Should Schools Be Allowed to Use Corporal Punishment?

  • Minimally may work

    With consent of the parent(s), staff should be allowed to apply minimal corporal punishment. I see nothing wrong with it if the offense is bad enough and the child's guardian(s) are okay with it. Verbal reprimanding only works to a certain extent, as a child quickly becomes desensitized to it (lol I would know).

  • It is better than the alternative

    Since corporal punishment has been removed from school expulsions and suspensions have multiplied to a ridiculous level. In the long term kicking kids out of school will have a much worse long term affect on them than giving them a simple smack. While I don't feel corporal punishment is a good way to deal with kids,t here are a lack of positive, working alternatives.

  • No, no one should ever be allowed to use corporal punishment due to its inhumane nature and failure to work.

    While adults are protected from cruel and unusual punishment, children remain at risk in many states due to corporal punishment. The American Academy of Pediatrics advise against spanking because it does not enforce positive behavior and often has negative outcomes for the child, such as an increase in violent behavior. Many developed countries have banned the practice in schools as well as homes.

  • Absolutely not or EVER!

    This is not the schools liking that they could do whatever they want and child abuse kids. They are not there kids and they don't own them. That is cruelty. Would you like people hitting you or anybody in your family that way? Then don't do it if you don't like. You shouldn't do it all. This is absolutely horrifying and mean to the extreme level of head bursting.

  • Absolutely no way!

    If school officials were to use this, they could get to feel like they have a lot more authority. This could lead to students coming home with bruises and marks. How would you feel if your 5 year old son/daughter came home with marks on his/her body. How would you feel seeing your little kid like that. It is child abuse

  • Never means never

    What corporal punishment promote is intention like negativity,anger,hate etc.As a human we should not forget the will of god we need to spread love peace ,harmony instead of creating violence and punishment.Punishment. Corporal punishment mean fail to understand student only need is to change nature of teaching students.Banned corporal punishment

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