• The Stress on Students

    As a GCSE Student, the amount of pressure for my upcoming exams is too high. My Teachers haven't even finished the topics that we are studying and we won't revise within a class at school. This is meaning that we have to revise all at home every night while doing extra homework therefore putting a lot of pressure on the students in my class. Students should be assessed on the class work we do in Class and not in an exam...

  • Waste of time, and anachronistic

    Exams and grades the two most dreaded words any students with any self respect dreads to hear. Why? Because they are waste of time, and anchoronistic in todays society. The main reason exams are waste of time is the fact that large majority of them are memory text only and any one with basic knowlege on how human mind works that memory's divided into long term memory and short time memory. Firstly when students studies for exams they usually ends up putting lot of information they intake in short period of time leading up to the exam on on the short memory, thus they will forget most if not all of it within minutes or hours after they have handed in the exam. As the brain with consider these infromation redundant. When a studient know he has to memorize large amount of information in short period of time, he will also be worried if he will remember all these information he has aquired during the exams, which can cause various form of mental blocks. Such as don't remember what was "learned" prior to the exam then remember soon as exam is over and has been handed in. Resulting in lower grade, or student not performng at all on the test and freak out causing serious distress and mental health effects. Because students will be more worried about the grade they get than what they actuall learn, thus not having any actual knowledge of the source material despite what the grade say. The student that score only minimal passing grade or even fail grade might somtimes even be the one that has much more knowledge on the source material on the whole than the person that scored the highest grade. As exam cannot and will not cover the entry course subject matter then you would need much longer exam than 60 min - 240 min depending on if you are in elementry school, high school or collage. Thus exam are not fit for the purpose of ranking students by knowledge or skills. Big final Exam should abolished.

  • Unfair Evaluation of Ability

    Exams do not properly represent a student's ability or knowledge in a subject, no matter whether their grade is good or bad. It's not a matter of just carrying on with the tired system of examination that we follow and will sadly probably follow for the next few years: it's about reforming the system to cater to every student of any ability.

    Take English Language in British schools. The student has 2 hours 15 minutes for the paper, to complete three 8 mark questions, two 16 mark questions and one 24 mark question. 15 minutes is necessary reading time, so we take this down to 2 hours. Students must stick to spending 12 minutes writing 1 & 1/2 pages of detailed, analytical writing in order to even get a 'C' grade and finish within the time limit for the first 3 questions. 12 minutes! In context, this is no time whatsoever. And if a student goes slightly over, the knock-on effect on their time limit increases stress and does not benefit the student.

    Politicians don't limit themselves to 12 minutes when writing their speeches, nor do the likes of businessmen & women, or teachers preparing lessons. So why do we put students in unrealistic time frames?

    Secondly, exams decide the student's knowledge on just 1 day out of the 730 - 1,095 days (2 - 3 years, usually) they spend studying that subject. If a student is feeling unwell, or significant life events have hampered their ability to perform at their best, then that will not be reflected in the student's grade which will follow them around for the rest of their life, with 'special consideration' barely making any difference to a grade. An A* student may mess up their exam and be labelled as a C student. Is that fair? Personally, I think not.

    The world needs people of all abilities to function. The mindset we have in today's society that if 'You don't go to University, you're not intelligent or worthwhile,' couldn't be further than the truth. How would the world work without bin men; without supermarket workers; without entrepreneurs? The exam system doesn't cater to them.

    Exams are a test of Memory, not Intelligence.

    If you can remember the ways in which a solo pianist uses techniques to improve a performance, then your exam life will be easy. But what's the point in knowing that if you cannot play or perform yourself? You're not examined on the day for that.

    In conclusion, exams do not provide a well-rounded evaluation of someone's ability. While they do test a student and give them a goal to work towards, the fact that the goal is minuscule in size and they only have one football to shoot at it with or their career is over, means that more people are judged on a piece of paper rather than their actual performance.

    We value grade letters over knowledge & we've brainwashed ourselves into justifying it. Is that not sad?

  • I hate exams.

    I think that exam should not be used to determine a student's future. The exam result doesn't mean whether the student is clever or not. I think the school should care more about the daily performance and see whether the students are really paying attention during class and did the homework seriously.

  • Exams are stupid

    Exams are just a waste of time and it gives stress to the students. They need to stay up til midnight just to study and they will have lack of sleep. Exams only test the memory and not the knowledge of the students. This is why exams should be abolished.

  • Just Creates Pressure

    Some people get very upset over exams, and it only tests you on your memory. If you have to write a story in your exam, you might not be able to write the specifically required story, and if you have a history exam, you might just be having a bad day. Exams only test you on one or two pieces of work, which is bad. They also limit the subjects you can choose. I therefore conclude that exams are bad and should not have been implicated in the first place.

  • Fun of exams

    Many people think that one who scores above 65-70% are intelligent,hardworking etc .But i have seen many real life examples where students are very comfortable without exams . And many of such students have their own business as well.The only thing i would like to abolish that there is no need of higher education (PG,PhD) for everyone,it should be abolish

  • They only asses us on our MEMORY!

