• Should school-going kids have longer school days or not?

    I am completely supporting that kids have longer school days because it will help them learn better or maybe even learn more that other kids ,they will have an extremely great chance of making many more friends, and they also , might have more fun at school with their friends and if his or her class is having a school or class party for good behavior or a celebration then they would most likely have a longer school or class party.

  • Yes they should

    So that in the future your kid succeeds and gets a nice car a nice house and a nice job so they can thank education for allowing them to go to collage a have a perfect life for their short lives and maybe a great life for their children or grand kids

  • Yes, school days should be extended.

    School days should be extended because more classes need to be added. Students should learn how to use and program all of the new technologies that are becoming available. This will provide them with a marketable skill upon the completion of their schooling. This is a fabulous idea for our children.

  • We should not have longer school days

    If the school day is shorter the children will have a harder time of getting a job because they won't be as smart and if you spend a lot of your day at school you won't annoy your parents as much because when you come home you have to some homework but if you are home for longer you will finish your homework and then you will be at a loose end with nothing to do.

  • More Time is Needed

    Kids don't have enough time for extra school hours. They already spend 7 hours at school and 10 hours sleeping. They also need free-time about 3 hours or so, now they only have 4 hours for eating and family time eating for about 2 hours and family time for 2 hours. School time should actually be decreased; the reason for that is they have a minuscule time to have family time which in unacceptable. It is basically saying school is more important than family.

  • Losing focus during a longer day

    On Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, my school goes from 8:30-2:45, on Tuesdays 8:30-3:10 and Thursdays 8:30-4:05. By last period on Thursdays, the whole class is usually too tired for anyone to pay attention. I've found myself dozing off in history since I've run out of steam for the day, and I know my whole class is thinking about when we can go home. This is less of a problem on other days of the weeks, since the day is an hour shorter, and we have more energy by last period.

  • Don't risk it.

    I do not believe that school hours should be extended as I am currently a student and school depresses me, I believe it will increase the rates of depression and suicide. As shown in north korea, the suicide levels are much higher than here in the UK. Do we want to risk that?

  • Use your head

    I am against this, kids already dread on going to school because of bullying or they just hate it in general. Kids would have less time for homework, especially if they have siblings, or even practices for sports, Sports are usually right after school and last at least two hours, if they are asking for longer school days, then kids will have less sleep, and then teachers will complain that students are sleepy in class, longer hours doesn't really make a difference in education, they would just spend more time on the things they teach us.

  • No no no

    Extending school does nothing but tire kids and make them more hungry . I am a student too and school is already stressful enough. I have all this homework on my back this just adds to the pressure. Plus lunch time is only 15 minutes, most kids don't get to finish their lunch in that time if they do add time to the school day it should be lunc so kids get time to eat drink and talk to their friends.We should put a stop to this now before it is too late

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