Should schools ban "I (heart) Boobies" bracelets?

  • Um no that's weird.

    Yes we should have freedom, but that is just weird. What's next? A trend of light up boob necklaces (don't answer that because they already exist).Though all they really are is fat. Yes it is an OK word, but really is just weird ashe it can distract the class completely.

  • Support the cause

    Its not profane or lude in any way. Im glad kids are involved and showing support for something that was never discussed when i was in school. Would this even be an issue if the bracelets were for cancer? Aids?? Keep it up next gen and dont hide what u support or what u believe in!!

  • Schools need to defend free speech

    Banning offensive statements in schools is only teaching children that freedom of speech is not worthy and something we must respect and uphold. We need to teach the kids the values this country was built on, namely freedom of speech. Stifiling it in their school lives only leads to people disrespecting it in our culture.

  • I don't think the bracelets should be banned.

    I don't really see anything offensive personally with these bracelets. "Boobies" is a pretty tame term in this day and age. Although it's some what odd that children are wearing them, the proceeds from purchasing the bracelets go to breast cancer research. It's good to see children getting involved in philanthropy.

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