• School days should definitely be shorter.

    There are many students with after school activities or helping sessions after school almost every day. Some of them even last for hours after school. With the school days being so long, some of the students don’t get home until almost 6:00 o’clock. Once they get home they usually have homework too, that usually gets finished by 7:00 or 8:00 o’clock. Then with all of the things you do at night like eat dinner and get a shower, you won’t get to bed until almost 11:00 o’clock. There are a few benefits of shortening the school days. One benefit is getting home earlier to do what you need to do before going to school the following day. Another benefit of getting home earlier is getting to study longer, which could also make your grades rise. The last benefit is getting able to spend more time with your family. We all know schoolwork comes first but there also has to be time in your schedule for your family too.

  • Yes, school should be short.

    I think kids need to at least have 4 hours of school so we can learn and see our family before we go to bed and have the same thing happen again over again, and we should maybe have less homework to do so we can be kids while we are.

  • I'm rock solid.

    As Ron Jeremy once said, "School is too long and hard, like me. After a long hard day at school, I'd come soft as a pillow. My performance was really lacking, and this is why I decided to give up school. I believe if school was short and easy, I'd be able to have energy to complete my work. Only certain things in life are good when they're long and hard." ;)

  • Yes school days should be shorter because we need less school!

    School is very long and I think it is way too long! Its at least more than six hours, and some kids have very long bus rides and they get home at four. I think we should go home at 12:00. (after lunch) and I don't believe in homework! :-) ya!

  • No school holidays should not be reduced.

    Children need time to be children. You can't expect them to follow a 7-week strenuous routine without an equivalent holiday routine. Kids are kids, not damned factory workers. As the future of the world, they need some time to kick back and enjoy before they become corporately stressed business men divorcing at least twice in their lifetimes. Schools need to encourage studying more in the holidays and not just blame it on the children. Stop this attitude against kids being kids. Let them enjoy their lives -- it's only a matter of 13 years of school before they have the 70 years of stress ahead of them.

  • Time is everything.

    Kids need time to do things they want as well as things teachers want you to do. It does not take long for a teacher to teach what they want to teach and a student can study. There really is no reason why it shouldn't. Schools these days try to teach more than what is really needed that is why it takes so long

  • We can have more time with our family and if we have guests over we can see them before they leave.

    Due to the current length of the school day sometimes we don't even get to say goodbye to our family and that makes us feel very sad and mad because we aren't able to tell them goodbye or that we love them. Or sometimes your father is leaving and you can't say goodbye even though you won't see him for the next four months. Of course you can talk to him on the phone, but it's not the same!

  • Good Length.

    School days should not be shorter. School days are a good length the way they are right now and prepare kids for what it may be like to have a full time job in the future, obviously school as more breaks but that is neither here nor there. The length of the day doesn't need to change.

  • Yes,Yes,YES let there be shorter school

    I know as a student school causes hunger pains cause we lack morning time to eat before school starts. Migraines due to all of the noise. And just all together bad for your health. Yes i see that students these days are lacking education. Thats why you shut up durning class. Hope this helps you see the affirmative side of this argument

  • I think that school should be less hours.

    I think that school should have less hours because then kids will get to spend time with their family more and have more time for sports. With less school we will not have to pack lunch for them it can just be literacy, math, social studies, and may b like something else like specials.

  • No

    Children already are lacking in education, shortening the school day would decrease the amount of time a child has to learn. With the decrease funding in education, our school days have already been cut which ultimately hurts the children. We need to increase funding in order to pay our teachers for the longer hours.

  • No shorter school days.

    Kids will get more education. The kids will also have a longer summer if the school days are longer! Also, if they have more time in school, they will have more work to do and have more time to be with their friends which means less homework. They will have more friend time.

  • What's wrong with you people?

    You guys want no homework for students. Then you want shorter school days. And then you want students to be paid to go to school. This is all crap. The students SHOULD get homework, SHOULD have school for 6.5 hours, SHOULD go to school without pay. How can students learn with no homework and 3 hours of school?

  • I say no to shorter days.

    I do not think we need shorter days because, if the days happened to be shorter kids would have more free time where they would play video games, sleep, watch tv etc.. Things that well aren't going to get you a good job. Kids need more time in school to focus on things that are way more important then sitting around doing nothing. Yes sometimes i agree school days are long but honestly when I think actually think about they should be longer beause now a days kids forget what they learn't so quick. Thinking i'm pretty sure lots of kids arent going to have decent jobs when they are older due to lac of education. Also the school sceduals should be moved around so they learn the more important things when they can focus better not right when they wake up. Thank you.

  • Shorter days won't leave enough time.

    In school we have ample time to do things. If days are shortened, we would be rushing to do everything class. School should stay the same to keep the time in school good for us kids. In my studies, some students want to go to school. From a student, Andre.

  • No short school days

    Even though many people think it should be shorter, just think about the childeren. If there are more school hours, you can get a longer summer. There is a certain amount of days/hours you need to go to school. Think how it affects the kids and adults in our world.

  • More kids could work with the teachers. Under stand the text

    More time to spend with your family. More time to do the unfinished work. Parents can have kids in a work after school. Kids could get more sleep. More time for sports. Kids can have more time to be working on test for good grades on a test and under stand the work.

  • No it shouldn't!!!!!!

    I think that school days should not be shortened because, students are already lacking in education, shortening the school days will decrease the amount of time a child has to learn. Students will not be able to learn as much as new information as they did before when they had longer school days. Kids need more time in school to focus and understand new concepts that are being taught to them in order to succeed.

  • Kids Can't get enough Sleep

    If kids have to get up super early to go to school and have to return really late then they will not have enough energy for the next day. Therefore they will not be able to preform well because they will be to tired and will not do well in tests,classwork, etc.

  • I do not believe shorter days produce positive learning

    Students today have too much distraction at home and some (many) do not have the tutoring or encouragement needed to make education important. Our country is falling behind. Other countries who emphasize education and make it a priority are showing higher results in learning and improvement to their economy directly. Being strict and reinforcing rules is not an option. This is part of the lack of students pursuing an education.

Research this topic: Nebraska, University of Tulsa
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