• Don't need them.

    I'm a High School teacher and they are nothing but a distraction. There is no compelling reason to keep them as there is a phone in every classroom if a student needs to contact a parent, it's what we did for years and it worked fine. The only reason the NO vote is higher is because all the kids with phones voted lol.

  • As a teacher I find them the biggest time wasting device ever

    Over the last 10 years they have caused more distraction and off task behavior than anything else I've ever encountered in the classroom, and also added to social mayhem through text bullying and arranged truancy. They also contribute to crime such as arranging drug deals and other illicit activities. Definitely no real place for them in classrooms.

  • Cell phones distract kids from school.

    Yes, schools should ban phones because kids sneak into the girls' locker room, can discreetly take nude photos of them, and the reason sneaking in is so easy is because boys can disguise themselves as a girl and can hid by the entrance and can take a quick photo and run. Another reason is kids can send these photos to friends and they can send those to other friends and they can post them on Facebook. Social Network during class is a huge distraction, kids as above will post the nude pictures, and can disguise it by changing there name as one of the biggest troublemakers in the class and will get away with it. Nerds can get away with watching anime
    on phones is because the will hide the phone in their desk and watch their video.

  • Yes, absolutely ban cell phones in school

    Cell phones are a constant distraction as is obvious to anyone who has been in a public place recently. People obsessively check their cell phones as if any minute they expect to receive an important call. Children and teenagers are very interested in their social lives, and are not immune to this obsession. Even if the phone is in their lockers during class time they would probably be distracted by wondering if they have any calls and not being able to wait to check for them. One of the major problems in teaching is the problem of keeping your students' concentration from wandering, and if a cell phone is anywhere nearby they will probably be thinking about that often. It's an unnecessary distraction.

  • Cell Phones Are Distractions in School

    Yes, schools should ban cell phones. Cell phones have no place in the classroom. Students should be allowed to have cell phones as long as they are kept in their lockers and used at lunch times only. Cell phones are distractions that take a student’s mind away from what is being taught. Even if a cell phone is in a pocket and muted, the vibration of an incoming call or message is still a distraction for the student. Students have a hard enough time keeping their minds on their school work – they don’t need the added distraction of a cell phone.

  • Cell phones do not help kids concentrate

    Cell phones are a huge distraction in school. First of all, there is the problem with ringing cell phones during class. When the classroom is silent, and a cell phone rings, there will be a huge distraction not only to the kids but to the teacher as well, because of the sudden noise. Then, students can access the internet over their phone and play games instead of doing their work, like they're supposed to. They can watch videos while the teacher is talking and that is very, very, very disrespectful. They can cheat on tests by using search websites to cheat by plagiarizing others' work. Also, there is another problem. Some people claim that music helps them concentrate. There was this person who was concentrating greatly, until she started playing music. Then instead of doing her work, she was actually listening to music.

  • Yes we should banned cell phnoes

    Because it can distract people in class, or students can get really addicted to it. Maybe it can actually start bullying. Like because kids teased each other by not having a cell phone. So parents have to listen to kids argument and have to get them a phone. Experts says that " The best way to get a kids future is to give him/her a cell phone"

  • We don't need them

    I honestly think us students can live with out social media and cell phones. People in the past never had social media and let alone a cell phone. So if they didn't need it why should we? Sure if there is an emergency someone would need one, but in my opinion, cell phones should be made for 2 purposes: Calling and texting and not social media.

  • If parents have an emergency they can just contact the school.

    If my parents needed to take me out of school, they just called the front office. Schools that have banned cellphones have seen a significant increase in performance. More and more schools are realizing this. The teenagers can cry and whine all they want. At the end of the day, 90% of them do not buy the phone or pay for the service. If i find out my kid is on his phone in class, he would get a flip phone with no texting plan. Just wait till they grow up and realize how much of a pain in the arse their kid is being in school because of their phone.

  • Phones don't belong in the classroom

    Yes, I agree that cell phones are a big help to the parents and the kids for emergencies. But, there is a difference i between 'after school' and 'in the classroom'. Cell phones are super distracting. I myself do not have one, so I have the point of view of someone who wants to ban them. A lot of redoing is needed of work previously done.

  • Well no I think schools should not ban sell phones

    It can help us learn like for an ex:
    Emergency,research,grades,reminders,aid learning process, and dictionary so that's why I think it's dumb not to have sell phones I get that it could cause cheating , cyber bullying , distractions , and off task I get it ok but for once listen to us kids 🤗

  • I think no !

    The kids might have to research on something while the school might have no computer at all and their teachers asked them to finish it in maybe for a half and hour . If your child doesn't know what to do and maybe your teacher then complains to their parents . So my suggestion is to let all people know that school should not ban CELLPHONES

  • Absolutely not!

    School definitely should not ban cell phones. A student having a cell phone provides peace and comfort to both the student, and the parents. It's important for students to have them in case of emergencies; especially when a student is walking to school and home from school. It also helps in case of school emergencies.

  • I say no

    To check what subject you have, emergency, grades, how are we meant to know what class we have or what subject we have. I get that they are distracting but its the students fault why punish every one when its just people that don't care about work for once listen and don't punish everyone.

  • Students sometimes NEED their phones!

    Most of you are saying that we can use the school's phones, but I don't think that's true. I know that I've switched school's a lot before so there is always a new phone number, and I know that sometimes my mom doesn't answer calls from people she doesn't know. That means if there is an emergency at my school, there is a possibility that my mom might not get the memo. Having my phone with me assures that I can text her myself. No confusion. No miscommunication. I also know that I'm involved in a lot of extracurricular activities that take place after school. If I forget, I can text my mom or dad and let them know, "Hey I need picked up from school at so and so time." I think that there are many benefits that we are forgetting about when it comes to this debate matter.

  • Don't ban them!

    It gives students ways to communicate with their parents in emergencies and can help them with education e.g. if the school has limited technology or they need to take a photo of their homework. Also, phones can be used to listen to music which, if the teacher gives permission, is very good to concentrate with if the student wants it.

  • Should not be banned.

    I think 'banning' is a bit too extreme. Students should feel free to have their phones, but what these institutions can do is set a rule that we cannot play our phone during class or tutorial time. Phones can be beneficial and good for doing research or searching important information, -also it helps students do things more efficiently.
    For example in my college the teachers and staffs do not care when some students use their phones during class, because they are teaching us to be independent not to be kids anymore, we are taught to be old and mature enough to have self-control and discipline. This is a good example of why cellphones do not necessarily have to be banned.

  • I say no

    Some kids need to text or contact parents for something important things like health and if they need to come get them. Some teachers feel more comfortable contacting their children on their own phone instead of the school phone. Thats what I think, I hope that you agree thank you for reading.

  • I think no!

    If there is an emergency that a parent needs to contact a student asap then they should be able to have their phone in case something happens. There are also many other reasons that students should be able to have their phones in school. Schools shouldn't ban cell phones! !

  • I think no!

    If there is an emergency that a parent needs to contact a student asap then they should be able to have their phone in case something happens. There are also many other reasons that students should be able to have their phones in school. Schools shouldn't ban cell phones! !

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