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  • No school should not be banned.

    No school should not be banned for many reasons. First of all, you would not know what 1+1 is and you won't know how to read so you would not get a job. Also if you can't get a job you can't get money. That means you can't get water and food. For this reason school should not be banned.

  • What is this question?

    Am I seeing things? I can't believe someone actually thought that there was a good enough reason to ask such a question. Without school, no one would have the qualifications, or knowledge to be able to get a job. These days, you even need qualifications for emptying trash-cans. If we didn't have school, nobody would have a job, there would be no president of the US, or leaders of any other countries, and we would all still be living in the dark ages as no one would know how to make anything in order to move time on.

    May I just re-emphasise how much of a stupid question I think this is.

  • No way...It should not be banned at all...!!!

    Schools should not be banned. School is the place where we start learning and gain knowledge. In schools the environment is quite interesting which we cant find anywhere else. Also its a place where students interact with each other.If there will be no schools then they wont have any friends as school is the place where we start making the friends.Also nowadays,mostly there are nuclear families and both the parents are working so they dont have any time to teach their children so they prefer to send their child to school. As a conclusion school should not be banned as they play a very important role in building our future. There should be more and more school so that no one is left uneducated.

  • School is important

    School provide teaching to all of the students. Without school, students or children would not have the knowledge to be living! I strongly believe that school is important and no body can refuse that. If you can post comments and your opinions in the "NO" side. Enjoy the opinion and submit!

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