Should school get rid of paper and pencils in the classroom and just use laptops and iPads?

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  • Yes because it is harsh on students.

    Papers also get lost in lockers and desks. I also think that the more kids who use computers actually turn in their work on time and or get it in. Take this from an actual student. I believe this all forward. So lets face it, lets use computers in schools.

  • Yes, we should replace it, but only sometimes

    If teachers give a lot of homework that require textbooks, then students will have to carry a huge load home with them each day. If all of this was replaced with laptops, then it would be a huge improvement for the students. No more trees would have to die for the education of children and young-adults. However, some cases require the use of paper, such as a check or federal bill. In these cases, it is safe to say that paper should be used for security.

  • Computers crash all the time.

    Pencils and paper are more trustworthy. Computers crash all the time and lose there data. Pules there are a lot of hackers who can mess with your computer as well. People Learn differently, some people learn by writing with a paper and pencil, thats why paper and pencil is better than computers

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