Should schools block social networking sites: Should schools block student's access to social networking sites?

  • Communicate with others

    Some people might say that social networking is a distraction but nowadays kids don't watch the news so that is basically the only way they know about things not only that but school is very time consuming with homework and all not allowing them to social network at home, which means that they don't see their far away relatives very often.

  • The latest gossip is not a class topic

    I don't understand why a student "needs" (quoting several prior opinions) access to social media during classroom time. Teachers are battling enough other distractions their students face, they don't need another. Internet use (as controlled by the teacher) is definitely a valuable educational tool and should be encouraged.

    I am not opposed to students controlling their own mobile devices, but free wifi should be shut off during classroom time. It can be turned back on during lunch, before and after school, etc. That way, students who think they need to be texting, sending videos, watching programs, etc can all do so on their own (parent provided and paid for) data plans. This forces the conversations about appropriate Internet use to the parties that should be having it (the parents and their children) while maintaining communication access at reasonable times.

    As a parent who bans social media on the devices I own and are used by my children, I don't need the school district enabling social media on the school-issued devices. It inhibits my rights as a parent to raise my children as I see fit. Cyber bullying is very real and it is happening every day - I choose to limit the bullying exposure to those instances that occur in the hallway, not to those of some coward hiding behind the anonymity of a screenname, or the distance of the Internet. Sexual predators are getting younger and younger (by definition of law, boys asking female recipients to send nudes is illegal). Sexual harassment is becoming the new way to introduce oneself. Posting inappropriate images is becoming the new way to define oneself.

    Part of the education students should be getting is when are the appropriate times and places for using social media. When they enter the work place, they better set the phone down, or they will be fired. If we don't establish this fact and behavior early in life, we are doing a disservice to our children and our future workforce. Another part of a student's education is how to communicate to real live humans, in face-to-face conversation, pauses, interruptions and all; soft skills that cannot be taught in any classroom.

    In the end, who is in charge of the classroom? The student (the tail) or the teacher/school system (the dog)? Let's give our educators a fighting chance to do their jobs, and supporting them by instructing our children to put the phone away. And let's give our children a fighting chance to obtain meaningful employment by steering them away from leaving an electronic history of poor decisions by which future employers can judge them.

  • Definitely should be banned

    Social networking and media sites should be banned.They should be banned at schools because it can be distracting and can relatively cause cyber bullying. School is about learning, not taking selfies and posting them on Instagram. If people really want social media sites and networking they should do it at home because school is an educating environment and if we want a future, we need to focus and get it right.

  • Definitely should be banned

    Social networking and media sites should be banned.They should be banned at schools because it can be distracting and can relatively cause cyber bullying. School is about learning, not taking selfies and posting them on Instagram. If people really want social media sites and networking they should do it at home because school is an educating environment and if we want a future, we need to focus and get it right.

  • Yes yes yes yes yes

    What do u think its freedom of speech, I'm a kid and all social media at school is blocked so I came to this website to get ideas on why we should because I want to persuade my school staff to agree on unblocking. Well in the end they did and they wouldn't have if I didn't use ur ideas on this website which is also technically social media.

  • Social Media should be blocked

    In schools social media is very distracting for kids. They mainly focus and share about it distracting others. They sometimes use it to distract others. Youtube makes kids distracted and then they cant take things seriously. So that is why i think social media is bad for schools and kids.

  • Parents can't protect their kids if schools allow it

    Social media sites are so dangerous! Children are being found by pedophiles and setting are common and these things are being normalized so kids developing brains are being marred by their peers on social media in ways that are extremely damaging. Even parents who don't allow cell phones, have no control because schools do and they don't even block Facebook, snap chat, kick etc. all of which pornography can be accessed.

  • Social Network is needed in Schools

    I thinks schools should not block social networking sites because the would violate one of our basic freedoms of expression. I also think that these social networking sites provide an avenue for students to express their feelings whether good or bad. Not being able to vent can lead to behavioral issue or increased stress.

  • Yes, they are distracting.

    Yes, schools should block social networking sites at school, because they are not helpful to the learning process. There is nothing that a child can learn while social networking at school that they cannot learn in a classroom. But social networking can cause a lot of destruction during the day, such as hurt feelings and bullying. Schools are better off without social media.

  • Yes They Should

    I believe schools should block social networking sites on all of their computers, for the students and the staff. School is a place to learn and the computers should be used for writing papers and doing research. There is not a good reason anyone at the school should be accessing social media, during class time.

  • We get bored

    When the teacher is done teaching, there's nothing else to do but to get on your phone. I'm typing this right now because I'm extremely bored, I've got no service and the school blocks every entertainment app on here. Let me live please, I'm bored, reaaaalllyy bored. Thank you lol

  • Should not block Social Media from kids at school

    Its unnecessary to put blocks on these websites because most kids do not use their phones in school anyway. If they do, just tell them to stop and they will listen. It is wrong to take away things like this. It is wasting data from parents when the kids need to check social media. It is pointless and stupid.

  • Schools shouldn't block social media websites.

    Personally, I am a student. My school has blocked Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and many other sites. I understand why they blocked those sites because they're usually not educational and generally distracting. I don't think that YouTube should be blocked but my school did block it. Some teachers need that website to look up videos for a lesson. My science teacher does the "reverse classroom" thing where she records herself explaining the notes but she can no longer do that. School systems shouldn't have to block any social media websites because if teachers actually monitored their kids, this wouldn't be an issue. All they have to do is take away the kids' phones and Internet privileges when they see students using these sites.

  • The thing is though yes students can not pay attention sometimes but.

    Students sshould have the freedom to go on whatever social networking site they want because its their education most parents take control of kids by telling them no social media sites but to be honest yeah they are adults and they made the same mistakes we are gonna make too you cant keep taking control of our lives yes im a kid but im fifteen and we have every right to go on social medias if we want tom we ashould be able to

  • Schools should not block social media sites.

    I don't think they should because if the kids don't pay attention that is their own fault, not the teachers. It's basically the students only way to talk to other people while they are in school, so during study hall, or lunch they should be able to do what they want.

  • They are not blocked at most work places

    Many workplaces will not block them and having them unblocked with help students learn good time management skills. If students don't learn the appropriate time to use social media they won't know in the work world. Schools try to each student the right time to do things on the internet but no one wants to sit through a long talk where they tell you things you already know and no one listens to any way

  • Social media is needed in some cases

    E.g. gmail, Google+, and maybe even Pinterest . Not just those, Instagram, twitter and Facebook could roll the grease with relationships with peers and classmates. So social media CANNOT be blocked, unless the student uses it in a bad way. And another reason, some parents won't let their children have phones so they need to check their social media at school because, its very seldom to bring a laptop or desktop to school.

  • So what about YouTube ?

    Twitter, IG , Facebook, etc there are reasons good and bad that websites like those Should be blocked but, when students use there phones it's usually during lunch or when the next period bell rings. So teaches could just simply tell the student ok put there phone away and that issue of (distraction) is over. But YouTube why ?It benefit positive about education because they could look up " how to" videos on a certain topic on school too help them out.In other words it's also a bad thing

  • Schools should not block a student's access to social networking site.

    Schools should not block a student's access to social networking site. Children are going to be allowed to get on these sites from home anyway so it would not do any benefit to block them from it at school. I think it should be left up to the teachers and parents of the students.

  • Freedom of Speech

    Sometimes, social networking sites are the only way for students to communicate in case of an emergency. A quick tweet to a parent can alert them to trouble such as school shootings, a fire or a medical emergency. If a school starts blocking social networking websites, what sites are to be blocked next? Social networks can be used as learning tools as well throughout the school day.

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