• Believe it or not, but yes.

    I'm a high school student, so I can't believe I'm saying yes either. However, I plan on being a teacher some day and it's so self-evident how much kids could forget in just 3 months of break.

    I'm not saying students shouldn't be given a single break, but 3 months of break is a long time. I may be a little biased, as my family doesn't go on vacation anywhere; I stay at home. Even shortening the break and redistrubuting the days through the year may help.

    What progress is made in 3 months of doing nothing? Sorry that that question is a little profiling of students, but I bet many students do not educate themselves or make intellectual progress during those weeks off.

    If not for education and intelligence's sake, why for nationalism/patriotism/pride/arrogance? Other countries have their children go all year, and they perform better in math, language arts, and science than us.

    I'm obviously biased, as I'm not one to "burn out" or stress about school.

  • Yes it should

    I think that school should go year round for many reasons. I think that having a large break in the summer allows kids to forget all that they have worked so hard to learn. I think that the learning process is one that never stops and that children should be taught year round so they can become smarter, better, and more productive members of society for when they are older.

  • As a teacher, I can't believe I am saying "YES"

    While summer vacation is one of the better perks of my job, I believe it would benefit our students, and therefore, our country and economy if children went to school year-round. The 7-8 week summer break should be redistributed throughout the year. This would facilitate child care costs for parents, but more importantly, it would keep children within a safe, structured learning environment all year. It is extremely difficult to "jump-start" the brains of students who have not picked up a book all summer. The "clearing of the cobwebs" in September often takes weeks. The beneficiaries of this option would very simply be the students.

  • Retains Memory, Maintains Standards

    The only reason school let out for the summer in the "old days" was so kids could work on family farms. The United States is not as agrarian as it used to be, nor is the most of the developed world. School should go all year so kids retain knowledge, maintain their edge, graduate faster and come out as better students in general. The impetus for "summer break" no longer exists in many countries, especially the United States. Have kids go all year round like in Japan.

  • Make this happen!

    This would be great for our countries children and the parents ,if all schools went year round. Having school all year round would help the parents who are paying for child care at 100% to distribute the costs out, instead of having to pay for nearly 2 1/2 months consecutive during an entire summer break. The schools would provide food, safety and structure for those who other wise would not have this as much during the summer break. I feel children would learn more and be more active if school was year round. By doing this should bring piece of mind to the parents, knowing where the children are while they are working and what they are doing. This may save innocent children's lives from gun violence because they won't be running the streets.

  • I hate school

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  • You need a summer break, its so hard doing year round school

    You need air conditioners during year round school, because it sometimes is 90°F during summer in some places, and will be very expensive to install. Plus if you love swimming, or soccer, then you need time to play, not do extra homework all year!!!!!!! They should extend summer break to be 2 3/4 months in Canada instead of 2 1/4 months.

  • No it shouldn't.

    Summertime is special for those in school, as well as teachers and parents. I think that it is bad when school goes year-round. Kids miss out on a lot. It can make them not able to go to camp, and many other things. The best thing about summer vacation is being lazy for a few months.

  • No that will hurt education

    A year long school year is not good for education. Kids need some freedom and to be able to be free. If you take away their summer vacation they are not going to have that chance to be a kid. There will be nothing to look forward too and you will see their work suffer as a result.

  • No, school shouldn't be year-long.

    Personally, I don't feel that school should be year-long. School can be extremely demanding, being about seven hours long, followed by homework afterward. It helps to have some downtime over the summer to play, because creative, structured downtime is needed, too. That being said, if parents are concerned about their children not "getting" certain concepts, it makes sense for them to have their children work over the summer to brush up on things, either through tutoring or summer school.

  • They need a break

    I personally feel having school go all year around is not the best idea for the kids. While they could very well learn even more material, I feel they will grow tired and get burned out of school much quicker then usual. They deserve a break in between semesters, in my opinion.

  • Kids Need Summer!

    NO because children need a break away from school but then again while their out having fun they could be forgetting half of what they learned during the school year. Personally all students need a break instead of going all year round and being stressed and tired of school .

  • School should not go all year.

    Students need time outside of the classroom for extracurricular activites and just to relax. Vacations are an important time for students to have social lives and to gain real world experience. Keeping students in school all the time would not make sense, and it would put too much pressure on them.

  • Noo noo noo

    Im surprised that anyone even said yes to this poll. We need a break from school every now and then and its obvious why. No breaks equals more stress and more hatred toward school. Almost everyone I know hates school with a passion. Why should you have your kids experience hate all year round?

  • From personal and current experience, definitely not.

    This is quite ridiculous to be honest because school is very taxing and tiring, and anyone who says different is either too old to have experienced the modern education system, or is one of those people that have fallen to the trend of calling young people lazy. School kids like their sleep, that's no lie, but I can name countless occasions where I have cried because of stress. There isn't a lot of difference between pressure and stress, but they are so very different. If I was made to work weeks and weeks on end under a school environment, then I could not cope at all. A break every once in a while is necessary to allow people time to rest and get their thoughts back on track. Because as any student will tell you, after about 6-8 weeks of hard school work and dedication, you just slowly begin to shut down and lose concentration from lack of sleep.

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