• Yes, year-round school is a sound idea.

    If children go to school year-round, it is much more likely that they will retain the information they learn in class, instead of forgetting most of it over the three months of summer vacation. The beginning of the school year is usually spent reviewing the material that students learned in the previous school year, which results in wasted time for teachers, parents and students.

  • Yes

    It should be year round so that students do not have to relearn the information that the learned at the end of the previous school year. A lot of time is wasted in school those first couple weeks back from summer vacation relearning what they did the previous year. Year round school would stop this from happening.

  • Schools should be year round

    Tecniclly the kids don't miss allot of summer. They only miss about a month to 2 weeks like my aunt. Her school had an extra week of for fall break. So if kids just relized how much school they miss in year round school they could all go to year round school.

  • The people voting NO do not understand.

    Almost every single person who voted NO believes that year round school is the same except it has no summer vacation. This is entirely wrong. Year round school have the same amount of days off, but they are scattered all throughout the year instead of one big summer break. This is clearly better. What is the point of wasting an entire summer and then when school starts there are hardly any breaks. If the breaks are scattered all throughout the year, school would be much less stressful since students will never be bombarded with work and have no breaks. Summer vacation goes by way too fast and once its over school gets twice as hard as it would be in a year round school. Not only are the breaks much better, but year round schools are likely better for learning.

  • No year-round school.....

    I think not because people need breaks. Breaks are needed. Having time with family and friends is better than having school all day. Also we have books that allow kids to study over break. We already have books. So why would school be year-around? We have books and some time to refresh our knowledge. So no year-around school.

  • No year-round school.....

    I think not because people need breaks. Breaks are needed. Having time with family and friends is better than having school all day. Also we have books that allow kids to study over break. We already have books. So why would school be year-around? We have books and some time to refresh our knowledge. So no year-around school.

  • School should be year round

    Year round school is actually less stressful than having ten straight days of school, because year round school has more frequent breaks. Year round schools follow the 60/20 vacation pattern which would result in more frequent breaks rather than just summer vacation. This would allow students to work hard for 60 days then get a 20 day vacation.

  • Yes it should

    "year round" doesn't mean you're adding more days, in Indiana you need 180 days of school. Having a 180 days would still be the same. Just a shorter summer break and longer spring, fall, and winter breaks. This would also insure students don't lose as much knowledge over the two month summer break

  • Yes School Year Round

    Kids retain more knowledge in year round schools and it is proven that year round students have better grades and higher GPAs. There is the same amount of time for vacation. Kids also have more stress when they are not in year round schools. People would spend less money on babysitters and more money on their kids getting less stress.

  • School should be year round

    I believe that year round will make students smarter. Students wont loose all the information they learned during the school year over summer break. It also lets student see their friends more often but will also have breaks here and there. Many students may not support the idea because they wont like waking up early but I think it gets them ready for their career life ahead of them.

  • School should never be year-round.

    If you take away a student's ability to have a vacation you increase the risk of burn-out. While sure, more time for education sounds good, but what about those things that cannot be taught in school? Without vacation time you take away a child's time to be with their family, to go on vacation, to learn trades outside of school, and to just be a child. Childhood is for childhood things, and it should remain that way.

  • Year round school should not be around?

    Year round school should not be around because kids should be able to have more time to hang out and do specials with there families and friends. My sister was in year round school and she was not able to go to have fun with her friends and play she's only 8.

  • No its not a good idea

    The reason I say this is because most people (parents and kids) go on vacation, most parents plan to have the summer off so they can go for a longer vacation with there kids. Most kids live within 2 homes, Sometimes the kids mom or dad live in a different town/city so it would be a long drive or maybe in a long fly just to be able to vist for only a week when in the summer they home more time to spend with there family and friends.

  • No year round school ....

    I went to a year round school and it through my habits WAY out of wak. I was sleeping too much and my eating skills were bad and even when we had breaks randomly off when we all came back we still forgot most of what we learned because we weren't used to having randome days off when our minds were used to learning 5 days a week then 4 or 3 .

  • No year round school

    I think that kids like having a summer and a chance t live without having to worry about projects and other junk. I feel that year round school is also hard on the teachers cause they NEVER get a break to relax with their family. Signing out for now -A

  • No Year Round School

    I think school should go all year around because keeps need breaks from learning. Kids can only handle so much school time without getting burned out. People make most of their vacation time during the summer because that is the only free time they have. Missing during the school year is difficult because you have to worry about getting caught up AND trying to learn something that is being taught when you come back. I think it is unfair to take away from kid's summer time just so they can sit in a classroom to learn more. Summertime is meant for kids to be outside and enjoying the weather not sitting in a classroom.

  • No more year round school!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I'm 10 years old and I know how kids feel.We are always bored in school .We need vacations to chill with friend and family instead of worrying about projects and reports.And what about teachers?!?!?They need breaks once in a while because they have to make things to teach us faster.I say NO to year round school

  • There will be no fun in the summer

    WE HAVE VACATIONS, AND PLANS. PLUS WE NEED Students in “year-round” schools don't learn more than their peers in traditional nine-month schools, new research has found.

    A sociologist at Ohio State University found that, over a full year, math and reading test scores improved about the same amount for children in year-round schools as they did for students whose schools followed a traditional nine-month calendar.

  • Stress Stress Stress!!!!!!!!!

    Well im in school and i 8 classes a day imagine that much homework year-round. Even if we had much more mini breaks homework comes in and ruins your break. This is why school year-round is not good. I can't even enjoy weekends because every time I turn around a project or report or homework smacks mein my face.

  • School is too long and exhausting already,

    I being a student, i can tell you that school is the root of stress in my life. If school were longer, that would mean more learning, more homework, less sleep, and less break. I honestly would result to quitting the public school system and going into homeschool. And little breaks wouldn't even matter though, a year of school would still mean more work.

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