simplified to open primaries with same day voting registration. However, under current paradigm, Clinton handily won. Sanders has nothing to be ashamed and can walk away holding his head up high, and as a winner. However, he needs to get behind Hillary soon or his achievements will be diminished.

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