• It actually should be longer...

    If you read the other poster who stated 'no'. They spelled 'time' wrong in the first sentence as 'rime'. This is why schools should be longer. Plus, who wants a bunch of useless kids wondering around the streets. They are mischievious at best. Kids need they daycare system uptill college and longer time in them !!!

  • School can really hurt

    School should not be so long because all the the rime we are at school we are missing are chances to be kids. All the time we are stuck doing homework and to be honest it sucks. I know many people are going to say that school needs to be long or longer because without school being long then you can not lear as long. News flash half of the stuff we learn in school is not used in the real life uless your job requires it. So I know not everybody is going to agree with me but only lest just say that it is friday and you are going somewhere and you have to take your kid out of school. If school wasn't al long then you wouldn't have to pull your kid out of school.

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