Should school kids be allowed to chew gum and drink water in class?

  • Yes si yes

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  • Both help students!

    Students chew gum in class to help them concentrate on the task, it keeps students nervous energy down which helps them stay concentrated. Gum contains glucose which helps them stay sharp. Water is needed to not waste time leaving class to get nasty water from water fountain. Plus water keeps children hydrated.

  • Yes they should

    I don't see the point in banning gum from school, like come on. My teacher doesn't allow us to have gum and we all sneak it in anyway. I dont see the point seriously. Also if you chew gum it makes you less chatty. On the hydrating side you should. What if we come back from gym and we're super thirsty. We cant go outside and get some water. Just bring a water bottle. No water plastic bottle though they crinkle and make noise during class. Just make sure they dont leak.

  • Yes to Water, No to gum

    Water would be a definite yes (we need lots of it!), but gum is not a good idea. Trust me. I'm in 8th grade and we're not allowed to chew gum, but although I shouldn't I have chewed gum anyway (when the teacher asks I would pretend it was a mint since we're allowed to have those or swallow it). And then it got stuck all in my hair. And I couldn't get it out. I never chewed gum at school again. Mints, small snacks and water should be allowed, I think. Sometimes I'm starving in school. Kids have fast metabolisms so oftentimes we're just famished and to have snacks (like fish crackers or trail mix) in between would make us less hungry and might increase productivity.

  • I Love GUM!!!!

    Yes Because I think it is a great way to keep everyone occupied. And as long as they don't chomp then i don't see how it would bother anyone. Plus if they throw it away correctly then I think anyone should be able to chew Gum !!! !!! !!! !!!

  • Yes, school kids should be allowed to chew gum and drink water in class.

    People have been chewing gum for a very long time. Students should be allowed to chew gum in class because it does not disrupt the educational process. Water is vital to life, and students should be allowed to drink water in class too. We cannot limit our children's water intake at school.

  • I love this web

    Children should have the right to chew gum and drink water during class Children get hungry, especially if they are not eating the cafeteria food, so it helps to chew something. Some kids get thirsty, or have dry mouth. Most kids will get bored if they are sitting down too long, so drinking water will help them concentrate. I, personally, get my most inspirational ideas while I am chewing gum. If students take advantage of these priorities, such as sticking gum under the desk, then this right should be taken away from them.
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  • Gum should be allowed

    Gum helps concentration. I think the only way the teacher should make you be ounished or throw away your gum is if she sees you sticking it under desks , blowing big bubbles , playing with it or chomping really loudly , etc. Yes, gum should be allowed in schools.

  • Gum is good for concentration!

    Gum makes children concentrate more, it was proven. It helps with studies and tests. Children could get better grades and be able to pass with a higher grade in the class they chew gum in than a calss they do not. It could improve their listening skills and reading and writing skills.

  • Yes they should be aloud

    Students should be able to chew gum in school because it helps kids do better academically. Chewing gum makes our heart pump more blood to the brain than it usually does. More blood carries more oxygen to our brains. This oxygen makes our brain function better. Preliminary research shows chewing gum during tests can help you do 26% - 36% better. This is a significant difference to some students test grades. . If we chew gum in school we will be “smarter”.

  • Both are Annoying

    Gum is a major problem with inconsiderate people sticking gum to other places rather than being courteous enough to wrap the wad of gum into paper or tissue and throwing it away. On to water bottles-they’re annoying and I’ll bet if everyone drank a lot of water, the lines for the restroom would be quite long! Besides, the new plastic water bottles are loud and obnoxious!

  • Both are Annoying

    Gum is a major problem with inconsiderate people sticking gum to other places rather than being courteous enough to wrap the wad of gum into paper or tissue and throwing it away. On to water bottles-they’re annoying and I’ll bet if everyone drank a lot of water, the lines for the restroom would be quite long! Besides, the new plastic water bottles are loud and obnoxious!

  • Obviously, no gum should be allowed...

    Not to mention that water makes a mess for the next class when spilled on desks, or that gum ends up on desks, chairs, etc...

    As someone with misophonia (a condition in which certain noises - such as chewing gum - cause intense anger and a fight/flight reaction), I find it extremely irritating when someone chews gum in class, or brings water and slurps loudly.

    I understand that people need water - that's why there are drinking fountains OUTSIDE - but gum is simply not necessary. People like me have no choice but to either wear earbuds or something similar all through class (and fight with the teacher because of it), or tell the chewer to stop, or suffer and end up sobbing by the end of class.

    Although water is excusable because hydration is important, gum is simply rude to bring to class. I can't stress how rude it is... I can't even sit next to people who chew gum without ending up crying. It's not the loudness of the sound that irritates me (or most other misophones) - if I can hear it at all, even if it's barely audible, it sends me into fight/flight mode.

    Maybe it makes no sense to people who don't suffer from misophonia, but I would rather leave in the middle of a test and fail the class than listen to gum chewing. It's something that will make me angry and violent and sad and scared at the same time, and I have no choice but to leave for the safety of myself and others.

    You'd be surprised how many students are the same as I am, and who have these problems in class because of gum... Kids without the condition never even know it exists, let alone know that their classmates suffer from it.

    So... Water is excusable, of course, but gum has absolutely no excuse. It doesn't help chewers enough to make up for the stress it puts other students through.

  • No gum school

    I believe we shouldn't chew gum at school because students can liter
    gum, cause a dwelling distraction, can case sickness if liter, and it can cause germs, flu, or types of diseases. Also some students can stick
    gum underneath the desks. Therefore this is why I believe we should
    we shouldn't chew gum at school.

  • Distracts during class

    Water bottles distract students during class when they are trying to take tests, gum is easy to stick everywhere and would get the school a bad image, and even if they were given detention if they didnt put it into the bin, they wouldnt be able to be identified easily.

  • No to gum in the classroom.

    I say no because then you would see a lot of gum under desk or on the floor. Also the school would look dirty. Also people could get it on there shoes, clothes, or on any thing that gum can get stuck on. I think that if teachers catch a student chewing gum they should get them to clean something up.

  • Half and Half

    Water is already allowed in most classrooms, so I will not address that one.
    As much as I would LOVE to chew gum in class, I think it is gross when people put gum under the tables or desks and would rather nobody chewed gum at all. The last thing I want is to sit down and get my knee stuck to somebody's gum who was too lazy to simply walk to the trashcan.

  • It causes other problems.

    When kids chew gum in class it almost always ends up stuck to the desks and the chairs, the next poor kid who sits there does not want to get that all over their hands and their fingers. This is also a very good way to pass germs onto other kids and in winter during the flu season that is a very serious issue.

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There are so many good benifits to gum