• If you really wanna learn, do it yourself?

    Many people just attend schools just because they have to, they do not even necessarily attempt to learn anything. It is argued that nowadays schools are more like 'babysitting classes' because our parents only send us to school because they have to go out to work. However, if we get independence then we can learn things in which we want to learn, we actually put the effort in to learn things.

  • I say yes

    I think that there is nothing bad in a way about a school closing down. We all need to save more and more money with the economy being the way that it is, and schools should be no different in this regard. They are not immune to such things happening.

  • I think school should shut down because kids hate it.

    I think it should shut down because kids hate it and their forced to get out of bed. I get it will affect taxes and jobs but kids deserve freedom like adults. If kids don't want to support their families it's not any one else's fault but theirs. It would also help to teach them through life. It even want be time consuming to learn through life then school. I get it's a law but it shouldn't. It's mot fair to take kids lives.

  • Schools prevent education and make your life a misery.

    They inflict one particular lifestyle upon the masses - the lifestyle of a slave. They teach you to get up early and at the same time every morning as you will do when you are a slave being ripped off by a corporation. If you want to learn something, you can learn it much faster out of a study book.

  • If school is so marvellous, why does it take the police to make people go?

    If school were not compulsory, many would not go. If you do want to learn, school is the last place to go. Homework is a terrible burden after a day at school; far better just to do the homework without going to school. Schools exist in order to turn people into corporate slaves without them even realizing it.

  • Corrupt statistics :d

    Honestly the schools use students for the own benefits and profit they give them unnecessary testing and cramming knowledge into their heads knowing that the method they use works, the they pass test the more money,the more students present the more money,schools also teach unnecessary subjects students wont need futuristically

  • They should do but kids should have access to colleges and universities.

    In schools they do not teach you any essential skills. Most of what you learn is what you taught yourself over the years of developing. Schools are just there to rob taxpayers money to teach kids lies and outdated crap. The only way you can get a good education is if parents not teachers do the teaching. Its bad enough you are forced to go to lessons you do not want to be at example when I was in school I was forced to go to R.E. (Religious Education) and I said "no point in teaching me this because I am a staunch Atheist so shove it up your arse". You get kids who do not want to be there as opposed to college where you got kids who choose to be there by there own accord not from what some stupid school(s) say. Close schools but keep colleges and universities open.

  • Yes yes yes

    School is ruining our mendal health. I think our own health is way more important than school. And techers think that they can say anything they want to kids, like no they cant. And school is teaching us stuff we dont need to know and less stuff we do. Yes

  • Yes yes yes

    School sucks so school is horrible so no school because it makes children life worse and school gets boring after 1 year and theres lots of homework so they can't relax teachers make it hard for the students because they have to yell so hard families waste their time spending money on school whilst the schools do nothing but nothing

  • Schools should be

    It teaches kids and other people to only socialize with people they feel good being around instead of making new friends. So i say that they should have community hangout spots for people to socialize in and actually make some new friends and be learn at home online, with their families and it might fix the bad family situations to, because they know the people at there school more than there own families.

  • No, they should not

    Imagine future generations. Lives will not only be harder, they will be worse. Sadness will overcome families for generations and generations to come. We need schools to help kids learn that it is important. It isn't the kids who are doing this, it is the all the unencouraging teachers. :(

  • No to many idiots

    No because we are to dependent on our phones. What about future generations? Most kid's parents have work and can't stay home to teach there children. How would our economy be effected? We'd be blowing more money to put workers in job training rather than just letting them go through school.

  • No to many idiots

    No because we are to dependent on our phones. What about future generations? Most kid's parents have work and can't stay home to teach there children. How would our economy be effected? We'd be blowing more money to put workers in job training rather than just letting them go through school.

  • I do not think that schools should close

    I don't think that schools should close down because then the students wont get any learning and they can not live thee lives when they grow up without knowing anything you cant do anything as a job.And also you want have food or any money and that is why i think we should have school and not have it closed.

  • I say yes

    It ruins childhood and we get up to early. We should be able to stay home if we want to and if we want to learn we can learn our selves. We just need to learn how to add, subtract, and multiply. We don't need to learn science or social studies but if we want to learn we will go to school if we want to we shouldn't half to go to school. I got out in a foster home because of school and it ruined my life.

  • It will help teach our youth that school isn't needed

    If you worry about the stupidity of our younger generations, closing down school will only help teach them that being smart isn't necessary. Also, closing down schools will only take away opportunities for our youth to learn the essentials in life. When you close down a school, that takes away the paycheck from lots of teachers and staff, leaving them with nowhere to go. Not only will it hurt our younger generations, it will hurt the economy, too.

  • Schools Should Not Be Closed

    This is almost too ignorant to even have an opinion concerning. Okay, let’s say we close schools, what then? There is already an ever-present echo of how much free time children have on their hands, which lead to juvenile types of behavior. Where would they go, or what would they be doing without schools? Oh, I see, they will all be “home schooled”. Well since we cannot even get a majority of the parenting population to be involved in their children’s education under the system we have, with schools open, that appears to be a no-brainer. Again, this premise is almost too idiotic to even consider. We already complain about dropout rates, and a rise in juvenile crime, but there is a motion on the table to close schools. Okay, if we do, please send me a letter in a year or two and let me know how it turns out. I will have a post office box with another country’s zip code assigned.

  • Why is this even a question?

    Schools are the foundation of the nation. Just providing education for the public is revolutionary. Without it you wouldn't be able to read, write, or properly debate a topic on this website. And on the topic of budget, schools are already being affected. Personally, I attend one of the best public schools in the Nation, my county receives 2.5 billion annually toward education, but next year we will have no money to pay for supplies; This will include textbooks, paper, and other essentials for a school to educate their students. And why? Because of across the board budget cuts. So yes, schools are being hurt too but they would never be shut down. Would that generation just not have an education? Someone didn't think their question through well enough.

  • No they should not.

    Schools should never have to close down, they are a place for learning and growing. It is where we get a better understanding of the world and what to do with that new knowledge. In extreme cases maybe a specific school would need to close down for many issues that can not be resolved, but in general I do not think they should close down.

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