• School funding should be raised.

    Funding for the schools should be raised. Theres no question about it. If school funding gets raised then the economy would boost, and crime would lower. People now have no motivation for school because its not funded right, there are nothing exciting going on. The government should raise school funding.

  • Hands down no arguments, school funding should be raised

    The government should raise funding in certain areas and circumstances. Not everyone should approve of certain funds. Those who meet the requirements, like maintaining high grades and academic achievements should, being that it shows they are motivated and perform how they should. Funds are being spent on unnecessary things in education that in the end serve no purpose.

  • In certain countries, yes

    It is good to educate children so that they make good decisions when they grow up. This will reduce poverty and thus will reduce crime. They will be also educated to conserve resources. Some people argue saying that there are too many humans. But this is not the case to reduce resources.

  • Who are you going to give the money to?

    I think school needs to work efficiently, with the funding that they currently have. Right now technology has become so advanced that I can home school my children and I do not have to stand there and teach them anything. I can verify that they have completed their work and grade it and all of this can be done for free. Each state is different, but the goal is the same passing a test MCAT, GMAT, SAT to name a few. Teacher do not teach anymore, that is a problem, but if this is the way the system is heading then efficiency is the best way forward. Not more money.

    KhanAcademy.Org has been able to use technology to provide this kind of efficiency, and with very little money.

  • Schools have enough money as is

    Schools have too much money as is. I hate it when schools say "We are building a state of the art computer lab/library/new building, with all the highest technology available". But then the state of the art equipment is from the 1980s. I remember in one high school they said they were building a high tech computer lab for the whole school and all they did was replace the tables on what the computers sat on. The computers had to run on windows 95 to 98 and NOTHING more advance or else it would make them crash. This was in 2008 so 10 year outdated computers and yet schools ask if their funding should be raised. So they can waste it on the most useless stuff and probley waste the rest on a new coffee make in the teachers lounge

  • They have enough

    The United states has the highest education expenditures in the entire world and yet our system is failing. Countries like Finland and Japan spend a fraction of what we do and have education systems that make ours look terrible. The average student got around $20000 and when students underperform people assume that it is because of lack of funding when what we need is an education reform.

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