Should school start times be changed to allow for later waking times?

  • I totally agree

    I always wake up in the morning hating myself and school indeed. It makes me feel stupid to wake up at the morning just to attend classes or whatever, so boring. I think school should change their timing to suits everyone because no one is satisfied with it. Plus, they need to fix the classes pattern because we all get fed up with the stuff they give us to do. Thank you.

  • Of Course it should!!

    I am in a district where this debate is going on right now, and I am on the end where my start time is getting later, hopefully. Teens have been proven to need more sleep, and the superintendent of my district is saying that teens are not getting enough sleep. By the way I LOOVE this website.

  • Of course it should start later!

    The teenage brain is growing and developing, and a teen's sleep schedule is going to be out of whack. Teenagers NEED a lot of sleep to be able to grow, but since said sleeping schedule is off, they tend to fall asleep a lot later. And then when you get one four or five hours of sleep, you have trouble learning and doing your best the next day. It's not the student's fault that they stayed up late a lot of times; there are many night where I often stay awake for hours because I'm not tired until a certain point. Also, students receive ALOT of homework from teachers, usually an hour of it per class, so how are they supposed to get home, do SEVEN hours of homework, eat dinner, and get a good nights rest? The brain needs a minimum of five hours of sleep to process what they learned the day before, and a lot of teens don't get that when they have to wake up at 6:00 A.M. They often end up sleeping in and being late or falling asleep in the middle of class because schools don't start late enough. And I get that it'd be a hassle to just make schools start later at random, make all busses pick students up later, and change everyone's schedule, but it would be a change for the good. Also, some may say that students waking up NOW will get them ready for having a job in the future, but the adult brain would have a lot less trouble waking up anyways because, like I said before, the teenage brain is growing and out of wack whereas an adult's brain is already fully developed and can get their sleep schedule back in track. School is already pointless from eighth grade on due to not learning anything valuable, and a long time ago school stopped after eighth grade which is reasonable, but so many teens then we're lined up for jobs they put them back in school to let adults get the jobs. Nowadays it is different, and although it may have worked for people back then they should at least start school later now if they aren't going to teach anything useful in school nowadays.

  • It definately should!

    Some children have to wake up really early if they live far away therefore they wake up at like 5.If we have lots of homework we may have to go to bed late....And then still have to wake up early! Pearent will also benefit as they also won't have to get up as early. Teenagers need their beauty sleep!!!

  • I think so.

    I think that later school start times lead to more productive learning experiences for many students. A lot of people are simply not morning people and do better in school when they have the opportunity to get ample rest. Our society isn't structured to start as early as it was in the past.

  • Yes, later school start times are better, especially for teens.

    It has been proven that teens have a different sleep cycle from those younger and older. That means a later waking and school start time leaves them more alert and therefore more productive. If we really want our young people to succeed, we will take their sleep needs and cycles into account and enhance productivity and love of learning.

  • Yes, it should.

    Some students do not have a ride to school by bus, or family transportation and are forced to walk to school. These students should not be punished for not being able to get there on time after the spent however long trying to get there in the first place, at least they show up.

  • School hours aren't just about the kiddies.

    Most working folk leave for their jobs between 6-8 AM. And traffic starts to bottleneck after 7:00 AM. So getting the kids off to school early (so they can leave school earlier) is because of traffic hours and their parents working schedules. If the kiddies are getting too much homework, then that's something the parents need to address during the tacher/parent confrences.

  • School is fucking shit

    School is fucking shit we hate it and we think the school times should be changed to 0 hours in school no one even needs school its a fucking shithole and everyone just talks shit and hollie smith is a very nice girl and she is vey generous and she loves toby brown

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