• Yes, the answer is obvious.

    If you don't know why, then pointing it out is a redundancy and you will not understand anyway. In fact, children have been cut out of so many necessary foundational courses, even after college, most kids are not truly educated. They have a vocation. Cutting out a liberal arts foundation has dumbed down the kids irreplaceably.

  • I believe not

    I believe that children should have their own free right to go and play and get fit and socialise without having to stay in and do homework for ages every night. Therefore i believe it is wrong, they could also cut the amount of homework so they have more 'them' time

  • Just look at Finland

    Finland rarely hands out home work and they're one of the best education systems in the world! Not only that, but it induces stress, and is relatively stupid. When school is out kids are supposed to have fun, and relax. All homework did for me as a kid was make my fiery hatred for school that much more intense.

  • Homeworks are necessary.

    Homeworks are needed so that the teacher would come to know that how clear r u in dat particular subject. For eg. If u get a maths problem for homework and you don't know then there are teachers who can help u out.. So if u don't have homeworks u wouldn't even try to solve dat sum. You would be waiting for the teacher to solve the sum on the borad which may be understanding or even may not be. So I say that homeworks are a necessary part of a school childrens

  • As long as it is related to learning.

    Students need occasional homework assignments to help them retain the new things they learned. As long as it isn't simply busy work, it helps empower learning. Not only does it provide practice, but it also encourages intellectual independence. Learning to take learning tasks into their own hands is as important a skill as learning to add, subtract, or any other school skill.

  • Homework is a vital tool.

    Most concepts need either repetition to learn (like mathematics) or to be put into practice (like writing and research skills). Considering the limited amount of time teachers have to spend with their students, the only way for them to TEACH the concept then give the students time to practice it is to give homework.
    It also serves as a vital gauge for teachers, a way to tell if a concept has been mastered by a class, which topics need more coverage, and what students need extra help.

  • Children should have homework

    Children should have homework because It gives children more time to learn without the teacher's help. It gives them a chance to do it by themselves. In the future, your children will have a lot of Homework. Might as well prepare them! Homework is a very helpful addition to your child's learning.

  • It proves that they pay attention.

    Children doing homework lets the teachers know if the students are paying attention in class and are getting the material. The teachers are able to get feedback as soon as possible about how the student can apply the material he learned on his own rather than the teacher going through the problems and the students solving parts of it. Homework is a necessity in my opinion to having an effective education (even though I dislike it).

  • It's just busy work

    All homework does, is take the time out of a child's life, to do work, that he/she is rarely interested in, and may either be far to challenging, or not challenging at all. The former being even worse, because most parents can't help, especially if it's math related, and the latter meaning that it has no benefits, and just wastes time.

    Secondly, it does not prove that students pay attention, because of these two little things called Google, and Wolfram Alpha (for those of you who don't know, Wolfram Alpha is a very powerful, semi-free math web tool). Tests can help show that the student paid attention, but cheating and memorization of online material makes such results somewhat useless as well.

  • Boo Home Work!

    They say children go to school six hours a day. That is a whole FORTH of a day! But home work added, in late elementary that could be 7 hours. In middle school, 8 or 9!!!!! What about life lessons, fun, friends, family, sleep? Seriously. Us kids hate it. Stop our misery today!!!!

  • Homework is Useless

    Homework is useless for children unless they really need it. If the child already understands the material, it is just a waste of time doing 20 to 50 questions of it when they good be doing something more productive, such as socializing or learning something they actually NEEDED to know in life from their fathers or personal teacher, like business or time management. I know when I was a child, I always ridiculed homework because being in advanced placement classes, I understood the topic thoroughly and did not need any extra problems in that subject. Children should only get homework in classes that they are struggling in or if they choose to for extra help. Instead of wasting the time from getting home to dinner doing school work, children should be able to go out and play or do whatever.

  • Its a waste of time

    When comparisons are made to the education standards in countries where students do a lot of homework to countries where they do relatively little there is little difference in academic achievement.

    Kids already spend 6 hours a day in school, there are. Any other important life skills that need to be learned in those precious out of school hours.

  • Homework should not be given to children.

    Homework reduces the time that kids get to spend with their families after school. School lasts for seven hours, after attending school every day, they deserve a break. Some kids find it hard to juggle their sport or other commitments outside of school with excessive amounts of homework, therefore it is unnecessary.

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