• Students really need to get time with their family

    Most students get extremely stressed out when a test or important assignment needs to be turned in on time. Also, they say that school is for learning purposes, but all they find important is the student's grades. When students have their grades it doesn't always reflect what they really know about the assignment. It doesn't reflect what they know because they are always stressed out from the assignment

  • Yes they should

    School years should be so much shorter because kids get so stressed by all the work, and they don't get to spend that much time with their families, fun fact the average human after graduating college has spent most their life in school. These are some reasons that school years should be shorter.

  • Can focus on our career dream

    If we want to be the best mma fighter or best singer or want to make an invention that can change the world we need less school year and more time to our own time for us to work on our future and dream and all we do is just learn the same thing over and over again ever year

  • Can focus on our career dream

    If we want to be the best mma fighter or best singer or want to make an invention that can change the world we need less school year and more time to our own time for us to work on our future and dream and all we do is just learn the same thing over and over again ever year

  • Kids are stressed

    Do you want to put pressure on your children? They’re just trying to learn. Parents can put so much pressure on their kids to get good grades. Now if your child is failing then that’s another story, but as long as they learn then your parenting is pretty much done.

  • School years should be shorter

    School years should be shorter because the length that the school years are now are stressing students out and all they are thinking about is when they are going to get out of school. The opposing argument states that schools around the world have longer school years so we should too, however we are not around the world we are america and we should not have a longer school year


    180 days are too much considering that a single day is about 8 hours long. Either shorten the year or shorten the god damn days. Per day a student is at school more than the time they spend with their own parents. Summer break is there to make up that time. If we spent more time with parents, honestly there would not be any summer break.

  • Yes they can

    The pressure for children in school is so bad that some kids drop out. Girl hon. High h. Hbvhygh is the time to get the app app crashes and won’t even let you play give me the iPad game crashes and goes to the game app app and crashes crashes all the game crashes crashes before.

  • School should be shorter

    Because I said and I am the boss if you do not think I am right then go home and get a live . Kids should get a job an be useful. Because I said and I am the boss if you do not think I am right then go home and get a live

  • Bad Grades Syndrome

    You always think you got it and then... BAM! You get hit with the sad but true report card that tells you that you did badly in your classes. And then other people start comparing their grades with other people and you're like "WHAT? I can't share this grade with other people. They'll laugh at me!" in your head.

  • School Years should be longer.

    School years should be longer to get that extra education in. If school years are shorter, teachers won't be able to teach you as much as they what to teach you. With longer school years you can be smarter. Even though most children don't like school, I think it is a great idea to have longer school years so there is a better chance for you to get in college.

  • The school year and school day should be expanded

    The united states is somewhere at number 25 in math and science. There should be more school to offset the education gap between the us and eastern Asian countries. Those countries have longer school years and school days. Yes there should be more school more school for the united states

  • School Years Should Be Longer

    It has been showed through international tests, that American schools fall somewhere in the middle, as far as education goes. Therefore, it would be nonsensical to shorten the school years in America, if anything they need to be extended while improving curriculum at the same time. While Americans seem to detest school and homework, compared to the rest of the world, we're just average.

  • The school year should be shorter

    Even with a long school year, students still don't seem to get enough education. By having longer days, you can squeeze in more essential subjects (Coding, Fine arts) and remember more of it. Longer school years only makes students stressful and not want to go to school. By shortening school years, students can look forward to summer AND the coming year.

  • School years should be shorter!

    What if the school year keeps getting longer and longer until it gets so long that there isn't even summer? We need a break from school and if we don't get one, we will be too exhausted to even go to school! Plus teachers will keep teaching and teaching and they won't even get paid without summer! It will be madness, we should be happy for how long the school year is right now, but school is great! This is just my opinion.

  • Yes it should because

    Its like a compromise because kids dont whant to go to school but its a law that you have to. Its shorter but you are still going to school. Plus it could cause kids to like shcool or mabey they could even be a little exited to go to their school

  • The School Year Needs To Be Longer.

    I am against shortening the school year. If we shortened the school year then we wouldn’t be able to projects or go on field trips like the beach field trip towards the end of the year. Teachers reteach most thing because we have such a long summer vacation. If we started school in early August and ended school in late June then our minds would remember more so teachers would reteach less so we could learn more for the next year. We also spend too much time on electronics and our minds will lose memory because of all the screen time. Teachers don’t get paid in the summer. They need money to live and survive like everyone else. Some teachers don’t have enough money for the long summer break and need the break to be shorter so they can get paid. With longer school years, then in the next year learn a more of what you're going to learn in the next grade to prepare you for college. Without school you wouldn't be able to get a job, earn money, raise a family or survive in the real world. School also has a computer education program. If you wanted to be a computer programmer then in school you can learn the basics so you can advance in college. If you wanted to play musical instruments as a job in the real world there is a music program. School teaches you the basics of life so when you get to college then you will be able to make it in life.

  • School should be longer

    Over the summer, you lose so much knowledge...What a waste !! Modernize to 2000's. We should get off on holidays and have breaks off like weeks at a time. 3 months is too long to be off. Sometimes I do nothing but sit around the house. I can see how some like summer vacation because you get time to go places, but its not always convenient..

  • The school year should be loooonger!!!

    Schools around the world have longer school years so it wont hurt if American schools have a longer school year too. Also some kids dont even have the chance to got to school and they would love to have an education. We should be glad we get to go to school.

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