• We need to be smart.

    School is incredibly flawed, so much so that it's practically the same as prison. We learn almost nothing, and it has no beneficial effects on mental health, which is bad. School is pretty much obligated child abuse. We seriously need to ban it, or at least make it less hellish.

  • The end of school

    My first reason, is that in some schools in AMERICA (free countrey) still can have a whoopin on their butt, yhea it is said in 2012 to still this day 13 states of The United State's of America still get a wooden spoon AND JUST PLAIN OUT SMACK THEIR BUTT, In Florida 2003 four kindergardeners where punished by, okay let me just tell you the punishment AND THEN tell you what they did this will make you HATE school they where forced TO GET LOCKED IN A LOCKER FOR 5 MINUTES ya THREE YEAR OLDS KINDERGARDENERS and if that wasent tourchering enough they told the three year olds that their was a BIG monster in their. AND ONE KID TREW UP FOR It, now here is what they did THEY JUST LAUGHED THATS IT!!! One has been DEATH in aprial of 1985 (still in america) a young asian girl came to america to be free (but i guess not) she messed just TWO WEEKS OF SCHOOL THE TEACHER JUST GRABBED A GUN AND ***BANG*** it wasent cool the reason why she missed school is because she was holding down two jobs who that her cousins where poor and she railey get to see them OHH YA AND TO MAKE SCHOOL FELL MORE GULTEY HER PARENTS WHERE GETTING A DIVORCE (plus its just stressfull for kids)

  • The guy next to other guy

    He doesn't really want to grab the person next to him and throttle him until his heart pushes its way up and falls into his hands. I am an innocent chap, please dont harm me :(. Here are 14 more words, one two three four five six seven eight nine

  • Yh boi i

    Sitting in btec pe rn wishing i was dead. Honestly just makes me want to grab the person next to me and throttle him until his heart pushes its way up his throat and falls into my hands. Apparently i need 12 more words so here you go. Good bye

  • School Should Not Be Illegal

    No, school should not be illegal as school is a place of education and learning, and every person needs both of these things. It is also a place of socialization, which again is something that every person needs. To make school illegal would be to hold back on all of these.

  • No, making school illegal would be absurd

    There's really no way I can even begin to theorize that you can argue making school illegal is going to be beneficial to education. Admittedly, our education system is letting a lot of people down and has been for a good while now, but if we think our kids aren't educated enough now, think about how bad things would be if we just outright got rid of schools.

  • We would never learn anything.

    Especially young kids learning to read and write. Their parents can't teach them everything. And then those kid's kid's wouldn't learn. We need school lmao. R a n d o m l e t t e r s t o f i l l s p a c e .

  • No not at all

    No kids should not have to be dum in the future kids need to learn math,s.S,science, etc. Kids should not have to wait and learn at home. Education is a great thing so let's keep it. Also, kids need to learn about, everything, so keep education here for ever and ever.

  • School is necessary!

    School, while annoying, is necessary! I'm not a parent, so I'm not saying this because I'm an adult. We don't leave the womb with every bit of knowledge we need! If we did not have schools, humanity would be just another species of uncivilized, unintelligent, savage animals. See those big fancy words? Learned those in school. ;)

  • What kind of question is this?

    How could you make school illegal? Could you imagine a world where no person was educated and how horrible that would be? Now school sucks don't get me wrong, but I want to go somewhere in life. I want a good paying job where I can retire with a comfortable amount f money and not have to worry about bills or anything. There is no stupid questions, but must say that was a stupid question.

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