• Yes! It is safer

    Why is it required for people to wear seat belts in a car/truck but not required for buses. Seat belts save lives and not just in cars, but they could save lives in buses as well. Many children ride these buses and are put at risk every single time. We need to make seat belts required!

  • Yes they should.

    I was near Chattanooga when that terrible accident in the picture above happened. More than half a dozen children were killed. Needless to say, the county is headed for a lawsuit. Children should at least have the option of being buckled in their seats as that would help prevent such a high number of deaths like those in these types of situations.

  • No, Im a student

    I think if students actually used them then it would be worth it, but most student's would cut them, not use them, rip them off and overall would just not use them. It would just be a waste to put seat belts on all of the school buses when no student will use them.

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