Should school uniforms be public school dress code?

  • Yesssss! Uniforms are awesome!

    Uniforms in school will be amazing. I know because I'm in middle school and EVERYONE gets judged by what they wear. There will be less gangs in school and kids will start getting higher grades. Kids won't be as late for school because they don't know what to wear. There are other ways for kids to express themselves other that clothes.


    Yes, school uniforms should be public school dress codes. This would eliminate so many problems. Teenagers would no longer have to worry they were not wearing the most popular jeans. Parents would no longer have to shell out seventy five to a hundred dollars for one pair of jeans. And the children whose parents had to shop at a second hand store would not have to feel embarrassed every day. If no one had to worry about fashion, all that wasted time could then be put to good use and grades would probably go up considerably.

  • Yes, because it would cut down on the pressure to have the latest fashions, while allowing students to express their style in other ways.

    As a lover of fashion, I am all for one expressing their individuality. However, children do judge each other based on their clothing, and many children who are not able to afford the top trends go through school feeling inadequate. A simple, stylish uniform (such as a school shirt of some type) and guidelines for pants and shoes would cut down on the hype and worry of school being a "fashion show." There are plenty of other areas in which a student could express their individuality at school. I feel that uniforms would be an easier choice as well. With public school dress codes becoming more strict across the board, students are already limited on how they can express themselves through fashion. Finding clothing that meets dress code guidelines can be difficult for parents and children. Uniforms would be a better solution all around.

  • What the hell r u thinking!!!!!!!

    Uniforms should not be a part of school dress code! Uniforms should not be part of school dress code so that people don’t feel like they are being forced to do something they don’t want to do! People say that when there isn’t uniform, others get judged on what they wear. My response to that is if you wear what YOU want to wear/feel comfortable in you shouldn’t care what other people think! People shouldn’t be so self-conscious, other can judge whatever they want, I don’t care as long as I like what I’m wearing.

  • I think so

    Kids should have uniforms beacause it reduces bullying and it makes everyone look uniformed, sophicated and like the stundents go to a small prepatory school made of marble . Also parents would and will save money on clothes . So lets give uniforms a try we will not regret it .Come on guys

  • Uniforms are savior

    I am a high school student and I know first hand how it feels to get bullied on what I wear so uniforms would be a great addition to you're school so those kids don't get individualized and bullied because what they wear. Now I am not saying that we all need to wear sweater vests or anything but maybe just a t-shirt that says the school name and has school colors and a certain pair of pants. Just because they are uniforms doesn't mean they don't have to be fashionable

  • Yes school uniforms should be part of dress code.

    I think school uniforms should be part of all schools dress code, but they should not be required. Every child should have the option to where the uniform if they choose. If a child chooses not to but keeps breaking the dress code in any way then their punishment should be to always have to wear the uniform.

  • At least in elementary school.

    This is the way to go.. No problems picking clothes and kids should be wearing fun active wear at this age. This would elimate a lot of issues. I have had my child in schools with and without uniforms. So much easier for parents and children to get in the uniform routine

  • School uniforms are the great equalizer

    School uniforms would solve many of the problems that public schools face with regards to bullying especially in the case of teenage girls where "fashion" or wearing the "right" clothes seem to spark a lot of problems with girls being picked on for not wearing the right brand name clothes or the right shoes. School uniforms would be a great equalizer where the rich students, the middle income students or the poor students would all become equal because everyone would be wearing the same thing. If students want to wear what they want to wear then they can wear them on their own time and not during the hours where their sole purpose should be to be educated and become productive members of society..School time is not the time or place for a "fashion show" but a time to learn. Uniforms are widely used in countries like Japan, South Korea and England so it seems to me that this is one instance where we can take a good idea from somewhere else and apply it here. No one's constitutional rights are being violated by being told to wear a school uniform because they can wear whatever they want outside school hours. To me it not only saves parents money in a time when the financial circumstances may not be optimal but it would eliminate problems with provocative clothing with young women or clothing with offensive messages in young men. While it won't solve all problems in schools it would at least minimize a large number of the problems where clothing is a factor.

  • Yes of course!

    I believe uniforms should be public school dress code because children spend too much time worrying about their looks and not enough time on studying or preparing for school. There are kids that are depressed and suicidal due to bullying, and most of this bullying is based on looks, clothes, etc rather than actions. Uniforms would take care of all of that and makes students' lives easier.

  • No, no, NO!

