• Why School Should Be Shorter

    School days should definitely be shorter and everyone agrees. There is a large amount of wasted time during the school day. Everyone would benefit from a shorter day. Students would get home much faster and have more time for homework and other activities after school. Teachers would also have more extra time to grade papers and come up with new, fun assignments. Both teachers and students agree that the day should be shorter.
    Studies show that over-working students can actually hurt their learning by “burning the students out.” It would be more beneficial to students’ learning to have shorter days. Everyone could still get the same amount of learning done. Teachers would be able to assign more homework and more projects because students would have so much extra time after school.
    Shorter school days would lead to healthier students. Because of the shortened school days, students would have more time to be active after school. The shorter school days would also benefit our sports teams. Teams of all sports would have more time to practice.
    The shorter school days would also lead to students having more fun after school. This extra fun would eliminate stress. Stress can cause many problems such as causing grades to fall. Stress can also lead to personal problems such as weight gain and problems at home or with friends. With a shortened school day, there would be less of all of these problems.
    Shortened school days would also benefit the amount of sleep everyone gets. With after school activities and homework, many students are staying up much later than they should. With a shortened school day, students would be able to finish all of their work and activities earlier and would be able to get more sleep. As Benjamin Franklin says, “Early to bed, early to rise, makes a man (or student) healthy, wealthy, and wise.” This extra sleep would be a huge help to everyone including students, teachers, and administrators. The extra sleep would lower stress levels and give everyone more energy.
    The shortened school day would also allow students and teachers to spend more time with their families. With after school activities and homework many students find it hard to spend time with their family. In a time where everyone is getting less social and more into technology, the long school day does not help to promote spending time with family. Studies show that students who spend time with their family on a regular basis are less likely to do drugs, drop out of school, lie, cheat, or steal. The extra time spent with the family would be appreciated by all.
    School days are much longer than they should be. A shortened school day would benefit everyone at the school, including students, teachers, and administrators. The extra time after school would help all of these people in everything from sports to stress to family. A shortened school day is a great idea that would be appreciated by all.

  • School days should definitely be shorter.

    There are many students with after school activities or helping sessions after school almost every day. Some of them even last for hours after school. With the school days being so long, some of the students don’t get home until almost 6:00 o’clock. Once they get home they usually have homework too, that usually gets finished by 7:00 or 8:00 o’clock. Then with all of the things you do at night like eat dinner and get a shower, you won’t get to bed until almost 11:00 o’clock. There are a few benefits of shortening the school days. One benefit is getting home earlier to do what you need to do before going to school the following day. Another benefit of getting home earlier is getting to study longer, which could also make your grades rise. The last benefit is getting able to spend more time with your family. We all know schoolwork comes first but there also has to be time in your schedule for your family too.

  • Yes, school should be short.

    I think kids need to at least have 4 hours of school so we can learn and see our family before we go to bed and have the same thing happen again over again, and we should maybe have less homework to do so we can be kids while we are.

  • School days should be longer

    We need longer school days so that we can allow the knowledge our teacher teaches us to sink in. Also most jobs don't go from 9 till 3 so it would make it very hard for our parents to pick us up. We can do extra curricular activities and do homework at school. School is not supposed to be stressful. You spend time with your friends so it shouldn't be stressful. It is supposed to be fun. Longer school hours is good for us because it will make us smarter and we will do better in later life. Also if we go to school for longer we could also get longer holidays. In Japan students get 99 days of Christmas holidays.

    Longer school days are good and will help make everyone smarter.

  • Lack of sleep

    In 5 days of school it`s 3 full days. Since the time starts early kids have to wake up earlier so they wont be late and at ages 12-18 people need at least 8 hours of sleep,with the lack of sleep these kids get can develop stress which leads to anxiety and depression and eventually suicide.

  • YES!!! School days should be shorter.

    To many kids get stressed when they are at school for too long. Some kids go home with way to much homework and they can freak out! Sometimes I go home with to much and I am ready to scream! Days feel like they go by so slow at school.

