• Yes, we're all equal. School Spirit, Right?

    I think teachers should have to wear uniforms because we, as students, wear uniforms everyday. When you walk in school you see navy and khaki on students. And then you see the teacher in a purple flowing dress or a green skirt. Our school colors aren't purple or green. Our colors are navy and khaki. And that's what the teachers should be wearing. Navy and Khaki. Show some school spirit, educators!

  • Yes, school teachers should have to wear uniforms.

    Setting aside cultural and religious issues that can arise from "business casual" dress, it is very important to distinguish adults that belong on a school campus from those that don't. Having all faculty confirm to an outfit would make any other adults on the premise stand out like a sore thumb. For the safety of children in schools, it is a remarkably easy addition to current safety methods.

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  • If we are required to wear uniforms, so should the teachers!

    At my school, students(mainly females) are required to cover their shoulder, collar bone and shorts are to come no higher than 3 inches above the knee. However, everyday I see female teachers wearing tight skirts that shows almost ALL of their thigh, ALL their collar bone AND cleavage... They don't get in trouble but we do?!?! That is not fair.

  • It's only fair...

    If students have to wear uniform - teachers do too. Just because they teach us everyday doesn't mean that they can just not wear a uniform. They are on campus too. While students have to wear the uncomfortable uniforms with (sometimes) very strict rules teachers get away with doing the exact opposite. I mean, they don't have to wear the exact same uniform as the students do, but they should be wearing a full one for the teachers

  • Yes but look

    Okay, I'm a teacher and I have to wear a uniform, but my students don't have to. Fair! I think not. But I guess whatever I'm with it if kids are also required to wear one because this is an educational institution and we need to focus on our books instead of our looks.

  • Teachers should wear a different uniform.

    I believe teachers should wear a uniform but of a different type to that of the student. If a school uniform is blue, teachers might wear purple. Keep the same standard of dress just change the colour and design a little bit, that's all. If I have to wear a uniform teachers should too.

  • Teachers for uniforms!

    It isn't very fair that us students have to wear these irritating uniforms all the time and teachers get luxurious comfort! All uniform are is boring clothes if we have to wear them so should they! Teachers are always harping on about uniforms so we say give them the uniforms!

  • If students have to why not there teachers.

    The teachers are going to school just like student and they have to be there all day like student. If teachers do not have to have a dress code then students should not have one then . Use students should have the right to not h=wear or have a dress code if teachers do not have to. They all going to they same school to learn or to teach

  • Was it not teachers who ranted about school spirit?

    Seriously, why is this even an argument? It would be entirely hypocritical for teachers at uniformed schools not to be attired in uniforms themselves. It causes rebelliousness and severs the teacher-learner relationship due to unfair rules. This, of course, would be very different should the school not force uniforms on to students. In such a case, both student and teacher should be free to dress in any appropriate manner.

  • No. They should continue to dress in professional attire.

    There is no reason for school teachers to wear uniforms unless they are teaching at an academy of some sort, like a military academy. The use of uniforms will only give the impression of dominance of the students and that can only hurt the students ability to learn, and we can't have that.

  • No purpose

    Well I get the concept behind what's being said to my left, who that has a history of working for a school wouldn't be able to distinguish between faculty members and adults that aren't? I don't think uniforms for teachers would make schools any safer, nor do I see any other purpose to them.

  • I don't think teachers should wear uniforms.

    I think the teachers have a choice to choose the cloth they like. Because when the teachers were a student like us, they have to wear uniform, so now they already grow up, they can have a chance to choose their own cloth.
    There's another reason about why teacher don't need to wear uniform.If all the teachers wear the same uniform, when they were very angry about someone's homework or something, and looks very scary, you should have no reason to said,"Oh teacher, you look so pretty today! I like your shirt very much!" To make he/she feel a little bit happier.

  • They love to be professional.

    What if your teacher is wearing a school uniform, and a parent comes in and has no idea if that teacher is a student or not? They would be confused. Teachers want the professional attire, what if they have to go somewhere after the dismissal? They would not want to be the only one wearing a school uniform, they don't want to drive back home and change clothes.

  • Colour can make people feel happy

    Some colours like blue make students more comfortable.If teachers wear their usual dress it shows that the school was a colourful happy school,instead,when you walk in and you will see all student and teacher were wearing the same clothes.Also if the teachers wear uniform the student may get bored in classes because the whole classroom are full of orange in my case or other school colours

  • No, teachers have the right to express themselves.

    In my own personal opinion, I believe it would be unfair to the teacher to have to wear a uniform to work, while their students have freedom of dress. As long as the teachers or other workers follow the dress code and dress professionally, I think it would be okay to not have to wear uniforms.

  • No. Let them use their judgment.

    If teachers have the professional judgment to make educational decisions, then they should also have the judgment to decide what to wear. Education is not like a retail job where strangers need to be able to identify the worker quickly, and it is not a job where the uniform is necessary for safety or security.

  • Teachers should not wear uniforms

    A student is different from a teacher. Teachers are adults, grown-up people, have already been through school and maybe wore uniforms. Now they don't have too. But I DO think they should swear "spirit-clothing" every once in a while to embrace and take pride in their school! Yes please !

  • Of course not!

    Of course, they don't have to! It's unfair. Why do students to wear the clothes they want but teachers not ? It is just very silly. If you wear uniforms, that doesn't mean that the teachers have to, too. Teachers are adult and can wear what they want !! :)

  • Of course not

    It would just teach students to suppress their individuality. It would teach them that everybody should be the same, and that it is a "right" way to dress. It would also teach them extreme controversiality, and that is something i think we should avoid. This is because I think that it is a reason why society has evolved, and i think controversiality is like dwelling in the past.
    Teachers should of course not wear very short skirts or a blouse with a low cut. But honestly they are adults and should have the choice to wear what they want to wear. I am, however, also against the fact that studens have to wear uniforms, so i guess i am a bit liberal when it comes to a dress code at school.

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