• We need year round school so kids don't feel worked to death.

    Kids always come home exhausted and are always eager for the breaks. With such consistent school everyday kids fail to keep attentive. It is also a great way to organize the school year. If the length of school days is as long as a unit then the kids wouldn't get confused moving to the unit the next day.

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  • Ridiculous current set-up

    I am currently under a traditional calendar and the break is heavily weighted to the summer. While students need a break, they need to be more balanced. Mid-year 2 week winter break is not a sufficient amount of time and 2.5 month summer break is way too long to still be able to retain information for the coming fall. I feel as though people make immediate opinions when addressing the topic without even giving a balanced calendar a chance.

  • Schools Should Operate Year Round

    Yes, schools should operate year round. Too often during the summer break students forget much of what has been taught to them during the school year. Making schools operate year round would cause this not to happen as breaks would be much shorter, thus ensuring that students would not have such long times to forget the material.

  • Please read this

    Year round school would be much better in many, many ways. There are actually the same number of days off, 78 days not in including weekends. You could learn much better. Have you ever come back to school from summer vacation and had horrible grades? That will never happen again if we had a balanced calendar. Remember it still has the same amount of days off!

  • Retain Information & Breaks

    There should be year round schools because it gives children an opportunity to remember information they have lost. During breaks, kids can lose important concepts that they would need for the future and would have to waste time during school reviewing. Don't you think? The teachers wouldn't have to go through all of the tedious work to reteach the kids.
    Also, many have stated that kids need breaks during school and that year round schools don't give breaks. That is very incorrect. Year round schools do give short breaks in between for kids to rest and maybe study. Everyone says that kids need to have fun and not be stressed but don't you think like a week or two is enough? If the schools gave kids more breaks, they would lose more and more information every time.
    My reasons clearly try to say that year round schools give students an opportunity to retain information and that breaks don't need to be long.

  • Reduce summer information loss and summer trouble

    While some children are at summer camps, many of them are at home while their parents are still working. Many children wind up getting in trouble. Often times, a school year begins with the first quarter serving as review of the previous year, which is wasteful. Additionally, year round serves as a benefit of reducing burn out for students and teachers alike. Imagine if you went say nine weeks on, three weeks off. On top of that, there still would be holidays and half-days.

    I believe children would retain more information, teachers would have more free-time throughout the year and feel more relaxed and overall it would keep children engaged all year long.

  • Let kids enjoy their childhood

    Although there is no summer vacation in the workforce I think it is good for kids to get a break for awhile. It gives them a chance to just be kids for awhile and takes off the pressure to get good grades and perform well in extracurricular activities such as sports or clubs.

  • Year round schools does not help it is worst

    We need breaks we need to be able to enjoy life with our family and it will be hard for people to spend time with there members yrs does not help you it just feels like a punishment it will make us forget subjects due to learning everyday it's not fair for others who doesn't like year round schools

  • No, schools should not be year round

    As a kid there is just so much more in life than learning what adults have to teach you. Children need to experience at least some part of life on their own. I think when people talk of their childhood they seldom talk of the great school year when they learned how to multiply, they talk of what fun they had down at the stream catching frogs. Children's mental life ought not to be locked down in classrooms all year long, they should be given freedom to explore.

  • No.

    Schools should not be required to go to year round, even if they do provide breaks throughout the year. I believe if you never gave kids a long break from school, they would gradually get burned out and slowly decline in their performance as a result. It is good for kids to enjoy their time off and not have to worry about school all the time.

  • Summer breaks are good for students

    Not everything can be learned in school. Some things have to be learned by students on their own through life experiences. These experiences include summer camps, family vacations, summer jobs, or just exploring on their own. A year-round school schedule would deprive students of these youth experiences that are ultimately just as important as anything that can be taught in a school.

  • We don't get to spend most of our time with our family cause of school being year round

    Schools don't get off until a couple of hours after lunch so you spend less than 8 hours with your family you know your parents can teach you instead of school I wish knowledge was passed on by family instead of school teaching you how to do math music art science bv

  • Kids Need Breaks

    Too much school is bad. It is really exhaustive and bad to the brain if it goes on for too long. Fuck those people who believe that school needs to go on all year long. Having school go year-round is nothing but plain ol' torture to innocent young children these days.

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  • Leave our family summers alone.

    Our district has proposed a 45 on 15 off schedule, however school would still be offered during that 15 days to those to show up leaving taxpayers to foot the bill for transportation, breakfast, lunch, staff and the nonstop cost to heat or cool the building. This system will be taken advantage of by parents not wanting to pay for daycare and/or just dont care to have their kids at home with them

  • Young students do not have the endurance

    According to some of my research, these year round schools, do not have weekends. Many students will not have the energy to go through this hardship for 45 days. Especially young children. Students may even be given homework during those so called "breaks." Most student s are to young to be under stress; at their age, they are supposed to live their childhood happily and carefree.

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