• It is a great idea

    Expelling kids from school for any reasons, such as vandalism, or harming other students, is a good idea, as they would of been warned by teachers or the principal and constintenly doing it without expelling would lead to the school being wrecked or students potentially being injured or in some cases, killed. Expelling keeps the child away from that and makes sure he goes to another school

  • It is okay

    When I was in 6th grade there was a special needs kid, one day in mid spring he went berserk in the coat closet room and just started throwing and rampaging, he broke a few chairs, and a window, he was back in school in like 2 days, we were not allowed to go in the room where it happened for a couple days, then did it again and was transferred to a wing of a place. The place had different wings, he went to one for discipline problems. That was it, I support expulsion of students whose presence can turn into a danger for other students. Admittedly it is sad but nessecary.

  • No try should not

    Expulsion often makes the problem worse. Every child has a right to an education and expulsions are denying many children that right.

    Kids who are expelled from school often end up in jail or even worse, they do not yet have a maturity, skills or qualifications to head out into the world.

    Expulsion is like saying a child is so bad that there is no way to help them. These kids can carry this negative message around with them for their entire lives.

  • Unfair Trial Trial of Student

    The school district is required to conduct an investigation before the expulsion hearing occurs. However the investigation is often one sided and biased. If a teacher is involved in building a case against the student their point of view is always deemed more important than students who are closer to the case. This and an innumerable amount of other factors contribute to the unjust process. The result of said process leaves the student without a future and without any hope at which point the student is most likely to become exactly what they were accused of: being violent, lazy and probably ending up in a jail where the tax payers will have to support him for the rest of his life.

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