Should schools allow students to eat whatever they want?

  • Freedom and rights

    You should have freedom in life instead of getting cooped up with nothing but something you probably don't want. Imagine wanting something so so so bad but someone says you cant. Sucks right. Eating whatever you want doesn't mean its going to be unhealthy, infect, i am able to eat what i want and i am extremely healthy

  • You Should Eat What Is Good For You, And We Are The Ones Who Know What Is Good For You

    Schools need to increase the discipline in children. Nowadays, children are so easily influenced from the media they become so misbehaved and disrespectful. Schools need to drill students to become respectful and refined professionals, not lazy and violent gang members. There was a time where you could count on fresh recruits in the army to be like clockwork automatons that don't flinch on the field, but now years of discipline have to be trained into them, as they were not taught disciplined in school. The Western European culture and American culture is spreading to our youth, making them disrespectful towards elders, not listen to instructions, and fail classes more often.

    Teachers that want a brighter kids for our future, stand with me in solidarity!

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