    I am a student and if I get a uniform I'm going on strike, and I have an A average. I don't even wear the high-fashion clothing and few girls really do in my state so. NO, WE AREN'T GOING TO GET UNIFORMS. Like I said before, strike riots. I'm already a rebel about school dress code, so they do uniforms and they're going to have to deal with me and the others, because we won't wear uniforms.

  • Public schools are for individuality.

    When public students go to school they want to show their true colors. They should not have to wear a uniform to school, any student in a public school would not wear a uniform they would put something with it to show their individuality. Students in a public school would probably start a riot, or would want to transfer to a different school where you do not have to wear uniforms.

  • Public Schools Shouldn't Treat Kids Like Cattle

    Individualism, while being part of a team, is important to the development of children. Restricting their dress to school uniforms, in a public school setting, is far too limiting. Who pays for the uniforms? Parents can barely afford basic necessities without having to take care of school uniforms. Taxpayer-funded schools shouldn't require students to buy school uniforms.

  • No, public schools should not institute school uniforms as dress code

    I do not feel that public schools should make school uniforms part of their dress code because it strips children of a piece of their individualism. Public schools, which are funded by the government, should place their focus on improving the quality of education being provided to children, rather than attempting to dictate a uniform dress code.

  • Its public not private

    I understand that now a days kids are trying to fit ,and clothes play a huge role. But it public school ,we free ourselves from all the restrictions private schools have. And as a high school student myself ,I express my self with the clothes I chose to wear ,it helps me stand out .

  • What the hell r u thinking!!!!!!!

    Uniforms should not be a part of school dress code! Uniforms should not be part of school dress code so that people don’t feel like they are being forced to do something they don’t want to do! People say that when there isn’t uniform, others get judged on what they wear. My response to that is if you wear what YOU want to wear/feel comfortable in you shouldn’t care what other people think! People shouldn’t be so self-conscious, other can judge whatever they want, I don’t care as long as I like what I’m wearing.

  • Why should we?

    It's so stupid, why should we wear a uniform so we could learn. I mean it's public school, it's not mandatory to wear it, so really we should be allowed to wear what we want to an extent. My school started using it and I'm allowed to enter the school at all, like what the hell!

  • Not necessary especially in elementary schools

    I can understand all the reasons that uniforms may be beneficial in urban areas with high levels of crime. I don't think the arguments for uniforms are indisputable though. Most of the positive effects of uniforms are seen in high-schools or middle schools and I don't think hold water in elementary schools. For example, some of the previous comments have been about kids looking clean. In elementary school parents are dressing kids- they will look clean in uniforms or not. Another idea is that kids will not get teased in uniforms. I'm calling bull on that one. If it's not uniforms, it will be shoes, socks, backpacks, hair accessories, lunch boxes etc. When I went to high school in NY , it wasn't clothes it was shoes and backpacks. Kids were stealing Jansport backpacks. Another argument is that it is cheaper. I don't get it. Are parents not buying clothes for kids to wear outside of school? How is it cheaper. It is easier for parents in the morning but Couldn't parents just pick out clothes the night before or just give kids less options. What happens when these kids go to college and the real world. They are going to have to learn how to be part of a community, focus on academics and tasks and do this while being brave enough to express their own identity. Just as a disclaimer, I am not entirely apposed to uniforms. I have two children in a public school in SI , NY. They are required to wear uniforms. They are expensive and they are cheap quality. We can not afford to purchase them over and over again. My kids are looked at funny because their uniforms don't look as nice as everyone's else. It does not solve the problem.

  • No No NO

    Public schools are PUBLIC. Period. Everyone saying yes say the SAME THING, people can't learn without uniform, blah blah blah. But who is this aimed at? Women. The only reasons we have uniform is for two reasons: men can't keep it together & school's think it would seem more "professional." They might try to pass it off for the poorer, but that isn't the problem here. It's the sexual desires we aren't teaching men to control. Who cares if you can see the shape of a women's butt? Her bra strap? It's obvious in middle school they have gone through puberty, so why do school's need to hide it? Don't teach the women to hide their bodies and be ashamed for having bust, teach the men to keep it in their pants!

  • No no no!!!!!!!!!!!

    It's not right that the schools can keep us from wearing what we want. I think that we should be able to wear what we want like short shorts. I can understand where we shouldn't wear shorts that show our butt. Jeans at my school can't be ripped if they are you are sent to the office and call home. Your parents have to bring you a different pair of pants. Even thought we have that rule everyone still wears ripped jeans it doesn't matter what we are told we still do the opposite. Schools shouldn't have the right to take away our freedom of wearing our new clothes like our ripped jeans or shorts that are shorter than mid-thigh.

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