• Should school lunches be healthier? Yes!!!

    Of course the schools should change their menu. Everyday it is the same cheeseburgers and hotdogs you see that are being handed out. Now the principles say that it is very healthy yet almost everyone brings a home lunch. Um... Is not that funny?! Its your call aren't u sometimes annoyed seeing fat people who cant move, o lets fight obesity together and make a change!!

  • Healthy is Great!

    Kids will be more healthy and will want school lunches even more! Once you learn, fruits and vegetables are delicious! There is nothing wrong with being healthy and better foods for school children will help the growing process. When schools buy fresh fruits and vegetables from a local farms in the state, it benefits the farmer and helps the farmer grow bigger, and have more variety of foods to choose from in the future! I vote YES for healthy lunches at school!

  • Healthier is better!!

    Healthy lunches are good for kids to have good health plus it makes them keep growing. Even though stuff that is bad for you is yummy it does makes you gain weight. An idea that will help this problem is to have a salad bar once a month or once a week. It is good to stay healthy so that is what kids should do.

  • Healthy Lunches Rule!

    I am a student in middle school and looking around there are a lot of obese and unhealthy students. If our school provided healthier lunches then people won't be as obese and leading unhealthy lifestyles. If we didn't have healthy lunches in our school then maybe even the teachers will become obese.

  • The best choice!

    Promoting healthy eating at school is a start to developing a healthier community. Healthier lunches at school promote a diverse diet and would encourage kids to not only eat more nutritious meals, but be more physically fitter also. Furthermore, healthier school lunches and breakfasts would be and a beneficial investment.

  • Yes I do agree

    Because we are getting super ugly with these people giving usnbad food to eat. Why would they want to feed us unhealthy food when others are talking about healthy choices. Schools should pay attention to others about them wanting to eat healthy. That's why student don't eat healthy because of the junk food in this entire world. We need healthy food choices. Or we can just get fat because of you

  • It's worth it!

    Kids always argue healthy food, but if schools educate their kids on healthy eating and the consequences of junk food, students might think twice on buying that extra cookie . I think it would be worth the money to invest in healthier versions of school lunches Lunch doesn't have to be all spinach and broccoli, but we can definitely minimize the unhealthy impact that school lunches have.

  • Absolutely, healthier life style !

    I am not good with debate and all that but im writing a paper about this. Our future is our most important! We need to make healthy decisions in our youth life so we can grow without having complications! Schools are not aware that the food they give us is just fattening and greasy filled with bad nutrition. They do have some healthy snacks but its very little. So i believe schools should step up they're game and get some rad healthy food!!

  • School meals need to be healthier

    Im a middle schooler in western michigan and i think school meals should be healthier.
    At my school they sell french fries every other day. They also sell ice cream. Every thursday we can buy a slushie for a dollor. We have pizza at least 3 times a week and there pizza leaves a puddle of grease on my tray. My cousin goes to school in western michigan too and they sell pizza every day there along with nachoes, i think school lunches lead to child hood obesity. This is why i think school lunches should be healthier.

  • Students Should have Healthier Lunches

    I hate how our school lunches aren't healthy. Also' some people want to eat healthy so we don't have to face the consequences of all that grease we are eating in every meal at our schools. If you know what I mean. No offense to some people that are reading this and know what I mean.

  • School lunches are malnourishment!

    The school lunches do not provide fat which is necessary to health. It also lacks ineffectual nutrients. Furthermore, one lunch can be 350 calories or less. This is not enough to maintain a learning, active student throughout the day. Also, there are kids who get lunch for free and reduced prices because their families can't afford to feed them. They eat the school lunch and that mat be all they eat that day. 350 calories a day! The average American should eat 2,000 calories a day. If that's not malnourishment, then I don't know what is.

  • Its not a healthy lunch for many reasons.

    The hamburger is not healthy because of the bread. And the meat might have many fats and other harmful thing in. The onion rings are deep fried. The oils and grease is not healthy for you. The fries arent healthy as well. They are fried in grease and other oils.

