Should schools cut down of the number of tests they give?

Asked by: epicqubes
  • Tests hurt give negative impact rather than a positive one

    For example when you take a tests it may decide which collage you go too? WHHAATT!!B think about it
    you ENTIRE life depending on one test why? If you fail that test your life is ruined and you can blame it on the school! And what does this cause school shootings! So I think that your life is not under the control of a test!

  • I'm in middle school and we have way too many tests! You may think of who listens to a 13 year old girl.

    For instance, we took our AIMS tests, then we are now taking GALILEO, and now my teachers are giving us more test and even more homework that doesn't count for our grade! It really annoys me and now we have to take PARK test! Common core standardized testing for next year.

  • Tests are not useful

    The tests depend on our memorizing capability rather than our learning capability. Instead of tests there a various other ways in which a student should be taught. For example we can have various demonstrations about real life examples in which a teacher can each his/her student. I think the government should look after this matter.

  • While I do believe that some testing is necessary...

    It's quite easy to overdo it. I think that a test every quarter (in grade school) or a midterm and a final (in college) would often suffice, and a quiz and test (or tiny everyday quizzes and a test) for every unit should be the maximum. And I don't think it should be all multiple choice; fill in the blanks and written paragraphs would often test the material better. For some classes, tests might not be appropriate, like writing classes; in those cases, projects should substitute for tests, and some classes like history could use either one. Standardized tests are of course superfluous. Colleges could look at final grades in standard subjects to determine competence in them instead of tests, and maybe issue their own entrance exams (or entrance projects) based on their own course content.

  • Yes, schools should cut down the number of tests.

    I think a lot of people associate cutting down on tests with cutting down on learning, but that is not the case. Tests are stressful, and often students lose valuable sleep & time in their life in order to study for a test with material that they won't even remember a month later. Teachers need to focus on teaching kids in a way that they will understand and remember. Instead of teaching kids to memorize and regurgitate, we should teach them to understand and apply their knowledge.
    Think of the last test you took. What was it on? Do you remember the material? Would you be able to take another test on that material and do just as well? Chances are, unless you took the test within the last 6 months you would not be able to write it again and achieve the same mark.
    Now think of a time when you've truly learned something. Remember learning to ride a bike? Tying your shoe? Maybe you can remember learning about something that really interested you, like animals or computers. When something interests you and you engage yourself in learning and understanding it, you will never forget it.
    Now I'm not saying that every subject we take in school is engaging or even relevant, but if our school system focused more on teaching the material & getting students engaged instead of teaching kids how to cram for tests they don't care about, maybe we would have a generation of students who didn't just tolerate but actually enjoyed school.

  • No, and heres why:

    I'm arguing the 2 current points that are under "for" which is G_lips and Epicqubes.

    - Entire life depending on one test? No. It depends on several tests.

    - School shootings? Please prove to me how tests cause school shootings, for someone aiming to go to collage you have lots of learning to do.

    - Even more tests and homework that doesn't count.. You think that now, If you really aim on going to collage expect to spend your entire night reading and studying for months on end.


    Testing is good, it's better then good - it helps teachers learn how good you are at what you do and assign work and classes built around you and your fellow students needs. It seems like the only people who will disagree on tests are young people that don't understand how crucial they are to learning.

  • Tests are bad and good

    Tests are just that, tests. They test your progress in an area to make sure your learning. As tedious as they may be, they are extremely important to schools because they give teachers pointers on: how engaged the students are, and again what they learned. Tests are used for other things too, like driving. Seriously, I wouldn't trust myself if I didn't get tested. Therefore I'm in for the tests they give out, because they don't just check one specific area, they check multiple areas. I'm no teacher, but it's obvious to me that tests are extremely important (especially today, since kids don't pay any attention <--- general statement). I also know this because I am a student and I see all these kids in my class playing "Make it rain." all for the tests, dumps the lazy kids out of AP classes

    Posted by: AK24

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