• Schools should have libraries

    Too much time on screens decrease your knowledge and make you less likely to be able to concentrate. Books are a more reliable source to look at than websites. You can not edit a book but you can edit a website on the internet.
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  • Yes, some sites are not helpful for education.

    Yes, schools and libraries should block websites, because there are some websites that are not helpful for educational purposes. There have been times I have been at the library on a computer and had to deal with the person next to me looking at pornography because the sites were not blocked. This happened when I was 13 years old. Our libraries can be a better place for education if administrators exercise some discretion and block some websites.

  • 100 Times Yes

    Schools and libraries, in my opinion, have an obligation to block certain sites. Especially for a school, computer time in school shouldn't be for fun or leisure activities our children are supposed to be there to learn. They shouldn't be at school accessing Facebook or Twitter or even worse porn sites or something of that nature.

  • Yes, for the right reasons.

    Schools and libraries should block websites that contain material that could be illegal. They should also block material that could be objectionable to the standards of the community that the school or library is in-- this usually includes things like porn. Although this will prevent some people from accessing some sites it will probably create a better experience for everyone in the long run.

  • Yes.

    Since schools and libraries are public places, anyone could look at any website without being monitored. For example, someone over the age of 18 could be looking at a porn site, and a child could pass by and see these things which they are not authorized to view. Also, since schools and libraries are providing the computers, they have every right to block whatever they see fit.

  • Save it.

    Schools and libraries should block websites. Public places are not a place where someone should be using the computer to chat or do unsafe things. They are to be used as a resource and for education. These institutions have every right to block content they do not want people to access.

  • They should not

    Schools shouldn't block more websites. Students need to learn that not every bad thing later in life is going to be blocked, and the students should be more responsible. Also, some of the firewalls are biased like if the website talks about breast cancer or has a bad word and they don't follow the blocking criteria.

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  • Why Block Websites?

    I'm a student, but i don't understand why 99% of websites are blocked. I understand some people think its right. For some kids it is, but for others no. No adult has any reason to do this if we are good. Why not get rid of bad websites, or commercials on websites. Really they get us interested, and we will somehow get on that website. We are the future people of america, not dummies you can throw around. Give us our rights. We are people too. Think of how we feel, not you. You are doing what you think is right, but really your making it worse. Your just making us angry. Witch can lead to worse. Its the parents job to show us what websites not to go on, not yours. Your making it worse for us, not better. You are just showing us bad examples. How to get on blocked websites. Thanks.

  • Most Definitely Not

    Sure, it's right to block websites, but not all should be blocked(there was this game I played that had NOTHING wrong with it, but it was blocked, meanwhile, people are playing HAPPY WHEELS but not able to play this other game that was just a little bit educational). Yes porn and other websites of that sort should be blocked, but games that have nothing wrong with them, should not be blocked.

  • Only some sites.

    There are a few sites that i understand they should be blocked. But I've had about 4 occasions in the past 3 months that i had a video on YouTube related to, and not been able to show my teacher without her logging into her account to pass the sonic wall. In high school we are all young adults we aren't little kids or anything we are (in most cases) smart enough to not look up inappropriate things. Sure some sites should be blocked. Games sites should not be because when a game site is blocked. I find a brand new one right after.

  • No its not fair

    Kids should not be punished because some one didn t listen to the teacher or librarian and in school just because one person didnt listen doesnt mean everyone should be punished , because when u block one thing people will just find something else to do and then befor u know it everything will be blocked and no more computers

  • No schools and libaries have no rights to do this

    I do not believe schools and libaries have any rights to block websities of any kind at all it is not fair for people to do there work and get punished by not doing what they are told they could do because a kid did it with out asking permission

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