• I think if they are nude photos, yes.

    We live in a digital world in which students can find all kinds of inappropriate material online. I think that it is inappropriate for teachers to post explicit photos of themselves. Sure, they do have that right, and everyone likes to have fun, but I think that a teacher should also be a role model for kids.

  • Schools should be allowed to fire teachers who take sexy photos

    Schools should be allowed to fire teachers who take sexy photos. Teachers set an example for the children they are charged with teaching. Taking and sharing sexy photos is not a behaviour teachers should promote to young children. Teachers have the obligation to be moral role models to the children they teach.

  • A person`s job is not your life

    Everyone has their own personal lives outside of their jobs. I think it is petty and ridiculous to fire a teacher for what she does outside of her job if it does not directly effect her work. Especially if it is an old photo that was taken before the teacher even got the job. That is a very judgemental thing to do. As long as the teacher isn't posed naked with children in the photo how does a teacher taking sexy photos have anything to do with their knowledge and work ethic. Nothing at all. In conclusion....Mind your own business.

  • No They Shouldn't

    They have every right to do what ever they want to outside of work and if you don't want you're kids looking at them then it's you're job to make sure that they don't have access to them. And a teacher isn't reasonable for being a damn role model for you're kids. That's you're job!

  • No, schools should not be allowed to fire teachers who take sexy photos.

    No, teachers should not be allowed to fire teachers who take sexy photos as long as the photos are not intended to be shared and distributed with the teacher's students. Teachers are regular human beings and their private lives shouldn't affect their jobs if the photos are not meant to be shared and seen by students.

  • Personal life is personal

    A teacher's personal life is there own. I cannot comprehend why a teacher would continue to work at a school if he or she had leaked photos, but to fire someone over what they do in their personal time with no ill effect on their work is a bit tyrannical.

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