• Causes more stress when we don't need it

    Because stress is bad for the human body. They need to go to sleep early for tomorrow at school the next day and not b tired and need to be focus and get good grades on paying attention and homework but you can't do that because u wouldn't know what too do !!!!!!

  • Causes more stress than needed

    Students need sleep before tests but they often don't get it because they are up all night studying. The next day they are tired and can't focus. Testing also takes away time where you could be teaching. This causes a rush at the end of the year to learn everything

  • Test is a gimmick

    Why do i think its useless? It doesent made you prepared for the real world. Its just a gimmick. Why? Test doesnt prove your smart, it proves you are good at memorizing useless material. What students need are HOTS/higher order thinking skills. They need to practice in the real world instead of memorizing theories. Students also do test only beacause its a must. They do it for the score, not for the knowledge. I think tests should be banned. Students should learn what they want to learn, even if its very ridiculus. At least theyre gonna use what they learn, and enjoy what they learn.

  • I loooooooovvveeeee tomatoes

    Tomatoes! They're like my face, but would I know about tomatoes without school? Nuh uh!!! But just because school teaches it I don't need to be tested on tomatoes. They red. They're round. They explode in your mouth. Tomatoes! I looooooove tomatoes without the testing. Also. I like tomatoes. Yay!

  • I like oranges

    Without school, I wouldn't know what an orange was. Now I know. But.... I don't need to be tested on oranges to know what an orange is!! It is unfair and a test of memory because, honestly, I just wanna like oranges without having to be tested on oranges. Also, I like oranges.

  • Itz fukking stoopid

    I hayte zis schit. I cant even bear my life.It make me rlly want to hert mself sumtimes. Idek. U know what I meen??? I meen im a smart guy. I kno what im talking about. I have a iq of like 100. Gay yy y yy y yyy yy

  • Tests = Anxiety

    Every single test. I get anxiety. I always study to the maximum, yet I get a high stress level right before the test. Blood is pumping and the attempts to last minute remind myself of things. It's hell. I always get good grades, but I hate tests. I go under so much pressure for a simple number. At Midterms, I was even to the point of vomiting. (almost, thankfully)

  • They should eliminate their current testing.

    The tests students have to take in school does not prepare them for the real world. As many have said, the tests students take are a lot of memorizing. Memorizing isn't bad, but there needs to be tests that challenge students' critical thinking. The standardized testing students have to go through doesn't help them in any way. I went through our current educational system and none of the tests I took did anything but stress me out. Taking in account the way some people learn, testing doesn't do anything for them. Instead of tests there should be more discussions.

  • Yes Schools should eliminate testing

    Testing teaches kids in school that learning is memorization and regurgitating what they learned on a test, and then they move on. Most of the time, the students will forget the information they had been taught. Tests will also give students very high levels of stress before, during and after tests. So eliminating tests will actually be better for the students involved.

  • Tests should be eliminated

    Tests teach kids how to remember, regurgitate, then not have another reason to use it. Nothing allows the student to learn how or why what they learn is useful.

    Plus, with Project Based Learning the students gain control on their education. No one learns best the same way as the person next to them and with PBL the student can learn in the way they find effective. The can take advantage of the resources that the internet has to offer.

    Finally, looking into the future... Companies don't give people a test and you have to get a certain score to get your paycheck. Employees need to be able to work through problems in projects which PBL will give students a way to prepare for. Why waste time doing something that will never help later, tests don't give any advantages.

  • NO we shouldn't.

    Imagine if you were a child that struggled in school and you were too shy to tell someone about it.. You wouldn’t get the help you need you would fall behind in class and no one would know it. You would struggle and in future life fail in your career.

    If students have stress they will know what it’s like in future careers such as farmers as they have to do assignment,teacher as they have to assessments too.

  • Schools shouldn't ban testing.

    Imagine if you were a child that struggled in school and you were too shy to tell someone about it.. You wouldn’t get the help you need you would fall behind in class and no one would know it. You would struggle and in future life fail in your career.

    If students have stress they will know what it’s like in future careers such as farmers as they have to do assignment,teacher as they have to assessments too.

  • Depends on the type of test

    For me, testing is a good way to see how much a student knows and understands a subject (though not a perfect way either). If a student is struggling but too shy to tell the teacher or even for other reasons, a test is a good signal for teachers to know which students need the most attention. This is also a good way to make sure the students are going home and studying the notes given in class (not just taking the notes in front of the teacher, then going home and stuffing somewhere), and also to assess how well they take notes. It is true that tests are mostly about memorisation, however most tests now (or at least in our school) have different sorts of question that are worth a different amount of points. The questions worth less being the simple stating or memorisation questions, while the questions worth more require critical thinking, real world applications, and a small extension to what you've learned in class, so in other words, a true understanding of the subject. Though I do agree that testing should be done in more ways than just the standard test writing. Socratic seminars, presentations, videos, etc. These would be a great way to test knowledge in other forms. Perhaps a student isn't that great when it comes to writings answers on a piece of paper, but would excel in a more creative and interactive form of testing.

  • Schools can't eliminate tests.

    If schools eliminate testing then how are we going to get high school diplomas or get good grades to get into advanced colleges and get good jobs to make good money. We need schools to test us or we won't know how smart we are or if we are really ready for the real world

  • No, schools should not eliminate testing

    How will the teacher know if his students learned if test will be eliminated.This is another gauge so the teacher will know if he will continue the lesson or repeat the lesson by showing the result in the test that were given to them.Test would help the teacher in assessing the performance of his students

  • Learning What You Need

    No, schools should not take out testing. What's the point of knowing your child's learning skill if theirs no tests? Makes no sense right? Not to mention how much of a big change this would be! Why fix something that's not broken?! Leave schools as it is! Plus the tests aren't even that big!

  • Schools should not eliminate testing.

    No, schools should not eliminate testing because it is essential to help children learn and succeed. Testing is an essential part of the learning process, and it cannot be eliminated just because it makes people feel bad. Grades and testing are essential to the learning process, and even though they make people feel bad, they should not be eliminated.

  • Should schools eliminate testing

    I think schools should keep tests at school because kids would not learn as much as with tests. The kids would not get the feeling of doing work without tests. Kids wold be at home studying instead of playing video games and watching t.V. That is why i think there should be tests at school.

  • No,schools should not eliminate testing.

    Teachers inspire and excite students to learn by showing them the wonderful ways to becoming self-educated. We show students how to share in an exciting world of scientific inquiry and a free exchange of ideas where teachers lead their classes on topics they are personally passionate about. Teachers lead by example as well-respected valued members of a society that is capable of creative solutions during difficult economic times. In an environment like this, students see the value of college and the degree that will allow them to become part of that respected and valued community. Exciting high school educations result in students who are prepared for college and prepared to share and lead in this ever-changing world.

  • No, tests are useful as a measure of progress.

    Testing can indicate to a teacher that more time may need to be spent on a particular subject that students may be struggling with. The problem with testing arises when the government institutes policies that determine a school's funding based on student test scores. This leads to teachers being given a curriculum of teaching memorization of test material rather than incouraging critical thinking and thoughtful discussion.

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