Should schools be giving their students better lunches?

  • Yes, Students Would Perform Better in School With Better Lunches.

    Evidence exists that improving a student's diet will improve their performance in school. Having a healthy meal for lunch will keep the students more alert and ready to perform school tasks. In addition, giving a kid a better lunch will improve his or her attitude and make them happier, also helping them in school.

  • Should students get better lunches?

    At my school we get fed noodles and sometimes they are raw in the middle. When I get hungry I can't focus. I do bad in class when I do not eat. I think kids should be fed sandwiches with turkey, and a side of salad and fruit. I also know that my friends don't focus at all when they are hungry.

  • School lunches should be better.

    The schools want the children to be focused but if they do not eat a good meal they are not going to stay focused. Schools may not be responsible for the children being hungry but they go and support the no kid hungry charity. The more focused the children are the more they are going to succeed.

  • Yes schools should provide better lunches for students

    While schools are a place for education they also should be responsible for caring for their students. This means not only educating, but also properly feeding them. At my school, lunches consist of unbalanced meals lacking nutrients students need in order to learn. Some include plain pizza, burgers and French fries. While schools should not fully rid of these items it is important that they add foods that contain more nutrients and vitamins in order to stimulate the brain to properly function and learn. Unfortuneatley, many students do not have enough food to eat at home due to poverty and harsh economy. These children come to school in need of a balanced, healthy, but also delicious and filling meal. It is the school's duty to provide students with this.

  • Schools should be giving their students better lunches.

    Schools should give their students better lunches so that our children can be well nourished. It's important for students to have high quality food so that they can grow up to be healthy adults. It's not difficult to make foods that can be healthy and delicious. More attention should be paid to the quality of life of our students.

  • School lunch is nasty

    I think that only fat kids should eat healthy if they choose its our body we can do what we want cant we? School lunches are nasty i dont like all whole wheat stuff and neither do all my friends even our school pizza is kinda nasty some days i dont even eat

  • Yes they need better lunches please

    You know that 1% of students eat the lunch they give us because the rest don't want old food made somewhere else and just cooked up again, they want fresh food that is made in their school kitchen. Otherwise everyone just gets the food and throws it out which is a waste of money. I suggest that we need better lunch.

  • Yes, students should have better lunches to keep them energized.

    If kids eat a fatty, unhealthy lunch, they will feel yucky, unenergized, and tired. They won't want to continue throughout the day and will not work to the best of their abilities. They will be tired and will not want to do work, resulting in bad grades in the future.

  • Yes they should

    It's a responsibility of schools to provide proper nutrition to students, despite it rarely happening. Back when I was in high school I could throw $5 at the register and get a heaping plate of french fries with nothing else and nobody had a problem with that, that's not the kind of practice that should be allowed.

  • Should schools be responsible for feeding kids?

    I don't think so, the schools could be poising our kids. There lunch are not stable enough for children. I understand that some children cant afford there own lunches. Parents need to start feeding there kids or have them make a lunch for school. School are suppose to be for learning, not for eating...

  • Schools should not be responsible for feeding children.

    School is there for education. Parents should have the responsibility of feeding children. Where I live there are no school lunches. Parents send kids to school with sandwiches, pieces of fruit, little salads and so on. The school already has so much it is responsible for, feeding the kids as well is too much.

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We should pick our school lunches people