Should schools ban using the words boys and girls?

Asked by: jjohnmusic11
  • What is this irrationality?

    We were were all born either a boy or girl, why is it a big deal to be called what you are. When ya'll were young you all had parents calling you: my little boy/girl. What else are you going to call the two opposite genders? North pole and south poles? I don't think so.

  • Ummm.... Wait what?

    Ban the words "boys" and "girls"? I'm all for supporting whatever gender you believe you are, but banning two words that identify one's sex is just plain ridiculous. It in no way affects others negatively. The only way it would is if someone was bullying another, calling them a "boy" or "girl" when they are not. But that's bullying that should be banned. Not words.

  • What the Hell?

    By banning these words you are not allowing people to claim they are a "girl" or "boy". What in the world am I supposed to call my friends who claim to be "boy" or "girl"? This is absolutely ridiculous & I am laughing out loud at this question. I do not understand this one bit.

  • No Negative Effects Proven

    I do not see any reasons why. There are no negative effects that are totally exclusive to the opposing side. It is beneficial NOT to ban it for the sole reason that the school has its own rules and regulations to follow, which makes the use of such words not harmful to its students. It would not undermine the sole purpose of the school since it is a place of learning, after all, and using such words MIGHT even be helpful to its pupils/students.

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  • Why should they?

    Whilst there are children in the school system who are transgender and worry about being misgendered, they are the minority in a schools. Most people don't suffer from gender dysphoria and do identify with the gender that they were born with, so they wouldn't mind being called boys or girls. What there should be is open communication between students who are transgender and teachers, and they shouldn't be afraid to correct teachers if they are misgendered at school.

  • Spare me the politically correct drama.

    There are two genders, male and female, and they are determined by physical traits at birth. They are not determined by how you feel. To suggest that the terms "boys" and "girls" are offensive is completely ludicrous. As people, we need to learn and understand that there are boys and there are girls, nothing more and nothing less. We also need to understand that we are one of those two as individuals and that that was decided at birth and can't be changed. To insinuate that the names of the two genders are the cause of emotional struggles is ridiculous. If we refuse to accept the fact that there are differences between boys and girls, we are going to cause real emotional struggles later on for them and it will contribute to the degrading of our society.

  • If the school was to stop using words girls and boys It would led to many confused children.

    If a child is not called a boy or girl then they are going to get confused and not be able about what they want to be naturally. If fine with a child wanted to not be called a boy or a girl as long as they figure out it by their own terms.

  • Not At All

    "Boy" and "girl" are simple common pieces of English vocabulary. It is not at all offensive and it teaches them what they are and aren't. It's not offensive to point out that X is boy and Y is girl. There is an evident difference between boys and girls and as long it's not discriminatory I don't see why it's bad to point that difference out.

  • This shouldn't be a question.

    What is the point of banning the two words that distinguish the gender of children. I think it is senseless too, and will not be the cause of "emotional problems or racial discrimination." Unless of course your a feminist, and you believe in the 52 different types of genders.(haha) Overall I think prohibiting the use of the word "boys" and "girls" from schools is very erroneous.

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jden092 says2017-11-10T06:11:02.927
WTF? Is this seriously a topic?
Cartoonmorpherguy says2017-11-19T21:56:16.767
This is messed up on so many levels. As a transman I know for a fact that Girls and boys are not something that should be erased. People clearly can't be right in the head to even think such an act? What's next ban the word Black? Mexican? White? Asian? Let's just call us people there's no such thing as race. Just like there's no such thing as mother or father? That's outdated? This is insane!
CelciusFarenheight says2018-07-19T16:43:42.137
How would banning the biological terms of "boy" and "girl" help anyone?