• Bad websites out there

    Their are some very bad websites out their so their has to be certain websites blocked but they block way to many. Our school even blocks them at home on our school issued computers. I am not a fan of that. People are going to go on these websites at home anyway. There does have to be a few websites blocked.

  • My reason for this

    They should block it because we don't need the internet to learn we need our min u don't need to play games u need to get your grades why unblock something that will mess up your computer that why a lot of people fail the eyes be worried on something else then work

  • They should block websites because

    They should block websites because kids wouldn't get there work done. They would be playing games before they do any work , they would just straight play games all day & think they don't have to do work. I know for sure that i would play games & don't do work all day because I like playing games & stuff.

  • Some sites are inappropriate.

    We think that schools should block Facebook and other social networking sites. We think this because such sites serve as a distraction rather than benefit school work. An on line article from TIME magazine states, "It's in the hands of students, in consultation with their parents, to define priorities and decide how to spend their time."

    We agree with this and think that students will choose to spend their time on sites such as Facebook, which will only cause distraction from school work. Studies have shown that sites such as Facebook have actually taken away from students academic performance. A teacher's assistant from West Virginia University said, "When I became a teacher's assistant, I started noticing my students using [Facebook] and becoming obsessed with it". If students are given the choice, the majority will choose to spend their time on sites such as Facebook.

  • Kids can be trouble makers.

    It is best if schools continue to block sites that are in bad nature to the students health. A parent might not let them see many thing on the internet to begin with. When you have groups of kids they tent to push each other to the limit and when pushing thoughs boundarys they might cross the line on the internet and see things they shouldn't till they are older.

  • Its annoying as can be

    When i try to listen to music (When the teacher allows me) The music i want to listen to is mostly on YouTube and when i try to listen to it ITS BLOCKED. It annoys me half to death and i just cant take it. I end up spending the whole time trying to find an Unblocked Music website.. I just cant help it. If the Teachers allow you to listen to music. Don't you think you should have the freedom to listen to it?

  • That is stupid

    They should keep the good websites and get rid of the bad ones because the websites that are good keep them busy and no one should destroy good websites that kids need and want so i think we should keep the websites that are in need you motherfucking bitch hore

  • Inappropriate content is on YouTube.

    On YouTube, there are definitely inappropriate content such as sexual content, terrorist content, and just plain disturbing content. The school has a right to block YouTube for other reasons, as this inappropriate content could spark inappropriate actions. Some kids can be inspired by others actions, so keep blocking YouTube at schools.

  • Yes, schools should block

    Students are not mature enough to make good decisions. It is the schools responsibility to help kids and not set them up for failure. If a school does not block a site but a student gets in trouble for using that site, the school set that kid up to fail.

  • Blocking Websites is beneficial.

    Blocking websites take children away from websites that distract class work and can possibly damage the devices. While many systems so far are quite bad, as they sometimes ban some educational websites, it's worth the sacrifice to filter out the bad websites. They should also be blocked at home, as it prevents kids from being distracted from homework, or at least makes an effort to (as some children use phones and non-school devices).

  • No, schools should not block websites.

    Being a student, I think it's quite ridiculous that I can't use multiple educational websites because they are blocked. I have to do a lot of projects, most of which with videos. Because of the school's rules I cannot get onto YouTube to find a good video for my project. And come on, how many videos have you watched that AREN'T on YouTube? Very few, right? Imagine how hard it is for a student to find a video without these tools. Also, YouTube isn't allowed to have "bad" videos. Sure, some may be funny and not-school material. But 99% of the internet is. Soon, the only websites we're going to have left are the ones run by libraries. Try to find research on a LIBRARY site.

  • Schools should not block websites

    Depending on what website the user wants to be on. Pornographic websites should be banned yes to avoid wrongful material to young ones. But however, if students have free time to do whatever they want after their work is done, let them be. Websites like YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, and gaming sites. Other sites that are pornographic, criminal, or other illegal activity against the law are understandable.


    Students should not have access to all sites in school. Teachers cannot be appointed from time to time to keep an eye on each student's activity in the internet cabin. The need for websites seems applicable yet only educational ones and those which require proper information on newsmaking issues. No principal wants his/her school tuning into an ill site in order to enjoy oneself. The need of blocking a few websites in school is must.

  • NO Blocking informational Websites

    I have gone through many situations in which I had to search for a very long time for information just because a lot of informational websites get blocked. For example I had a project of breast cancer and I can't search it because it has the word breast or if I search up Should the gun/weapons laws get more stricter against the weapon purchase. Just ashamed that informational websites get blocked with the bad websites.

  • Too much blocked.

    They block all of the wrong stuff and something's they block are useful to everyone else. I go on the wrong sites but they block stuff because they just want to because it's not what we are supposed to do in our "free time". I think school blocking should be left to the students to decide what is right and what is wrong.

  • Schools deprive kids' creativity

    Going through highschool was a rough long journey, and to make it worse, my school blocked almost everything, from music to even educational websites, we should not support the need to block (appropriate) sites because there are many sites that are full of creative ideas and can help kids strive in school. Sadly, schools waste time and money blocking music websites, educational game sites, and many more. The reasons and evidence pile up more every day, it is not something the community should support

  • No they shouldn't

    I think school should not block websites ,because now they are even blocking music websites l understand other websites but why music we should be allowed to listen to music while we are doing work on the computer by ourselves.Its not like if music websites such as slacker and Pandora have porn on them

  • No they shouldn't

    I think school should not block websites ,because now they are even blocking music websites l understand other websites but why music we should be allowed to listen to music while we are doing work on the computer by ourselves.Its not like if music websites such as slacker and Pandora have porn on them

  • Some Websites Should be Blocked

    SOME should be blocked. There are some dangerous websites out there and school is a learning environment. However, others are blocked for ridiculous reasons such as 'educational'. This is completely illogical; if a kid is at school to learn, why is an educational site blocked for 'education'? Schools need to take it down a notch. This has gotten to the point of almost being censorship.

  • They shouldnt because we could use facebook with free time


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Edwin says2014-09-01T05:53:34.720
Yes, I think school should block certain websites, because the Internet has many improper websites for children to watch, such as porns, games an so on which are bad to children’s growth. So I suggest that school should use some software like Aobo Filter for PC to block unwanted websites to protect students. Wise choice to block certain websites!
FutureAmerica says2015-08-18T04:54:08.880
Just get rid of all porn thing or make it a rule. Is it wise really, or wise for you.
FutureAmerica says2015-08-18T04:59:06.977
See almost everyone agrees, The majority wins, NO BLOCKING,