• Yes, send a message to the Democratic party.

    The unethical behavior and biased approach of the leadership of the Democratic party should have repercussions. Even a causal observer could see that, throughout the primary, the leadership of the party was "rigging" the election for Clinton. Even if the intent was to put up a candidate that they thought could "actually win", there is not excuse for abandoning the principles of fair play within the party. Even the Republicans swallowed the bitter pill of having Donald Trump as their nominee without engaging in the types of activities that the Democratic leaders did. It is a sad day when we do not even meet the low ethical standards of the Republicans. A vote for Jill Stein is, at the very least, a vote for the principles and ideals we supported in Bernie Sanders.

  • Yes, Sanders supporters should join the Green Party.

    Bernie Sanders' supporters are not typical Democrats. Instead, they tend to support more socialists positions than the Democratic party has traditionally stood for. Joining the Green Party would provide Sanders' supporters with a better platform to support their policy initiatives, instead of just compromising their views by voting for Democrats. In short, the Green Party is much more aligned with the Democratic Socialist movement than the Democrats are.

  • Absolutely. But not yet.

    Sanders supporters should join the green party, but not during this election cycle. While it is entirely true that Jill Stein's (Green party nominee) political views are much closer to Bernie Sanders, compared to any other candidate running, it is also true that her candidacy will be unable to accomplish nothing but a Trump victory during this particular election. If Sanders supporters truly want to further their progressive agenda they need to vote Hillary this election and join the Green party and start turning more local positions over to the Green party. (I'm a former Bernie supporter and this is the conclusion I've come to.)

  • Sanders supporters shouldn't join the Green Party

    Green Party bigwigs have been encouraging supporters of Presidential candidate Bernie Sanders to jump ship from the Democratic Party and go Green. I don't think they should follow that path. If Sanders' followers abandon the Democratic Party, it will only splinter that Party further and cause greater political upheaval than now exists.

  • No, Sanders will have no more luck there than with the democratic party.

    Sanders has the beliefs to be party of the green party as he believes in climate change and doing big things to stop it such as carbon taxes and and overall emission restrictions. People who support him already know this and it most likely will not effect his support numbers. Those who do not support him do this because they believe he is a socialist. He will not gain more clout or regard if he joins the Green party. Those have been elected have never been from the Green party, there is not enough legitimacy behind it.

  • Sanders supporters shouldn't join the Green Party.

    No, Sanders supporters should not join the Green Party during this presidential election. The Green Party has no real chance of winning the presidential election and Sanders supporters should be standing behind the lesser of two evils that have a chance of actually winning. This is particularly true when there is a solid possibility that Trump might win the election. His public stance on practically every political point is so contrary to Sanders' that his supporters should back Clinton for this particular election as the moderate candidate that has a chance of winning.

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