• Yes I do

    Being that I recently graduated from a high school, I believe they should. Although most kids say that they wouldn't or shouldn't care, there are MANY underground things that happen in school. Being from where I graduated, I saw a lot of bad things slip from one hand to the other, including blunts, whiskey, meth, and much more. I saw that searches will help bring down the illegal drug use and alcohol used in schools

  • No ! Hell No !

    Thats invasion of the students privacy ! If anything they can be allowed to search the lockers because the lockers are school property but the bags are not. Maybe it would be okay to at least get a metal detector to lower the chances of a school shooting or a hostage situation..

  • No, its unlawful

    I do believe that schools should be able to search students but with a good reason.The fourth amendment protects us from any unreasonable search and seizures. Schools just can't search everyone's bag for no reason. If there would be a probable cause to search students. I think they would at least need some approval form a higher authority before any search happens.

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