• I don't want to take away poeple's rights or anything..

    But i do feel that it isn't really appropriate to wear yoga pants at school. I'm a 17 year old girl and it makes me really uncomfortable when i see way older and often married men ogling 13 year old girls because they're wearing super tight pants. And it's not like banning yoga pants would be either a huge problem or taking away "women's rights" or anything- there are hundreds of options other than yoga pants to wear and also it would be really weird if guys wore them, so no sexism here :)

  • If fapping isn't allowed in school, then yoga pants shouldn't be allowed either

    Yes, because it also against school policy to fap while in the classroom. And let's face it, I'm just not going to fap if some girl is wearing tight yoga pants. I mean come on, I'm fapping right now as I'm typing this. I mean come on, you can see her entire ass wearing that. I mean, is there anything that she isn't revealing when not wearing yoga pants. How can you not fap to that?

  • I hate to be a buzz kill, but...

    1. It is distracting in an environment that should be dedicated completely to the academic task at hand.
    2. Supports the ranking of somebody by there body shape and size.
    3. Some of the teachers seem to be eyeballing the girls that wear them no explaining hear.
    4. Awkward boners in jeans.

  • A no, not suitable.

    I'm not saying wearing yoga pants is a bad thing, rather it's not appropriate to be worn in public. If you're saying girls who wear these clothing could express themselves and so forth, I think it makes them vulnerable to the eyes around them. Other individual can't take people who wear such tight fitting clothes seriously. I mean, are they serious in studying or showing off parts of their body to everyone? Wearing decent clothes is one of the factors people would be interested to associate with you (for you) and not wholly on your physical appearance. It's comfortable, yes but there are heaps of other trousers and outfits out there in the market that promote better quality and fashion.

  • Should not be banned

    Yoga pants are a comfortable and lazy style choice
    There's nothing wrong with that
    You say that boys may get distracted, but they were already
    Distracted before if they looked at what you were wearing
    Banning yoga pants, and targeting girls.
    It's saying you're provoking these young men and that's why they stare at you, so rape culture basically.
    Banning yoga pants would be a complete waste of time and effort.
    I say girls can wear whatever they feel comfortable in.

  • Anyone can wear anything

    If students are comfortable wearing yoga pants at school, then why not. Every individual is after all entitled to their own opinion and what's best for them. I disagree with people that say it might be distracting( those people being distracted are already distracted considering the they have the time to see what others are wearing).

  • I agree with the person above.

    Do you really want to smack god in the face? I mean really? If a girl has a big butt and she wears yoga pants that's basically saying look at my butt, look at how big and juicy it is.
    I'm ok with that, are you ok with that?
    It's only when they complain that you've been starring at there butt is when problems escalate.
    Wearing yoga pants is a two way street
    Much like drifting in Pacific Rim.

  • They should not

    They allow girls to express them self and it is very difficult fo girls not to follow fassion trends. Not only are the comfortable, but they are warm and as long as there not see through, they should be allowed and Im sure if the student is smart enough to move on to collage and apply for a job, they most likely know yoga pants are not gonna fly.

  • Booty in mah face

    Come on man, how could you ban yoga pants at schools? Thats the equivalent of smacking god in the face by preventing people from admiring his fantastic creations, of big booties. Do you really wanna slap god in the face for doing something great? I dont think so.


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