• School is too long for students

    I'm in Korean elementary school 6th grade. I always think school is to long usually we spend 8 hours in school. 8 hour is too long for such a teenager to endure to the end. Proper education time will help student learning but excessive learning time makes student boring and we can't really concentrate at afternoon time. So, school daytime should be shortened.

  • School is too long

    It makes most people stress, spend so much time in education we do not get to sleep a lot. We also are not able to enjoy other things like spending time with our families, we do not have a lot of time to have fun or anything
    well, it does seem like it.

  • School is too long for students

    They should be shorter because it always kids to live their lives. And to have more times for after school activities or for just family time. It also always our brain to restart or to have a break. So yes i do think school days should be shortened but, my opinion is only my opinion.

  • Not at all

    Students will forget what they had learned the previous week on the next Monday.Plus the students will learn less causing more students to be left back.Any ways many parents will have to sacrifice time and will have to get someone to take care of they're child or leave them home by themselves in danger.

  • No school is not too long.

    If the schools days are shorter parents would have to cut time off work if they can not find a babysitter or daycare they have to cut time off work to watch their child(ren).If they cut time off work they wont be able to make the money they need to provide for their children.

  • School days should not be shortened for schools.

    The current times for school days are acceptable. Parents would not consent to a change in the times, because they would have to arrange for day care or some other activity for their kids to do during the day. Also, the current system is not broken. There is no reason that it needs to be fixed.

  • I would maybe

    Say yes if children went to school five days a week every week, but it seems these days that with six weeks summer holidays (in the UK) and two weeks off at Christmas, one week for half terms and two weeks of for full terms, they are never at school anyway.
    Children are leaving school with lower and lower intelligence and general knowledge every year and in my opinion, it's because they are never in the class room. If they are going to have such long holidays then if anything, lengthen the school days!

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