• School should start later and i have a million examples why it should.

    If school starts later then kids will not fall asleep in class because they can get more sleep and then we all have more time to eat breakfast and kids have more time to finish their homework. So i say kids should not go to school really early and be able to wake up before school starts.

  • Schools should not start later in the morning

    SCHOOL should not start later because school is an neccesity in our lives and if school starts later in the day students are most likley to go to sleep or not pay attention.So to my conclusion schools should not start earlier or later in the day.No school earlier or later in the day.

  • It has been scientifically proved.

    People under the age of 16 need at least 10 hours of sleep to function. It also has been scientifically proven that everyone doesn't properly function until 9 o'clock. So getting up at 6 isn't helping anybody and it makes students tired and they don't concentrate as well. It is not fair on students who are tired. They cant go to bed earlier because they get about 3-4 hours of homework a day.

  • We need sleeeeeeeppppppppppp

    I think school should start later bc we need sleep. I need 38 more words. Potato. Potato. Potato. Potato. Potato. Potato. Potato. Potato. Potato. Potato. Potato. Potato. Potato. Potato. Potato. Potato. Potato. Potato. Potato. Potato. Potato. Potato. Potato. Potato. Potato. Potato. Potato. Potato. Potato. Potato. Potato. Potato. Potato. Potato. Potato.

  • We should start school later like at 9 a.M. And get out at 3p.M or we should start at 12p.M and get out at 5p.M

    I think this because 90% of students that wake up at 6 a.M or 7a.M isn't fully rested and if you are tired in school then your brain can not function how you want it to so 60% of student are failing because they are waking up too early and doesn't have enough rest and their brain can't function right.

  • Start School Later

    I think school should start later because statistics show that kids do better in school when they start school later. I Truly think school should start later because i am always tired when i get to school. I think everyone thinks that also. That is why i think school should start later in the day.

  • Yes it should start later in the morning because if you get up at 6:00 or 6:30 to go to school.

    When get up in the morning you don't fell like it because you only get 8 hours of sleep or 9 hours.Sometimes kids don't have blood floating in their brain to get on track at school or be resourceful enough.But i believe that school should start later in the morning.

  • Yes they should start later

    They should start later because it is proven that if you don't get enough sleep you don't do as well on test. Also they did a study and it said schools should start later. They should start 30 min to 1 hour later. That is just what i think not what you think

  • Students need to collect their energy first

    In Indonesia (my country), we start school at 7 (because Indonesians normally wake up at 5 or 6). But even though, we should start later. Maybe 8 would be good (because we don't wake up at 7 like in other countries). And I think the school hours should be shorter. Maybe 8 until 2 (?)

  • People wake up!

    If we started school earlier then all kids would be less tired. Teachers would not constantly have to get students attention. Sure, if we start school later we get out later. But if starting school 2 or 3 hours later could be to our benefit, I say go for it

  • School Starts at 8

    School starting at 8 a.m. is the perfect time. Parents drop their kids off and then head to work. If there needs to be earlier drop offs, there are daycare options until children get older. An 8 a.m. start time is appropriate because it gets children ready for the "real world" when work starts promptly at that time unless you work the 2nd or 3rd shift in a factory.

  • School should not start latter.

    Schools should not start later because if it does then that means students get out of school late.And, if students get out late then that means students have to do more work.If schools starts late it might put more stress on kids because all the more work they have to do and,students should not have a lot of work to do because sometime it's not all that good as it sounds.But in my opinion schools should not start school late.

  • Just change your frekkkin rutine man.

    If school were to start an hour later, it would have to end an hour later as well. So basically what you've done is that you've puched back the day an hour. You'll still get the same amount of school, freetime and sleep because starting school laters means you finish school later which leads to you going to bed later. Nothing changes.
    The one simple solution if you want more sleep is to change your rutine and go to bed earlier.

  • If it starts later, it ends later.

    Elementary students usually get home at about 4. If school were to start an hour later, it would have to end an hour later as well, meaning elementary students would get home around five. The average kindergarten student-2nd grader should go to bed at around eight. That gives them about three hours to do homework, activities, eat, and spend time with parents.
    Also, of course, you won't be getting any more sleep then usual. If I get home at about 4 instead, everything will be pushed back and it will still take the same amount of time to do my homework, so instead of going to bed at around 9:30 or 10 I'll be in bed by around 11- so I'm just getting the same amount of sleep as usual.
    In honesty, starting later is just setting up your children for failure. They will never be able to survive high school (if they're in middle school) or potentially morning classes in college. Starting earlier could actually discourage older kids from going to parties as well, as they'll realize that they feel miserable waking up early because they're going to bed so late and they might decide to stop because they want more sleep. Lastly, waking up early and going to bed early are the healthiest ways of living.
    It'd basically just be useless to start schools later.

  • Schools shouldn't start later.

    When schools start earlier, it ends earlier. When it ends earlier, you have more time to do work. If school starts later, you are forced to do your work before school (because if you wait until after school, you won't be able to finish your work and sleep regularly). And if you don't have a load of work, it's better to have free time in the afternoon than to have free time before school.

  • Late is always late!!!!!!!

    Schools should be in the morning around 7:30.It's a way to promote ''sleep early to rise early''.The growing trend to stay on phone till late is completely wrong rather is unhealthy way of living. Early rise is spiritually and scientifically proven to increase productivity . So drop your lethargy and pick yourself with a better attitude towards school.[after all the friends for whom you ready to do anything are gifts of your habit of going to school]

  • No way should schools start later!!!!

    To be honest, waking up earlier will help kids start to get used to society! We need to start their social and work clocks at a certain time or else they'll positively fail! They need to start to get used to waking up early now or else if they have a job interview or an important meeting to go to early in the morning and they're not used to waking up that soon then they might miss the meeting!!!! Alarm clocks are usually way too quiet to wake someone up and even when you turn up the volume on your phone super loud, it'll irritate you awake, leaving a bad start to the day! Also, it may increase stress about homework because there's less time to work on homework and you may need to stay up late in order to work on it thus leaving you with less sleep! Usually if I get to sleep at 9 pm then I get a bit more than eight hours of sleep! Honestly we don't need to change anything at all!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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