• Absolutely should be.

    The downfall of America is hands down non white minorities. Yes this country was built on immigrants but ray isn't the case anymore America is an established white country and it sickening to see integrated schools and our youth being brought up to be integrated and be just like those minorities.

  • Yes ... It doesn't matter the time period, the different interactions with different races is to big of an influence

    Idc what you have to say, once i went to private school and then public school eyes were opened and i realized that we can not work with the scum in this world. They have to much interaction with each other and things get worse. We need segregation back .

  • Yes it's biological

    A sad fact is that races are different. East Asians are have the highest IQ's followed by whites and at the bottom of the list are blacks. European nations scored higher than all African nations. White students before Intergration scored even higher than most European nations. Intergration has brought down our world ranking and we are losing our credibility as a Superpower.

  • Racial diversity is bad

    The only studies i know of that have looked at this has looked at diversity in the workplace and the result has been that it makes the work enviroment worse. It might sound nice and good to mash people together but it isn't fair to the students to harm them just because we want to pretend to be "tolerant".

  • Too many niggers

    Theyre loud and irritating and distract people from learning. They dont care about nothing but "gettin stacks" and "bangin snow bunnies". Make the niggers go to a seperate school so the master race can finally learn in peace. These jiggaboos should never have been allowed into our schools in the first place honestly.

  • Yes I agree with it

    I live in a highly populated black area if the US. Culturally whites and black GENERALLY do not mix. The way they 're raised and the way whites are raised are generally different. Blacks don't like the whites and the whites don't like the blacks because the general experience is unpleasant for both sides. Black violent crime is high and scary. I don't want to be in fear like I am around the black community here. I have witnessed a black man breaking into my car in the middle of the day, witnessed two blacks in an altercation then proceeded to shoot at each other in open public, and witnessed a black man brutally beat his black girlfriend. In all my years living in the northwest and other predominantly white places I have never witnessed such terrible things in a community. It's not that they're black that makes them dysfunctional but it's that their black Americans with no father and a stressed out single mother who has entitlement issues. Their culture generally is sad and depressing and void of any intellect or contribution to healthy images or role models for their fatherless children to look up to. I was raised different and refuse to live around it. I hope they can overcome all the obstacles they face but maybe if they don't have whites to blame for everything they can actually use self reflection and address the problems in their culture and fix it themselves within their community. Obviously no one else can help them but themselces.

  • Whites are Targeted

    As of February, 2015 has been declared "fight a white year". Blacks are targeting white students and physically assaulting them. Black students will often disrupt class to spurt racial slurs to any whites in the class, and attack them in the hallway after class. With no penalties or repercussions whatsoever.

  • Separation does not mean inequality.

    Studies continually show that children learn differently. Integration of schools forces the students to learn as others learn even if it is not in the child's best interest. Schools with predominant populations of one race or ethnicity could conform to teaching to the childrens needs except the teacher will also have a teaching style based upon their culture. I am not say that we digress into the darkness this country found itself in during the early 1800 hundreds. However this is not about policy this is about education an a students right to learn in a manner condusive to the students learning style.

  • Segregate the schools before things get worse

    Right now I've seen how much white kids get verbally and physically abused in public schools by blacks. Blacks just started recently started coming to this school I used to attended before I graduated the black kids would segregate them selves from the whites, they hated white kids just for being white . They are the reason this school has gotten worse they sell drugs they cause violence and they are still being treated like everything is ok it's not ok it's not like they want to be with the white kids anyways it's best to segregate before things get worse

  • I believe so

    I grew up in a mostly white upscale school district. A lot of bleeding hart liberals insisted upon the "A Better Chance" program. (I graduated high school in 2003) The program started in 2000. The people they bussed in brought with them drugs and had a terrible attitude about learning. They were incredibly racist and on several occasions the male's were arrested for rape (It happened in school) One girl didn't survive her brutal attack. I used the think segregation was terrible, then I grew up and experienced the world for what it is, it's better if we all just have our own space and stay away from each other.

