• Too much stress!

    My school has proficiency grading, which states that homework gives no credit. It's just optional. That's ridiculous we should just get rid of homework! This overwhelming homework given to the us student causes anxiety and procrastination! We high school students don't news that were already busy with our lives. Homework is just a waste of time

  • What's the point of school with homework?

    Seriously, the average school day is around 7 hours, which make us very stressful. After that we should be able to unwind and relax but nope we need to do like 3 hours of homework, and by the time you are done, you probably have to go to bed. This can mess up student's heath and schedule, which would have a severe negative effect. What's the point of school anyway if we just take it home.

  • School should abolish homework

    I am a student and as well as i think that homework is beneficial for us and i agree that it helps us understand more about whatever were learning in school but homework is ruining the proces of my sleep. Health is a very important thing for a human being but with homework in the way I cannot go to sleep I stay up at least 3 hours or more studying and finishing my homework. This also causes stress for me and many other students! We go to school 6-7 hours a day and your telling me that i still have to do the same thing i was supposed to learn in school at home too? WOW!

  • No homework! Yeah!!

    Homework is a waste of time because not only can students get stressed doing it, but also the parents and teachers can get stressed too. When teachers give out homework the parents look forward to spending time with their kids, only to be disappointed when they find out they have homework. And after the kids hand in homework the teachers sometimes have to take their free time to look over and grade each and every student's homework!

  • I think schools should abolish homework

    I think schools abolish home work because i causes to much stress and this could lead to serious problems like health issues this could also lead to suicide and other problems in the future so i think homework should be abolished many people also argue this and have good reasons too.

  • Homework is Pointless

    There is absolutely no good reason to take away a child's time over busy work that will not improve their knowledge or capability to succeed in life. Spending time with friends and family should be the number one priority to a growing child who is learning how to behave. How would you react if your boss sent you home with 5 hours of work to do expecting it all to be perfect and be back to work at precisely 6:50 the next morning?

  • Homework ruins students sleep patterns and creates unnecessary stress

    We students do not get enough time to do much because of the amount of work we are given. In a home environment, it is very distracting as we cannot focus with other people around and our electronics can prevent us from doing our work 100% efficiently and on many occasions, students spend time when they should be sleeping doing their work. A school environment is more efficient at being a distraction free place as their is significantly less things which can do such that and the environment is a learning environment. Mental health can also be worsened by the present of homework as students can spend too much time worrying about it being not done. We need to abolish homework quickly to save the next generations.

  • Homework should definitely be abolished.

    School provides enough learning and engagement so we don't need to do school at home so this is is not convenient for all kids some kids don't have parents to help them and tutoring cost way to much money and can also be really long. Kids can learn mostly at school and homework causes alot of stress and doesn't allow kids to be kids and have fun in their younger lives because once they get older it wont be the same.

  • Homework, Oh, Homework

    Homework is one of many ways that school programs diminish genius in their students. The work is not even beneficial to students, who achieve less when they have homework. Read some of John Taylor Gatto's books if you don't believe me. I suggest you begin with "Dumbing Us Down." Thank you.

  • Read if you want the smart way out of the bullshit U.S.A school system without wasting your time.

    My personal experience with school was the worst because of home work. I loved learning as a kid until I was considered dumb for not getting good grades because of homework. I was not interested in learning about bullshit that I would never use in my personal life. If you have this same problem with the public school system I suggest you to enroll in a virtual school called connections academy. What this school allows you to do is to Google all the answers to the questions to the test and get a passing grade for all the classes that teach you bullshit. But pay attentions to the classes that teach you useful stuff you need in life. Good Luck!! :)

  • No more homework!!

    We kids are at school all day and then have to do homwork at home that is not fair. I think that if you abolish homework there would be less sick days and far more puplies at school. We kids do not want to like that teacher or homework makers and that they like it. Our brian is working to hard at school and we do not want on the news '' Breaking News A Whole Classroom Of Kids Brians Poped Out To Day Beacuse Of To Much School And Homework''. Trust me the teacher will not what to get the blam, and i would not like to see me lovily teacher behide barrs thank you. Kids brians are over loaded with what is done at school and if kids get to much stree they can die you can even go on kiwi kids news and see the two people died at chess game course of a lot of STRESS. I am telling you now no kid needs homework. Homework is posion and and kill you so do not give us homework teachers.


    We learn seven hours a day, five days a week. It's just too much for our little brains. 35 hours of learning a week and we still need to stay home and work on the same stuff we had already learned at school? Nah. What would happen if we didnt have homework? Let's see...

    We wouldn't be as tired each morning from staying up working on a math worksheet or something.
    We would be more prepared for tests because we would have more time to study instead of doing a sheet of homework
    AND kids wouldn't be as stressed and unhappy to return to school from a wonderful summer.

  • Homework is important

    Homework is very important for children in school, and today, children honestly probably need more homework. The amount of homework has been decreasing somewhat over the past few years, with people ignoring that young children especially benefit from repetition of ideas and practice in their study, in addition to the discipline.

  • Practice Makes Perfect

    Practice makes perfect. This is why you should do homework. You get to practice and master the skills you learned at school. This way, you know what to do on a test, and most likely remember the material longer. You can even remember it throughout your lifetime if you keep practicing it. Remember, Practice Makes Perfect!

  • Homework is vital

    As I have said before, homework is very important for the success of the student. Even though I am sure students would love nothing more then homework to fade off the earth, I do not think young people realize that homework is very helpful for them in the long run.

  • Schools should not abolish homework.

    Schools should not abolish homework because it is an important part of the education process. Teachers assign reading materials so that students can be prepared for discussion during the next class. Written assignment are necessary for teachers to evaluate students' progress and understanding. Homework serves an important purpose in schools.

  • Some homework is necessary

    Schooldays are as long as regular workdays, and not everyone brings their work home with them in the future, god knows they shouldn't. But a standard of discipline needs to be set, as well as the cultivation of mental abilities in growing minds. Some homework is unfortunately necessary, as long as it isn't too stressful.

  • No homework is needed in school

    A teacher stands there and teaches a group of 30 students new subject matter for 45 minutes. They may give out handouts that the students do well on in class but there is no way for sure to know if the student grasps the material unless they give them homework. This sees how much information the student left the class with.

  • I don’t think that schools should ever abolish homework under any circumstances.

    I don’t think that schools should ever abolish homework
    under any circumstances. Homework builds
    character and teaches responsibility.
    Homework teaches students to be self-starters. Homework teaches students that they are
    responsible for their own failure or success.
    Homework gives students a chance to get a deeper understanding of course
    subject matter while at home and free of distractions.

  • Schools Should Not Abolish Homework

    No, schools should not abolish homework as homework is a valuable tool to ensure that a student learns material that was taught at school. Too often, when a student goes home, they forget the material taught at school that day. Homework bridges the gap between home and school and reinforces material taught.

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