  • Why I Voted No

    (Sorry for bad English I am from Sweden) Everybody know that if we give the kids healthy food they will not eat the food so it's no idea to try. Kids want junk food not healthy food that they hate so much they will only throw the healthy food away. You can't force the kids to eat wealthy food.

  • It is unhealthy for kids to eat too much junk food.

    It is unhealthy for kids to eat too much junk for. There are about 12 million kids that are obese in the United States and we don't want to increase that number. It isn't a right choice to eat to much junk food, maybe twice a month is ok, but three times or two imps a week it very unhealthy.

  • The REAL Story Behind This Garbage!!!

    I'm in 7th grade and every day someone ask whats for lunch people always say garbage!!! I believe we should either have more amounts of food or have less with unhealthier lunches. Some foods are ok at our school like fish and chicken strips but everything else I either don't eat or throw away. The schools want healthier food but they should be in our shoes for a day.

  • I chose NO!

    You must think that our school lunches are good, well there not. I think they are viale, nauseating, prison lunches that you use for the sake of money. I’m completely against the mystery meat you sever us and call food. I get that you haven’t had a school lunch in ages but have you ever tasted it! It has the exact same taste of the leftover chunks in your mouth after you throw up which is what people want to do when the nibble at it. Dont even get me started with the expired milk!
    The “food” that you pay for practically either goes to waste or is not eaten. Some kids just buy lunch and most likely taste it and throw it away, then some people just don't eat at all and the others are so hungry they take their chances and then regret it. Im not gonna lie, the food that you make is actually ok depending what it is but when you make our lunch it gives me a stomach ache. Im not trying to insult anyone but who came up with those recipes?
    Could you at least give us the lunch that we loved and had? The 6th graders have been waiting for it and heard that we have some awesome lunches but now no one is happy. I would rather have chick fae, sal's pizza, and subway then have our chromebooks. There not all that you know. To me they are just anything you have to carry around and worry about. Having them gone and having the good lunch back would be so much better than what we have now. All kids want really is food. Good food that is. Especially the chips and cookie and really the stuff you took away.What money are you making?
    If we chose to eat and eat and eat and we end up getting fat its there fault not yours and people can chose if they want to be healthy or not and some people pick junk food and some people pick healthy food.

  • The kids are throwing the food away

    I am a senior in high school, and all the kids either throw away the "healthy" food, or don't eat at all. This "healthy" food they give us is cheap, and looks like cardboard. There is no taste and kids feel more sick after eating these "healthy" lunches that if they were to not eat at all.
    We are growing children, we need calories and fats and sugar. Many kids bring their own food and drinks, which are processed microwave meals, snack cakes, and sodas. While those aren't good, it is better for them than to not eat at all.
    Shouldn't we, the people who have to eat the school lunches, get to decide what the lunch consists of? We are not incapable of making decisions for ourselves, no matter how much the public education system tries to deny us that opportunity. We should at least be able to decide what goes into our bodies, since we are are regulated on what we can put on our own bodies and what we can put into our heads.
    We are not a group of weak, incapable things. WE ARE HUMAN BEINGS. NOT PETS.

  • Should we be punished?

    Kids shouldn't suffer offer the fat kids swallowing everything they see. I know life is unfair ,but come on that's just down right cruel. No one eats the healthy lunches and they starve. Kids starve because the food is so disgusting and "healthy". I just want a normal burger, bun, fries, and a milkshake is that so hard to ask. -8th grade student at Wyoming Area secondary center

  • If your fat its your fault

    I'm sorry but everyone has their own choice if you want to eat a lot and be fat then go ahead. Just because some people can't make the right choice that doesn't mean that we should punish everyone else. It your choice what you want to eat and you can't force people.

  • 8th grade perspective

    I go to a public school and sorry to inform everyone, but there are a select few people who are overweight or obese. Kids who have gotten to the point where they are that obese, they should be able to show self control. And parents, if your kid ever gets that big, you need to step up your game. You can't force them to eat healthier but don't support obesity. It is not the school lunches, it's the choice between eat it or don't eat it.

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