Should schools convert from traditional textbooks to e-readers?

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  • The way i see it.

    E readers are a great idea. Instead of heavy weight, it just takes a few megabytes of space. Plus, e readers can be repaired, books... Not so much. Also most e readers have a find function so you can find a specific word for things like home work. Plus if you get handmedown textbooks, there is so much weird stuff drawn by kids on there. Plus an e reader can also read aloud to anyone in need. And to prevent abuse, they can lock the Internet on them. Then people can email the teachers. One other thing, if you drop a book in lava, its gone. If you drop an e reader in lava, you can simply sync the account without buying a new book copy.

  • Saves money and deforestation.

    Nowadays one can buy an e-reader for around £50 and they can hold 1000's of boos, for anyone saying that they are more expensive I would say that text books are more expensive. Being student (I had to buy plenty of text books) in uni I can tell you that a single text book can cost between £20 and £50 depending on the book and students would have more than one book. Using an e-reader would save schools money and cut down on deforestation for obvious reasons. And the e-readers with electronic ink technology are not that power hungry, they can last for more than a week without recharging.

  • It is easyer

    Kids wont forget there text book and books can break and pages can tear out and e reader books can never break. Also instead of going to teachers for help the kids can go to websites to find help. Kids are more involved too. The kids can play games for a few minutes and go back to work when the timer goes off.

  • Kids should have Ereaders

    In future jobs, adults are going to be using electronics for their work. Kids should start preparing for this early in life. Instead of all of the paper being used for handouts or tests, iPad's and Ereaders save trees. They also lighten the load on backpacks so kids don't have to lug around huge textbooks.

  • It will help schooling.

    Lessons could go faster if the assignments were all digital, seeing how the average human can count 25 words per minute, that could lower study time massively and leave more room for learning in the school schedule. It will also be cheaper than maintaining textbooks, because textbooks become more and more expensive as they age. It is also really pricey when they need to be replaced, seeing how they have to print all the copies and then deliver them to all the schools.

  • Go with the flow of modernization.

    It is more economical to use e-readers because you don't have to use a lot of books. Not all textbooks are being maximally used, some are just left in the lockers and others just add weight to our bags. With e-readers, we are just one click away to reading our books and we could bring it anywhere, anytime.

  • It's the future.

    I know of schools that are buying iPads, laptops and e-readers for their pupils. I cannot help but think of how practical and beneficial these would be for students everywhere. Having e-readers would save paper. I often find myself with a very heavy bag, having an e-reader means less strain on students' backs improving their posture. With an e-reader you can't forget your books so students would be more prepared for class. Studying would be more organised with all your notes on one device instead of dozens of copies and books. In my opinion, it would be cheaper in the long run; you wouldn't have to buy new books every year (which from personal experience I know it can cost a small fortune €180-200 a year for textbooks alone.) Nowadays nearly everything is computer based. Introducing technology to children at a young age would be more beneficial to them in the long run and reading would be more interesting. Having an e-reader is the same as a book so students would not miss out on the benefits of reading. As for energy I know from personal experience that the charge on my kindle lasts for ages. My reader doesn't glow, its the same colour as a page so I don't know how it could effect your eyesight.

  • Its a more effective tool for learning

    The use of e-readers in school is more effective for the following reasons. A) It allows for the most current version of textbooks to be used, rather then the out of date textbooks most schools have, especially for subjects such as science and history where new things are being declassified or being discovered. The out of date textbooks don't provide sufficient or even of mention of new things since they have not been added in. B) E-readers are less likely to deteriorate since they are not bound in paper. Many books that have years of use tend to lose pages due to the binding solution losing strength. This occurs quite frequently to textbooks and students would not be able to do entire sections due to lost pages. Thus being unable to do homework or other academic activities at home. C) It is more cost effective to use e-readers since it does not require the school to purchase multiple books for one student to use. Rather, one e-reader with the price tag of approximately $200 could suffice for nearly thousands of dollars for one set of books for a student. This allows the school to spend less on textbooks and more on school activities and other classes that would rather have less funding. D) Finally, it allows the student to have a more in depth understanding of the subject. Most online textbooks have diagrams, simulations, and in depth examples of the material being observed. These are massive benefits that traditional textbooks can not offer. Even practice tests and quizzes are offered with immediate response with online textbooks. Thus giving the student an immediate depiction of what needs to be relearned. *Side note, the health issue brought by the negation is false since more students develop back pains due to carrying multiple textbooks that there body is not supposed to constantly handle. As well as increasing the cost for the student since this does massive damage to backpacks and need to be replaced biannually.

  • Yes, schools should convert from traditional textbooks to e-readers in order to keep up with the times.

    Schools should make the switch to the electronic devices such as Ipads or Kindles because a student can have hundreds of books in the palm of their hand. Traditional books are important and should be kept in libraries and at homes because some people enjoy reading on them. As new generations get older, however, they will come into the first grade already knowing how to use an e-reader.

  • Too distracting for me.

    I am 15 year old Sophmore and I absolutely HATE having a online textbook. I get to distracted by wanting to go onto other websites then actually doing my work. My school threw away ALL of their math textbooks and now im forced to use the online one. So no.

  • Overuse of technology

    This generation is hooked in to electronics. Why give students more excuses to overuse technology in their lives. Children are already using smartphones and tablets at young ages. Using eReaders will only encourage tablet use in small children, addicting the current generation even more. Overall eReaders should not replace textbooks

  • Schools Should Not Convert to E-Readers

    No, schools should not convert from traditional textbooks to e-readers as e-reader technology is not at the state of reliability in which it would need to be in order to make that transition feasible. Some schools are trying, but they are running in to issues with powering the devices and the devices crashing, causing work to be lost.

  • They are impractical.

    Apart from the massive energy usage, I personally found in my school that logging on all at once is inevitably going to cause lagging and waste precious minutes which could have been used to effectively read a page. Moreover, including internet accessibility will result in infinite distractions, most of which are just a click away. When doing assignments or research, a student can be easily mislead or unclear on the information, or fail to include proper references whereas books have all the relevant information in an organized, easily understood format.

  • Who would pay the cost?

    There is no simple solution to this question especially with the dangers of sending an e-reader home with your students. The device might be broken or stolen, and I can think of several students that I've known over the years that would figure out a way to sell the one that they got from the school.

  • I think this is the silliest thing ever.

    Why are we going to waste electricity and energy on e-readers? There is nothing impractical about a textbook. What if that e-reader suddenly dies during class? The concept of children using e-readers is beyond unfathomable to me. Use a book like we did! We don't need our kids to develop eye problems from being on e-readers all day.

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