• Yes, year-round school is a sound idea.

    If children go to school year-round, it is much more likely that they will retain the information they learn in class, instead of forgetting most of it over the three months of summer vacation. The beginning of the school year is usually spent reviewing the material that students learned in the previous school year, which results in wasted time for teachers, parents and students.

  • Yes

    It should be year round so that students do not have to relearn the information that the learned at the end of the previous school year. A lot of time is wasted in school those first couple weeks back from summer vacation relearning what they did the previous year. Year round school would stop this from happening.

  • School should be year round

    I believe that year round will make students smarter. Students wont loose all the information they learned during the school year over summer break. It also lets student see their friends more often but will also have breaks here and there. Many students may not support the idea because they wont like waking up early but I think it gets them ready for their career life ahead of them.

  • School should be year round

    It should be year round because kids like to see their friends all of the time and with them going all year they can. Plus if they go all year they will get a two week break about every nine weeks. Which will result in them not getting burnt out.

  • More school, better future.

    Many argue that school takes out the part of children that makes them children, but in school you can socialize more with other kids, races, cultures, or just other people, not just from your neighborhood. Yes the idea costs a lot, but what of the school had the money? When children learn, they need more than black words in a book and that's where other classes come in. Art, Rec. Classes, etc. can really help too. It's not just learn learn learn, school can be a place , a home away from home if you will, that kids can relate with others of their "kind". This is why I think school should be year-round.

  • Yes school should be year round

    Then more kids will be able to stay focus on school and not video games. Then there will be more breaks but there shorter about 3-4 weeks and they don't lose intelleigence or any effical knowledge of their school work and or any thing they learned in school. Also they should be able have a 2-4 week break for spring break.

  • Yes, school should be year round.

    Yes, school should be year round because if students go to school year round it is more likely that the students will keep the information they have already learnd over the past year. Schools aready have to many breaks were students lose the information they have learnd. This is why school should be year round.

  • Yes it should be year round

    School should be year round because then students wouldn't forget as much. Teachers wouldn't be without a job for an entire season. Instead of saving up money all year preparing for summer break or trying to find a part time job while on break, they'd have two weeks off after about a month of school.

  • School SHOULD be year-round

    School being year-round benefits the students as well as the parents. Students will then become wiser and learn more. Parents won't have to worry about what their children should do during the summer. Also, compare us to other countries in Europe, Asia, or South America. The most industrailized countries, children go to school more days per year, and more hours per day than Americans.

  • Students are benefiting.

    Students and teachers are receiving more breaks, this will help stop the "burn out." Normally families can't find enough things for students to do with their time during the summer so a shorter break will benefit both parties. Year round school will also help with test scores giving student's and teachers more time to study and get involved with learning. During the mini breaks they can link up with teachers and get one on one sessions to help them catch up or understand things they didn't during the nine weeks. Family time can be spent through nights, weekends, and during the three week breaks they receive throughout the year. Year round school is not for the parents or what benefits them, its is about the children and what will help them succeed. If school is evened out through out the year it will make it easier for students to get more involved. Yes is alters summer activities to an extent but what school doesn't offer some kind of after school activity for their students to get involved in.

  • School should never be year-round.

    If you take away a student's ability to have a vacation you increase the risk of burn-out. While sure, more time for education sounds good, but what about those things that cannot be taught in school? Without vacation time you take away a child's time to be with their family, to go on vacation, to learn trades outside of school, and to just be a child. Childhood is for childhood things, and it should remain that way.

  • School wasn't the best idea in the first place but year round school is a terrible idea

    There is already to much stress with nine months of school we don't need another three months of school. And also with year round school you won't have time for friends with hours of home work. School is the time to get friends but summer is the time to have friends.

  • Ahhhhhhhh Nooooooooo Wayyyyyyy!!!

    In year round school there is a break every six weeks. This could ruin the flow of lesson plans and it would not give time to the family to go on vacation. And it also would not give time for sports and hanging out with friends. This is why school should neva be year round.

  • Heck No I do not

    Kids need freedom and hoever came up with this I hope gets changes there thoughts.Also Kids need fun and not things we learn 3 years strait. I just think that kids want there freedom and having school year round for 12 grades is a bit harsh. Kids need fun and learning so they are smart to live good and fun to keep your needs up to par. I also think summers are not long enough because 3/4 of a young life is not good. Dont make it all the time at least so a kid can have a good life. Plus Kids might bail out because they do not like having the same thing for twelve years. The education could go down less because kids would bail school. So either lower school time or keep it but don't raise it or make year round school.

  • Year round schools?

    Students already have to work in the spring heat so why work in the summer heat? If kids have year round schools then kids miss camp. They wouldn't be in shape. Schools would need to renovate to get air conditioning. To conclude everybody should have freedom in the summer and to relax

  • Schools would ruin a child's dream

    Kids who want to become pro BMX or pro skateboarding or anything they want wouldn't be able to practice if they had school year round and they would end up not give a crap about school to follow their dreams. Let them follow their dreams and leave the school system alone.

  • No they should not

    If schools were year round kids would not have many things to do exept homework. Eventually the kids would get tired and sto pshowing up to school and doing homework. A pro for this would be to go to school only 4 days a week insteasd of five to get more of a break that also would not have time to visit fsmilies.

  • No Summer School

    School should NOT be year round. Summer is the time when students take a break from the school life and relax. School is just a continuing stress that lasts for nine months with homework, tests, and grades. Throughout the summer break students can relax and have fun before they have the stress added to their shoulders again.
    It is also the time when families go on vacation. Summer break is the perfect time for families to plan their vacation since they know that they don't have a certain time to get back home for school. Every summer my family goes to Ohio but if we had school year round we wouldn't be able to. My family goes to Ohio in the summer to spend time with family there but we have so much family in Ohio that we wouldn't be able to spend a week with everyone. We also wouldn't be able to spend a weekend there since it takes two days to drive to.

  • No they should not

    Kids need time off from school kids spend nine months in school I think they should get a break if it's non stop homework and learning kids won't do well. They can go to summer camp kids learn there to and have lots of fun that's why I think no.

  • Kids spend nine months in school and they only get two days to relax, there parents probably want to spend time with them also.

    Kids do also lose a little learning over the summer, but if they don't get a break then the won't want to come back to school. And that's also what summer camp is for Kids can learn there and it's a great inviorment for children so if you take there summer they might not want to come back.

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