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  • They should not be armed.

    School personnel should not be armed. School personnel being armed poses a much bigger threat to the school then the personnel being unarmed and unable to protect themselves from an attack. The best way for them to defend themselves is to have metal scanners at the entrances to the school.

  • School Violence Is Rare

    Despite the high-profile school shootings of late, violent crime and shootings in schools are exceedingly rare. Posting armed sentries in classrooms desensitizes children to the freedoms they suppress by living in a police state. We should reject the temptation to constantly trade personal freedom for supposed ideals of safety. Safety can never bu fully guaranteed.

  • Police are we weak and can barle shoot

    Last year 2 kids died in connecticut due to a aremed police shooting out of no were.The culprit got away with 2 kindergarden kids dead now if i died im suing so we should not have them here . . . . . . . . . . . .

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