• Yes, year-round school is a sound idea.

    If children go to school year-round, it is much more likely that they will retain the information they learn in class, instead of forgetting most of it over the three months of summer vacation. The beginning of the school year is usually spent reviewing the material that students learned in the previous school year, which results in wasted time for teachers, parents and students.

  • Yes

    It should be year round so that students do not have to relearn the information that the learned at the end of the previous school year. A lot of time is wasted in school those first couple weeks back from summer vacation relearning what they did the previous year. Year round school would stop this from happening.

  • No year-round school.....

    I think not because people need breaks. Breaks are needed. Having time with family and friends is better than having school all day. Also we have books that allow kids to study over break. We already have books. So why would school be year-around? We have books and some time to refresh our knowledge. So no year-around school.

  • No year-round school.....

    I think not because people need breaks. Breaks are needed. Having time with family and friends is better than having school all day. Also we have books that allow kids to study over break. We already have books. So why would school be year-around? We have books and some time to refresh our knowledge. So no year-around school.

  • School should be year round

    Year round school is actually less stressful than having ten straight days of school, because year round school has more frequent breaks. Year round schools follow the 60/20 vacation pattern which would result in more frequent breaks rather than just summer vacation. This would allow students to work hard for 60 days then get a 20 day vacation.

  • Yes it should

    "year round" doesn't mean you're adding more days, in Indiana you need 180 days of school. Having a 180 days would still be the same. Just a shorter summer break and longer spring, fall, and winter breaks. This would also insure students don't lose as much knowledge over the two month summer break

  • Yes School Year Round

    Kids retain more knowledge in year round schools and it is proven that year round students have better grades and higher GPAs. There is the same amount of time for vacation. Kids also have more stress when they are not in year round schools. People would spend less money on babysitters and more money on their kids getting less stress.

  • School should be year round

    I believe that year round will make students smarter. Students wont loose all the information they learned during the school year over summer break. It also lets student see their friends more often but will also have breaks here and there. Many students may not support the idea because they wont like waking up early but I think it gets them ready for their career life ahead of them.

  • School should be year round

    It should be year round because kids like to see their friends all of the time and with them going all year they can. Plus if they go all year they will get a two week break about every nine weeks. Which will result in them not getting burnt out.

  • More school, better future.

    Many argue that school takes out the part of children that makes them children, but in school you can socialize more with other kids, races, cultures, or just other people, not just from your neighborhood. Yes the idea costs a lot, but what of the school had the money? When children learn, they need more than black words in a book and that's where other classes come in. Art, Rec. Classes, etc. can really help too. It's not just learn learn learn, school can be a place , a home away from home if you will, that kids can relate with others of their "kind". This is why I think school should be year-round.

  • School should never be year-round.

    If you take away a student's ability to have a vacation you increase the risk of burn-out. While sure, more time for education sounds good, but what about those things that cannot be taught in school? Without vacation time you take away a child's time to be with their family, to go on vacation, to learn trades outside of school, and to just be a child. Childhood is for childhood things, and it should remain that way.

  • No because it is...

    Because it would put a lot of stress on the students parents and it would be super complicated. I mean who would want school to year-round? Who? The teacher's would get paid more, yes I know, but STILL!!!! We have enough going on in our lives right now. We don't need school to be year-round! Seriously!

  • No Never ever

    No because students should have there time off and shouldn't have to stay in school the whole year.Teachers should be able to get there break to because they have stuff they want to do also the principle should have his/her time out the school.School. That's why school shouldn't be year round.

  • I say no...

    I say no because how are the kids supposed to be kids if they are going to be in school all time. How are they supposed to know what grade your going into if you have school year round what about grades. Also what more would you be able to learn because you cant stay in school forever

  • No more school

    I do not agree with those who say school should be year round. Children need to have time for their family and to have fun. They can go to camps and just have fun. This is also not a good idea for the children who need a long break. Not just a short two week one. Also, high school students would a have a struggle finding a summer job to save up for collage. Last but not least, some children cannot sleep during the school year because, they are stressed. Studies show schools switched back to traditional after trying full year and the abilities stay the same. Summer should be spent outdoor and having fun. Not indoor

  • No,school should not be year-round

    School should not be year round because students wont get enough sleep they always have to wake up early students an learn things from their parents. Students will be stressed a lot because they get a lot of homework and they wont have enough time to have fun with their friends they wont have to do as much work than they do in school. It will be safer for the students to stay with their family then to go to another place where there are a lot of people that the students dont even now

  • No year round school

    Because when we don't have time to hangout with our friends and family. We don't have time to see movies go to the park live a normal childhood and just be us. That's no fair that teachers get to plan everything why can't we do what we want for one year?

  • No schools during summer

    During summer, kids need time to organize their brains and be with friends. If they don't have time with friends they might loose them and have no one to go to the movies with and have fun with on breaks. Also they won't have supporters when they get a job.

  • We need a break!!!!

    We have a lot to do when we get home from school, by the time we finish homework. It is almost 6 or 5 o'clock by the time we are done . With my schedule of work, tuitions, and school I don't have time to play or relax I can only take a shower than sleep.

  • No Year-Round Schools!

    I say no because, kids should get their extra time to. Its not fair if they only get weekends off. Also, how do you know what grade they're going into next year? I f there is no summer vacation, no one would no what grade a child would be going into the next year. That is why I say no.

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