  • no segregation in schools!

    Are we digressing? If we segregate our schools, we are saying it is fine to say black and white should be separate again. Treated differently. It is teaching the children that one race is better than the other, and that is flat out wrong. We have come so far and there is no need to segregate again!

  • No, why would we do that?

    There is no longer a sense that we live in a segregated society, so why would we want our children to be segregated in schools? When children are young they are far more willing to accept other kids that are different races. It is best they learn how to associate with other races early so that they can adapt to getting along with them in the workplace.

  • Not at all.

    I really am quite shocked that this is actually being asked as a legitimate question. We do not live in the 1950s anymore, my friends. There is no reason at all as to why we should keep people of different races in different schools. It is not right to do so.

  • This isn't the 1950s.

    Why would be ever segregated public schools in this day and age? I do not see any benefit in turning the clock back to the 1950s and forcing kids to be segregated. One of the advantages to public schools, I believe, is the exposure of different kids. Kids interact will all kinds of other people that they may not have interacted with otherwise. It builds character.

  • Schools should not be segregated because its not fair.

    Its not fair because black people wouldn't get a good education because in the colored schools they didn't really even have a good education . But the white schools had very good education. So I think every race who wants to go to school should go to school. Its a free country anyways. Freedom of speech,race and religion. And everyone should get a good education. That is why I say no to
    segregated schools.

  • Schools should not be segregated because its not fair.

    Its not fair because black people wouldn't get a good education because in the colored schools they didn't really even have a good education . But the white schools had very good education. So I think every race who wants to go to school should go to school. Its a free country anyways. Freedom of speech,race and religion. And everyone should get a good education. That is why I say no to
    segregated schools.

  • It is not needed

    Being separated by our races is not right. Being with people of other races is good for you. You learn more languages,and knowing more languages give you higher paying jobs. So not only do we get more things to learn but we are more communicative. Races should not be separated.

  • How could you guys?!

    It is such a shame that you guys say that. I am a 12 year old girl, with a black father and white mother. Every night I have nightmares that my father will be killed because of his race. And with things in the news today, it seems that is more likely that it is to happen. There is absolutely nothing wrong with black people. They are just another color than we are. As if they already grew up to have to go to another school, away from their white friends. This is America guys! What matters is that we stand as a united front.

  • Segregation is unneeded.

    The world can't always be only one race, the diversity is needed in the world. America can't be a predominantly white or black or any other race country. The world isn't about one race and segregation. The world needs more than one race in the world, it's pure ignorance to be racist. You can't always judge a book by it's color. Just because someones skin color is different, you can't think that you're better than them. The world is slowly dying and we're not helping at all, society and terrible now and we aren't doing ANYTHING about it . We just make it worse and worse day by day. Diversity is needed and you can't expect to walk into this world and see all the same skin colors. It's just unneeded period. But, this is America and everyone has their opinions and there is ignorance everywhere.

  • What Is that Teaching me as a young black girl?

    I am a young black girl, still in school. Middle school that is. My friend and her dad are having a debate about the topic, should schools be segregated. Going into this topic I thought it would be difficult finding good solid reasons that schools should be segregated. But as it turns out... People have a lot to say about blacks. For example, sickening, dumb, abusers, rapist, drug attics, lesser, monsters, unclean, and diseased. But what I love the most is how when people say this stuff they hide behind screens. Not that the Internet isn't a good way to get points and ideas across, but I've just heard little to none of people say this stuff in person. But of course they're out there... Just look to your left. I'm going to turn 13 in about 3 weeks. It can be argued that considering my age, I don't know all there is to know, and that's true. But as we establish that fact, that means that I'm still leaning... And you're going teach me I'm worthless? Wow. I live in red state, but lord help me, I've never seen this much flat our racism in my life. Segregation of schools teaches young people that a certain race is superior to others, just like exactly what all those comments to the left just taught me. The problem is some others might actually believe that. People came before me to stop the horrendous and disturbing concept of segregated schools, and for that I'm thankful.

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