    To make us remember so much in a short period of time for people of our age it isn't healthy at all. We should get our GCSE's on the understanding of our work. You cant put a time on education. They make us rush when if I was give the exact same paper but all the time I needed I think id do way better�� and the amount of pressure they put on us is too high when they haven't even finished the subjects we are studying😂 and we won't exactly revise in class leaving us to study all at home every night and we have homework that has nothing to do with it. We should be assessed on the work we do in the class room as that is a more fair assesment than being tested on how good our memory is!!

  • Money, money , money

    Schools who do better overall get more government funding meaning the already smart students have an advantage over the less achieving schools. This does not give the less achieving schools a chance to do better. This system ensures that the cycle continues for schools, this is unfair as this consequence of worse facilities and staffing Is far more damaging than a student receiving a 'D' grade!

  • Exams are unhealthy for students

    When students hear of upcoming exams, it usually means that when they go home that night they feel depressed and worried about how well they will do, and they often compare themselves to other students and worry about if they will do as well as their friends.
    When study begins, it often doesn't stop till midnight, thus leaving the student sleep deprived the next day, it also stops the student from taking in what they are studying.
    Exams stop a student from functioning properly, and often they are disappointed in their final grade, a reason that exams are bad for the health of students and should be abolished.

  • Exams should not be abolished!

    I could type all day about why exams are important and listing all the reasons. I could spend forever refuting and rebutting the arguments made by people who wish to abolish exams. But it would just be another comment. Those who agree with me here have stated all the reasons perfectly.

  • It's your children's education that's at stake here.

    Exams help assess a child's skills and progress, and to prepare children for the pressure of universities, and future life. I think students can be assessed in a variety of ways and that how they feel about exams can be adjusted by how teachers and parents present them or react to them.

    The purpose of a test is typically for teacher and student to determine what the student knows, understands, or is able to do, depending on the content and style of a test. Most tests could be considered status reports- what in education is called formative assessment. It isn't a finished picture but a guideline as to where the gaps are that need work.

    When it comes to standardized tests that bear little relation to what the classroom or school curriculum is, I would tell a kid just to see what he can do but not worry about it.

    I agree that some districts do way too much testing of a sort that is not measuring important things and that consumes way too much valuable time that could be used more educationally.

    Or put bluntly, do you care for your children's futures, or would you rather them working as supermarket checkout workers?

  • Exams serve a great purpose

    THEY develop the feeling of competition among the students. They increase the level of knowledge of the student. Without exams the student would feel himself as an independent student and work no hard for studies. They make the student able to compete for the next competitions. So I think so that the exams should never be abolished.

  • Hi, i am me

    VCE is a very important examination across various subjects that students from mainly years 11 to 12 must take part in. VCE exam results determine which university students will go to. For example, if a student does exceptionally well in an examination, they will be offered places at many different universities and can choose which one they would like to attend. A bad score in VCE can potentially doom someone’s life. So as you can see, school examinations are essential.

  • Exams are unhealthy for students

    When students hear of upcoming exams, it usually means that when they go home that night they feel depressed and worried about how well they will do, and they often compare themselves to other students and worry about if they will do as well as their friends.
    When study begins, it often doesn't stop till midnight, thus leaving the student sleep deprived the next day, it also stops the student from taking in what they are studying.
    Exams stop a student from functioning properly, and often they are disappointed in their final grade, a reason that exams are bad for the health of students and should be abolished.

  • Examinations never hurts anyone but brightens up individual's future!

    The ratio is 50:50 for students who are against and not against of abolishing school exams. Exam really doesn't harm anyone but opens up brighter pathway for students to walk on. Many state that exams should be abolished just because they are 'stressed' by studying. But seriously, no individual on Earth never gets stressed in their life-time. Even though studying is stressful and hard, people just have to accept the fact that what is hard and stressful right now will just end up helping you at the end. Unless you are born in a such a wealthy family and don't have to earn any money as you already have a 'future' given to you, you have to study very hard to achieve your goals and gain knowledge. So this is why I think exams should not be abolished.

  • Exams are Great

    . First of all, exams would motivate pupils to study. Statistics show that most parents would reward children if they get good grades in their exams. This reward would help them to do well and they will do well in future studies. Of course, pupils will build up stress, but that’s part of growing up. Exams would help pupils to control themselves and build up lots of confidence. It will test the pupil’s ability. To add to this, exams will help choose which school is a better choice for you if you are moving from primary school to secondary school. How do you know which one is for you?

  • Examinations motivate pupils to study

    Parents pressurize their children to study for the exams. If they get good grades, they may get a reward. This reward motivates children to study and therefore they will properly learn. Stress is another process of growing up. In the teenage years, they may kick objects, cut themselves, cry their hearts out, but after all this, they will learn to control themselves. Examinations are also a test of their ability. If you are ending elementary school and going to middle school, how do you know which school is a better choice for you? Different schools have different standards. How do you know which one is suitable for you?
    This system has been around for a long time. In ancient China, scholars took exams. They king chose his officials from the exam. That's why i believe that examinations should not be abolished

  • No abolishment of exams

    Exams are actually not the test of the brain. It is the test of knowledge that how much a child has gained knowledge. Students get scared of examination but if they have understood the concept of whatever chapter they are taught then why to get scared. So tests are just the other way to know how much a child has understood...

  • Public Exams should not be abolished........,

    An exam creates a sense of seriousness in the students which is very necessary to build a bright future.Students get a chance to compete with their companions, to know their position through this they not only develop a competitive spirit but also this strengthens their will power to be confident about their future.

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