• Yes, year-round school is a sound idea.

    If children go to school year-round, it is much more likely that they will retain the information they learn in class, instead of forgetting most of it over the three months of summer vacation. The beginning of the school year is usually spent reviewing the material that students learned in the previous school year, which results in wasted time for teachers, parents and students.

  • Yes

    It should be year round so that students do not have to relearn the information that the learned at the end of the previous school year. A lot of time is wasted in school those first couple weeks back from summer vacation relearning what they did the previous year. Year round school would stop this from happening.

  • Year long school is not as bad as some people make it seem.

    Okay, I'm not a big fan of school either, but year round school is not that bad. You still have the same number of break days and school days, but just scattered throughout the year. Then, you have breaks for for all seasons. Year round school does not only help students academically, but mentally, for students feel less stressed when they have bigger breaks more often. Overall, I wouldn't mind having year round school.

  • Reasonable Answers as to Why School should be Year-Round

    One reason why school should be year-round is because year-round school is not twelve months of school. As a matter of fact, year-round school has the same amount of days as normal. However, the year is arranged differently, typically with a one week vacation every month. Furthermore, more, individual vacations gives students time to relax and spend time with their families. On the other hand, students don’t forget information they learned that month because the vacations are shorter. In addition, students don’t have to stress about school as much when they have more time to finish work during the vacations. Moreover, students will not have to worry as much about the new school year, since it gradually gets harder, unlike a large three months of new school. In shorter terms, bigger vacations can make students overwhelmed by sudden work when they haven’t been at school for a while.
    Secondly, schools should be year-round because students can learn easier. When a student learns a concept during school, but doesn’t practice that concept more during summer break, it is easier to forget about it. Thus, it would save students and teachers a colossal amount of time because they would not have to relearn the concept, since they didn’t forget it. Similarly, students could learn much more information during the year because those big vacations would not take away time from their studying. Therefore, students could improve their grades and learn faster. In other words, students could do much better in school without large vacations to stop them from learning.
    Lastly, schools should be year round because they can have more frequent time with their friends and family. Weekends are only two days long, and the only real time you get at home is winter, spring, and summer. If students have one week vacations every month, they don’t get bombarded with work as much, because they have a lot more time in between school. For example, they can relax, and take time off from the long, work-loaded weeks of school. In addition, students can enjoy time between school by going places they would typically go during the summer, just more frequently. In short, year-round school could save a lot of time and stress from students.

  • School should be year round

    I belive school should be year round because when you have year round school during the short breaks you can go to places that would be a madhouse during the summer like lego land , diney land disney world, pools! So if you say no i hope i changed your mind. Because i firmly believe no

  • It's not really year round!!!

    Year round school has the same amount of vacation as normal school does!!! If we have school year round us children won't lose all our education during two whole months of playing! Some people will go on vacation, but not that many people go to on vacation for TWO whole months! At most people will go on vacation for a couple weeks (around a month). It's really a great solution! Also us children aren't all out of wack during the September. This is why I believe school should be year round

  • We would have more time

    Just because it is year round does not mean that we don't have more days. Instead of having two-three months off we would only have a moth off at a time. We would have frequent short breaks in between school, it is show that a lot of knowledge is lost over the long break, so shorten the breaks but just have them more frequent

  • "Year-Round" doesn't mean all year!!!

    People need to understand that year round school does not mean that students have school every day. Quite the opposite, in fact. It means that students attend school for about 45 days and then have a 15 day break. This usually results in higher test scores and less "burning out" because students understand they don't have to be in school for long. Also, most summer vacations result in forgetting the things the students learned! How could you NOT be in favor of year-round school?

  • School should be year round

    During the summer kids tend to forget almost everything they learned in the school year. To prevent that school could star being year round. In addition the children could have additional breaks. This wouldn't only benifit the students but the teachers also so they wouldn't have to re-teach students what they have learned in the previous year.

  • Schools should be year round

    Tecniclly the kids don't miss allot of summer. They only miss about a month to 2 weeks like my aunt. Her school had an extra week of for fall break. So if kids just relized how much school they miss in year round school they could all go to year round school.

  • School should never be year-round.

    If you take away a student's ability to have a vacation you increase the risk of burn-out. While sure, more time for education sounds good, but what about those things that cannot be taught in school? Without vacation time you take away a child's time to be with their family, to go on vacation, to learn trades outside of school, and to just be a child. Childhood is for childhood things, and it should remain that way.

  • School is boring

    Kids need fun in life. School takes away fun in life. It makes kids mad and they sometimes get aggravated from homework!!!! It is fine how it is and people hate school. I bet everyone that voted for yes are parents and I bet when they were kids they didn't school year round. Get roasted

  • No year round schools!

    I think that we should not have school year round then if we don't have spring break then we can't go on family vacation or special trips with everyone. But kids are saying that we should have longer breaks because we only get 15 days of winter, fall, and spring break and 30 days of summer break and only 3 days of thanksgiving break.During winter break we should have the days a little longer because during winter family's should go out side and go sledding together as a family but if we have year round school then they can't go out sledding together as a family and spending time with each other and together as a family.If we have year round school family's can't get together as a family and parents won't see their children as much at all.

  • School not should be year-round

    If we would go schools every day, we would learn more and get more educations. More educations and learnings are sounds good but if we have to go to school in year-round, but what about those things that cannot be taught in school? Without vacation time we can't be with our family, or have some rest, but to go on vacation, to learn trades outside of school, and to just be a child are also important part of our lives and most of students would have same opinion as me

  • No year round schools!!

    Kids need a break from all of that writing. Both kids and parents need a break from all of the DRAMA that is going around. I think it's very stupid it just wastes your time and energy BOTH!! We need to stick to the regular schedule for kids to get used to it!!

  • NO We Need Summer!

    School is a great privilege we have. We do not need to over use this privilege. Going all year is taking advantage of the students. Places in poverty are lucky to go one day in their life. Thank you for reading this amazing article! I am awesome! So is this article!!

  • Should kids go to school year round

    No they should not have to go to school because you are basically supporting burn-outs in schools even though year round school is still the same amount of days it still would fell like it to kids 180 days is a very long time. People tend to think that kids lose all that they have learned but that's not true 67% of people say it is very good to have summer and your not able to lose that much in 2 months. GIVE KIDS A BREAK

  • Kids earn a vacation after long school days .

    Kids don't want to stay at school for 12 months. They like taking family vacations.Parents might have plans.Kids might be wanting to do something ,but they don't have time to. They have homework and chores to do. For most of the time. Kids need a vacation from hard work in school.

  • No students should not

    Kids need time to relaxes and spend time with their family. Family is really important to me also don't you think that the kids at the school would be unhappy and want to move or go to another school so your basically just making kids leave your school so why would you want to go to school there.So if u agree with me thumbs this up and that's my reason why kids should not attend school year around and just think about your teachers they will be tried .

  • School should not be year round

    When you have year round school you use a lot of electricity and the teachers and staff have to pay for it. Also when you have year round school you have to do a lot of moving around. And most of the time siblings are on different tracks. So I say NO.

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