• Time for other things?

    For example my school starts at 7:35 in the morning and ends at 3:45 in the evening. That's 7 hours and 10 minutes of sitting down in 9 different classes where I could be outside and getting some exercise. So for now on schools need to have like a class a day.!!!!!!!!!

  • school hours should be short

    Students have a limited amount of power in school, which is one of the main reasons for cutting classes. Students feel as though schools try to contain them and that they are not able to be themselves. They are forced to sit in a chair for a certain amount of time and to quietly complete assignments.

  • Students could focus on other activities.

    Students are in school about seven hours a day. After school, many of these students participate in extra-curricular activities, such as sports, clubs, theater or volunteering. Although academic work is vital, these extra-curricular activities are also significant for students because they teach responsibility and teamwork. In fact, most colleges require a wide variety of activities for incoming freshman students. But these important activities are often squeezed out by time in school and with homework. The educational system should focus on forming well-founded persons, but students are instead focusing primarily on intellectual pursuits. Less time in school could allow students the freedom to discover other interests that are fulfilling and stimulating.

  • 4 hours is plenty!!!!!!

    7 hours a day is an unnecessary amount of time to spend in school each day. As a student I spend a good half of the day sitting around doing nothing. If school were 4 hours long I would get all of my work done without wasting any time, I would be more motivated to go to school, I would get more sleep, and I would have more time to invest towards exercise, a job, maybe even studying something I want to learn more about.

  • School is too long

    I think students are suffering hugely from the amount of hours they have to go to school for each day. I think it's effecting their concentration in the later lessons as a lot of people can't keep concentrated and focused for 7 hours every day therefore school hours should be shorter

  • Please end school quicker

    OMG I need to tell you HOW BORING SCHOOL CAN BE. It's not the I don't get the school work. It's just that there's too much, and I miss my mommy. So please make the school hours shorter. It's 7 hours right now but can anyone minimize it to like maybe 4 hours a day?

  • School is taking way too much time out of our lives. As if 18 years aren't enough.

    School sucks. We all need a break. The stress that these kids go through is tremendous. It's not very healthy for them. I think four months would be much more better. The fact that the students are not very powerful in this situation only makes it worse. I hope this could change sooner than we think.

  • Teachers Need a Longer Break.

    Teachers do not deserve to be at school early, then teaching children for seven hours, then having to stay late to mark the children's work, to then drive home to make dinner and eat, but then by the time they have finished, it would be fairly late, so teachers would need to go straight to bed and watch TV. Teachers deserve a longer break. If school hours were shorter, teachers would be able to do all of the above in seven hours! Teachers need a break, I should know, I am one.

  • Activity time less school

    I think we should have less school and more time for activities after school because kids need to get a lot of exercise. Plus kids need a break for their mind to rest and focus on their dreams. Kids in school get bored and cranky and start being rude. Less school more activity.

  • Should school days really be shorter?

    Some people say that school days should be longer, while most others say that the school days should be shorter. I am one of the people who say that school days should be shorter. Kids get slammed with homework and go home with four hours worth of homework. Just ask me how i know. Parents don't get to see their kids hardly at all. I mean kids practically live at school. I think it's rediculous! So yes, school days should be shorter.

  • No, school hours should not be shorter.

    In my opinion, a shorter day would not allow enough time to carry on effective teaching techniques and a well rounded curriculum.
    I see my children coming home from school every day full of new knowledge and very excited about learning. There are no signs that the day was too long for them.
    Furthermore, if schools ended earlier it would cost a lot to working families in terms of after-school care for the children.

  • Do not shorten school hours

    No, I do not think school hours should be shorter. Many schools such as my child's can't even get everything in in the time they are at school. They only get art and music once a week and PE 2 times a week. There should be more instructional time for kids and less time spent on homework.

  • School is important

    School is the basis for learning to reach better goals in life. I understand why people don't care for it, but thats only because they don't take the time to even try to enjoy it. I'm not saying that school is the best thing since sliced bread, what I'm saying is school is important to carry out your future. It isn't always fun, but I'm glad that I'm in school and don't really understand why everyone hates it to such a degree as they do.

  • No.

    I think that shortening school hours would be rather difficult, since so many people rely on it as a "day-care" for their kids.
    Also, school is less about a place to learn about history, or math, or science, but mostly to help a child experience a number of different subjects and activities to help them grow. Unless some sort of independent study program was initiated, shorter school hours wouldn't work.

  • No shorter days

    School is where you meet your friends and play with them at recesses and you learn how to do stuff but if school was shorter you wouldn't meet as many friends and get to know them and you learn less where you'll actually need more school than now and if you want a great paying job you'll have to learn French or know stuff not playing video games or playing soccer during school time that what recesses are for so that's why we shall have a long but not too long school day a 6 hr. School day with a total 1hr and a half of recesses 40 min. Each recess and 20 mins. To eat with some fun periods and more learning periods as well like an hour to forty minutes of French and the same for other subjects. As much as shorter time would be nice it would make things worst without at least 6 hours of school a day you would probably not even know how to learn the rules of a sport the controls to a game or even how to talk. We need around probably more time like 6 hours and 40 minutes.

  • EDUCATION is needed

    Children need more education, in order to have a job and a worth while life. The children of other country's have school year round, so how is several more hours bad? I say America is not united till its children are educated. The children are the answer, so let them be educated!

  • Because summer will be shorter

    Summer will be longer. A longer Summer mean kids might be not wanting to go to school. School will also be boring and alto more more things will have a terrible to a kid I think kids would ditch school more often then usual kids will hate it even more.

  • Pressure on parents

    Shortening the school day puts even more pressure on working parents who have to pay for pre and after-school care from private companies. There is no such thing as "precious family time" for most households as those in the real world don't finish work till at least 5pm - 6pm.

  • Longer days are good.

    For older children I believe this will help them get in to a working life routine. Although I do not think they should do a 9 hour day and then have homework - if they are at school this long it should be plenty of time to get all the education they need. Plus it would make life easier for working parents.

  • Doesn't help children

    The children cant learn as much in six hours they mostly don't learn anything in two hours because of lunch and recess and their fine arts and stuff they just wont learn anything all they can do is sit eat and do what ever they want to do during the day

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