• Yes School should start in August

    Depends on where you live, I live in Canada and in September it’s really cold to start school, I wish I could start in August where it’s Warm and have a fresh start, plus you get to finish School early in May and have fun and relax in the Summer.

  • Only one reason why I say this.

    I reside in the U.S. and go to a U.S. school. Unlike most schools, I start school in August. Not every school starts at the same time; there are different countries. My school break starts in early June, which I enjoy. I'm not used break starting in late or middle June.

  • Semester system is better than year system.

    It would be better to have a 5-week winter break and a 5-week summer break with a 2-week break in the midpoint of each semester. Don't schools already have access to air conditioners and heaters? Many people favor year round school in the wrong way: 4 track system at which they take turns on being off track, each getting a total of 3 breaks, each one month long or 4 breaks, each three weeks long. That sucks because then some don't get any summer off at all and they have no chances of going to the beach when the water is at its warmest. School for me started in mid August and usually ended in the end of May.

  • Yes it should.

    I am not 100% sure when school starts now. When I was young it started in August, and this was just the right time. I felt that my summer was long enough and I was ready to go back to school by that time. The middle of August is perfect.

  • Summer Vacation Outdated

    The original impetus for summer vacation from school doesn't exist anymore. Kids were supposed to be at home to help parents on the farm. America is decreasingly an agrarian society. More mechanized farming means less human labor is needed. Greater modes of transportation and better farm equipment means children don't need to be as active with intensive farm labor as they used to be. The job of children is to learn and play. Let them work on the farm when they get older into their teens.

  • Yes, school should start in August to maximize Summer enjoyment

    While it can be argued that year-round schooling, or "tri-mesters", are better structures for educating students, if one has to consider only the US standard of 16-week semesters, then it is more advantageous for both families and students. For families, it is a worry-free time to see children more frequently, or to coordinate on Summer activities and camps (depending on the age of the student). For students, it is an opportunity to engage in part-time or full-time work without the stresses that come with having regular school work to complete. Starting earlier or later than August would push the break forward or backward into colder months with shorter days, generally stunting the available time for all activities.

  • It is too hot to begin school

    Alot of schools don't have air conditioning or the heat over rides the air conditioning. Places like my school have air conditioning but students still get hot, also some rooms dont have air conditioning. I've seen some of my classmates complain and ask the teacher to open a window . But the teacher for whatever reason not open one. I have also seen teachers get so hot they take their shoes off and open a window because of how hot it is. I can't even imagine what students at schools with no air conditioning are suffering from.

  • I think even starting right after Labor Day is too early.

    I would want schools to start after the fall equinox (September 20-22), because this might make it easier to get back into the swing of things than starting in August or right after Labor Day. It might also give teachers more time to prepare before the first day of school.

  • It's just not right

    I think even Labor Day is too early for school to start . I think schools should start after thr fall equinox. This might make it easier to get back into the swing of things. It also might give teachers more time to prepare before children start back to school.

  • It Shouldn't Start Early

    No,School should not start in August because if it where to start in the middle of September it would give kids a chance to have another family vacation before school actually starts.It also would give kids time to spend with themselves and other kids,like friends,to spend time with just in case the kids never see each other again.

  • Free time is important too

    In school children are forced into hard labor and in all cases school is stressful, hard, and no sane child enjoys it. They don't get to be themselves there and because of the common core, few get to explore their passion there. School is like a stressful job. Children can't take that amount of stress and need breaks such as summer break to relax, let the stress melt off, and explore their passions. The earlier school starts, the more stressed students get, the more they hate school, and more time is stripped away from the students who aren't as smart and can only explore their passions outside of school. Because of all these reasons, the school year should be shorter. I don't understand why educators keep expanding the school year if they realize that it's only hurting students.

  • No, school should not start in August.

    I believe that school should not start in August. Kids need to have a summer break to rest and have fun. They should really go back to school after Labor Day. Another problem with starting in August is that it is way too hot. Students cannot focus on their studies because they are too hot.

  • Year Round School Would Be Better

    Where I live school does start in August and I don't have a problem with it, but it wouldn't mean much if it changed either. I believe it would be far better to have schools run on a year round schedule with smaller breaks throughout the year. I think this would give students a better chance of retaining information from grade level to grade level.

  • No need to start school in August

    There was a time not too long ago that school started after Labor Day. This has been becoming less and less common. Schools are starting earlier and earlier. There is no reason to do this. In August it is usually still hot and a good time to vacation. We should allow kids to be kids as long as possible.

  • No it should not.

    August is so hot! Especially if you live in the desert states like AZ and Texas. The kids should not have to go to school in that type of weather. It is ridiculous. They will overheat, and going to the playground will be more of a punishment than a free time.

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