  • Shorter!! We need more free time.

    Kids go through enough. Shorter days will give more relax time, or for there other activities.There are many students with after school activities or helping sessions after school almost every day. Some of them even last for hours after school. With the school days being so long, some of the students don’t get home until almost six or seven o’clock. Once they get home they usually have homework too, that usually gets finished by eight or nine o’clock. Then with all of the things you do at night like eat dinner and take a shower, you won’t get to bed until almost eleven o’clock.

  • YES I SUPPORT!!!!! Fahmeen?????

    Yes i think school days must be shorter, i need to sleep, i wake up in the morning feeling so sleepy so i don't focus in class. I don't have breakfast in the morning, i dont have time to do anything because im sleepy. I have to pray in the morning, sometimes i miss my prayer because i dont have time in the morning. Sometimes i sleep in class. When i arrive home from school i go directly to sleep and i sleep for like 4 hours and so i dont have time to study and prepare for IGs.

  • School hours should be shorter

    I understand that some are against this but just think of it this way: micheal obama. She puts all of these "ideas" of hers up that state: "oh well we should have healthier foods in schools". All that does is make kids hate their food at lunch, and yes there are a few that like it but not many(and if you do thats actualy really good because its gonna be awhile until it changes). And since she wants americas kids healthier how does ANY ONE figure that kids are going to get healthier while sitting at a desk for 8 hours a day

  • Yes they should

    Teachers expect children and teenagers to wake up at 6 to get ready and go to school for 6.5 hours they then expect the to do homework as well as juggle clubs, hobbies and commitments such as horses, and a social life as well, this is just terrible. If the day was 4 or 5 hours kids will be able to finish homework ect to a good standard and have time to study aswell.

  • No

    Children already are lacking in education, shortening the school day would decrease the amount of time a child has to learn. With the decrease funding in education, our school days have already been cut which ultimately hurts the children. We need to increase funding in order to pay our teachers for the longer hours.

  • What's wrong with you people?

    You guys want no homework for students. Then you want shorter school days. And then you want students to be paid to go to school. This is all crap. The students SHOULD get homework, SHOULD have school for 6.5 hours, SHOULD go to school without pay. How can students learn with no homework and 3 hours of school?

  • No shorter school days.

    Kids will get more education. The kids will also have a longer summer if the school days are longer! Also, if they have more time in school, they will have more work to do and have more time to be with their friends which means less homework. They will have more friend time.

  • I say no to shorter days.

    I do not think we need shorter days because, if the days happened to be shorter kids would have more free time where they would play video games, sleep, watch tv etc.. Things that well aren't going to get you a good job. Kids need more time in school to focus on things that are way more important then sitting around doing nothing. Yes sometimes i agree school days are long but honestly when I think actually think about they should be longer beause now a days kids forget what they learn't so quick. Thinking i'm pretty sure lots of kids arent going to have decent jobs when they are older due to lac of education. Also the school sceduals should be moved around so they learn the more important things when they can focus better not right when they wake up. Thank you.

  • I do not believe shorter days produce positive learning

    Students today have too much distraction at home and some (many) do not have the tutoring or encouragement needed to make education important. Our country is falling behind. Other countries who emphasize education and make it a priority are showing higher results in learning and improvement to their economy directly. Being strict and reinforcing rules is not an option. This is part of the lack of students pursuing an education.

  • No

    School days should not be shorter. Over the years, they have seemed to shorten as it is, and I don't believe kids are getting a proper amount of knowledge in their classes. To shorten the classes anymore would certainly not benefit the students any. I think the length school days is just fine.

  • We should have shorter days of school

    We need some break time!!!!! Because some of us kids need some time to just spend time with are families and it gives us time to do are homework and time for the teachers too and the adults should also have a shorter day to work so they can take a break too because I bet they are tried of working and also want some times to spend with their familes

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  • No less school days

    I know that school is boring but it helps you a lot.If you don't go to school your won't get any education and without education you won't learn anything at all, so school shouldn't have less days of school, it would be impossible without schools so school is really great.

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