Should school days be extended and homework reduced?

  • Start school later.

    Teens need more sleep so they have energy for school and whatever they have after school to do . Many students mostly high schoolers stay up late to do homework and do assignments. It's hard waking up every morning with a headache because you didn't get enough sleep. They should start school later.

  • Yes, our school calendar is arcane.

    We need to have a longer school day with more breaks as well as a longer school year. Our present calendar follows some sort of out of date agricultural model. Teachers may not like this, but most parents work full days most of the year and it would help students learn as well as parents to figure out their schedules for childcare.

  • Yes, Longer School Days Help Parents and Kids

    When kids spend more time in school, they learn more. Their futures brighten, because the more they know, the more they can do as adults. Their parents can do more too, because their childcare costs go down, leaving them more money to spend on their families. Most parents have to spend a fortune to get quality childcare. Also, when kids spend more time in school, there is more
    school time for the written practice that homework currently provides. So kids bring home less homework, and end up with more free time. It’s win-win.

  • School days should not be extended

    No student likes homework, but self taught applications are so essential in education. No matter how much a teacher talks about a subject, no one will truly understand it until they do their homework where they're forced to apply it. I think if we cut back homework and extended school days, students would not improve any because they are not being forced to practice.

  • People need self discipline

    If kids are kept in school for longer then they may learn slightly more, but, more likely than not, they'll burn out quickly and not work efficiently. People need to be left on there own and encouraged to better themselves on their own, as, without that skill, they won't be successful in the long run anyway.

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